Peerless Emperor System ch 13

Chapter 13: Big event in the West Sea!
    It must be said that the Simmons family is one of the three Mafia families in the West Sea, and the family is undoubtedly extremely rich.
    Box of gold and silver treasures, arms and ammunition, under the efforts of more than 2,000 Soldiers, who are constantly moving out from the western warehouse, and then constantly moving to the warships, but even with so many people’s efforts, it took almost three hours to complete.
    These are enough to show how rich the Simmons family is.
    And now, these are all Pulkit’s.
    “Yes, big harvest…”
    Pulkit looked at the supplies on the ship and nodded with satisfaction.
    Although these things are not useful to him, they are of great help for the development of his kingdom.
    The ability to extract more powerful legion forces, as well as the exclusive lottery that can make him stronger, are closely related to the country’s strength, so Pulkit also had to think about the country as a whole.
    With these money, there will be no financial crisis in the Kingdom of Haryana. With these arms, the Royal Army can also develop with confidence and prepare for the subsequent conquest of other countries.
    “The Simmons family is really a powerful family.”
    Finally, he looked at the island of Moore, which had already fallen into a dead silence. Pulkit waved and the fleet sailed, and began to return to the Kingdom of Haryana.
    On the ship, Soldiers looked at the gold treasures and arms ammunition on the ship, one by one, until the ship began to set off, and some did not believe what happened.
    Originally, they all thought that the trip to Moore Island could almost be their last trip. It was only because of the military’s rule that no one was fleeing, but nervousness and uneasiness were filled in everyone’s heart along the way.
    However, what they completely missed was that when they arrived at Moore Island, they saw the Simmons family was completely destroyed!
    From the beginning to the end, they done nothing but take the goods and harvest the spoils.
    This allowed them to breathe a sigh of relief and could not help but feel shocked and awe.
    The shock is that the Simmons family was completely destroyed overnight, but it was destroyed by only 48 peoples!
    The head of the Stanley army seems to have intentionally mentioned that those people are the secretly trained ninja assassination tactical units!
    The news, such as the wind, quickly spread to the ears of all the soldiers, and the fear of Pulkit began to appear slowly.
    And the name of the ninja assassination tactical unit, also began to show off!
    In the luxurious cabin of the cabin, Pulkit continued to sit on the sofa and watch the books related to this world history. Since it is necessary to live in this world in the future, it is necessary to know more about the history of the world.
    On his side, the little maid Salsa was smearing the grapes, and then used the white fingers to send the flesh into the mouth of Pulkit.
    “A hundred years of blankness…”
    Eating sweet and sour grapes, Pulkit saw the contents of the history book about the blank 100 years, frowned, but then shook his head and did not think much. What happened to this blank one hundred years and what does it have to do with him?
    Closing the history books, Pulkit leaned on the sofa, exhaled his breath, opened his mouth and took the grapes handed over by the little maid, and thought about it with his eyes closed.
    “The Simmons family has already been solved. Now there are still some troubles within the Kingdom of Haryana. There are only pirates who are still making trouble. Well, this is a trivial matter. Let the soldiers go to clean up. If it is difficult, Let the ANBU move, but compared to this…”
    “I still care more about the exclusive lottery…”
    There is a glimmer of hope in Pulkit’s eyes. Every man has a dream to become strong, and Pulkit is no exception.
    His Ninja army unit is strong but it cannot change the fact that he is weak. Only when he is strong, he can truly be proud in this world.
    “After going back, just ascend the King’s position…”
    Closing his eyes, Pulkit thought in his heart.
    The knock on the door sounded.
    “Come in.” Pulkit opened his eyes.
    “His Royal Highness…”
    Stanley walked in with a box and squatted in front of Pulkit. He opened the box and held it forward: “This is what was found in the Simmons family warehouse.”
    “Well? “
    Seeing the things in the box, Pulkit’s eyes moved, and some surprised: “Devil’s fruit?”
    Like a Banana-like shape, it is a pale green singular color with a pattern like a curse. Obviously, this is a devil fruit.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”
    Stanley nodded reverently. Since he knew the amazing strength of the ninja, his awe of Pulkit was even greater.
    Pulkit picked up his eyebrows and looked at the devil fruit to eat it, or gave up the idea of eating it.
    Although the devil fruit is the fastest way to enhance strength, but does not know what the ability it has and the risk of eating is too much i.e he will lose the ability to swim.
    Pulkit can rely on the exclusive lottery to become stronger, no need to lose ability to swim.
    Little maid, Sasha, curiously looked at the strange shape devil’s fruit, and then handed over the peeled grapes. Pulkit opened her mouth and bitterly looked at Stanley. “As the head of the army, Your strength is too weak, this devil fruit will be rewarded to you!”
    “Rewarded to me…”
    Stanley suddenly stunned, then his face was happy, and his voice was more respectful: “Thank you, Prince!”
    “Go on!” Pulkit waved.
    Stanley resisted his inner excitement and retired.
    “Sasha, don’t need to peel it off, help me press the shoulders for a while.” Pulkit said to the little maid on the side.
    “Yes, His Royal Highness.”
    Little maid, Salsa, walked to the back of Pulkit, and used her white hands to easily hold his shoulders.
    Pulkit closed his eyes comfortably and sighed. Unconsciously, he slowly slept…
    At the same time, the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana left Moore less than an hour. At the time, a medium-sized sailing ship arrived on the island of Moore. This ship belongs to one of the three Mafia families in the West Sea. The banner of the Blur family is extremely conspicuous in the sun.
    “What?! How is it possible?!”
    “What is going on? How are the people of the Simmons family dead?”
    “Look! That is the body of the Simmons cadre Clyde! He is the devil fruit user!”
    “My God …… look over there, it is not that Simmons Ante? he was also killed! ” “
    “No! this can not be!”
    Before long, Moore island was destroyed, heard.
    Members of the Blur family looked at the ruins of the collapse of the manor, and they looked at the horrified bodies one by one, and they were shocked.
    Especially when they saw the body of the leader Ante, everyone had to come up with a thought that made them feel a little cold.
    The Simmons family was destroyed!
    “Becky boss, what should we do?”
    Everyone looked at a man in a black suit, with a hat, a cigarette, and a round figure.
    He is one of the highest cadres of the current Blur family, and the fruit owner of Castle-Castle Fruit, Capone Bege!
    “It’s no wonder that we couldn’t contact them since last night…”
    Bege looked at the extremely fierce scene in front of him. Even he couldn’t help but feel a chill and shock.
    Because of the direction of the fallen body and the horrified expression before death, all the people of the Simmons family must have been extremely scared before they died, and then killed in the crazy escape, even Simmons cadres and leaders of the family seem to have been killed without much rebellion.
    In other words, the group of people who killed the Simmons family is very powerful! Strong enough that the Simmons family can’t resist!
    “What the hell is it? The Fink family or the navy? It shouldn’t be possible. There are no traces of bullets and shells bombing on the scene, and…”
    Bege looked at the ruins of the manor and picked up a gun and pulled the trigger.
    uhh! uhh!
    Not working?
    Bege frowned, and changed the gun to trigger.
    uhh! uhh!
    Still useless!
    “Let all weapons fail? So the Simmons family lose so badly?”
    Bege took a deep breath and immediately understood the reason.
    “The Simmons family is gone, return to the ship…”
    Bege turned and walked to the coast, and he never said anything: “In addition, the news that the Simmons family was completely destroyed… I am afraid it will be a big change in the west sea…”
    “Yes, Bege boss.”
    The mafia behind him groaned and followed.
    In the near future, a heavy news swept the entire West Sea like a storm.
    Simmons family! destroyed by Unknown force!
    As soon as this news came out, all the forces in the West Sea suddenly vibrated!
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