Peerless Emperor System ch 14

Chapter 14: King!
    Kano country.
   a Chinese-style building full of classical atmosphere. The forehead is lined with a small black dragon, wearing a large kimono, with two slender beards, wearing a pair of round sunglasses.
    He is the king of Kano country.
    Below it, an intelligence officer is reporting.
    “Oh? That is to say, the Simmons family was destroyed?” Taking a sip of tea, the king of Kano country was a little surprised.
    “Yes, Your Majesty, our people have been confirmed to Moore Island and from Bure family. This news is true, indeed Simmons family was completely destroyed, and no survivors.”
    Intelligence officers thought about the condition he saw on the island, his eyes flashed a horror, the scene of the pirate group that ran around wild, and now they are just dead bodies.
    “Do you know who did this? Although I hate the Simmons family, I have to admit that they do have a bit of a skill. They are quietly destroyed, then the opposite party do have some skills. “
    The king of Kano country is holding his beard, a sigh of emotion.
    “I don’t know, there are no traces of clue on the scene that can detect the identity of the other party.” The intelligence personnel replied truthfully.
    “That’s really terrible! That is to say, the other party has completely destroyed the Simmons family. Is it possible that none of them got hurt?”
    The King of Kano Kingdom was amazed, and then suddenly turned around and looked at the intelligence personnel: “Speak, the Kingdom of Haryana seems to have recently collided with the Simmons family. Is it possible that they did it?”
    The intelligence personnel suddenly glimpsed, then shook his head seriously: “It is impossible, the Kingdom of Haryana is only a small country, even with the power of the whole country, they are not an opponent of the Simmons family, according to our intelligence personnel investigation, the Haryana Kingdom did send the fleet yesterday to have a war with the Simmons family but it has already begun to return tonight, it should be scared after seeing the horror of the Simmons family and Runaway.”
    “Well, it’s also…”
    King heard it, and he was also felt little funny to dispel some of his whimsical thoughts. He shook his head helplessly, and his face was so solemn that he had a serious look. “It is necessary to investigate to find out who killed the Simmons family. Such a powerful force, we have to defend our country”
    “Yes, His Majesty!”
    A similar scene constantly staged in the major forces of the West Sea.
    Whether it is the other two Mafia families in the West Sea, or the kingdoms, or even the navy of the West Sea, they have all worked up because of the demise of the Simmons family.
    Although the Kingdom of Haryana has been noticed by many people, but no one thinks that the Simmons family is completely destroyed by the Kingdom of Haryana. After all, the strength of the Kingdom of Haryana is not enough.
    Everyone is exploring who is the mysterious force that destroyed the Simmons family!
    For a time being, the entire West Sea was turbulent!
    Pulkit naturally did not know the reaction and speculation of the other major forces in the West Sea, and was not interested in knowing, because after a day and night of sailing, in the early morning of the next day, the fleet finally returned to the Kingdom of Haryana.
    However, when the fleet was logged in, the scene at the port of Haryana Kingdom was so shocking to Pulkit.
    “His Royal Highness! Welcome back!”
    “Great! The Simmons family was defeated by us! We won!”
    “His Royal Highness! You are too good!!”
    On the open space in front of the town and the harbour, The densely stunned people were full of excited and screaming. They watched three warships loaded with trophies on the coast, shouting excitedly.
    “What is this?”
    When he saw this scene, Pulkit couldn’t help but stunned. The journey on the sea was mostly boring, so he was reading or sleeping on the way back. He didn’t know, what happened in the outside world.
    “His Royal Highness, the news that the Simmons family was destroyed has spread in the West Sea, although no one believes that it was done by the Kingdom of Haryana but citizen obviously trust the Prince.” Stanley hurriedly walked over and explain that looking at Pulkit’s eyes with full of awe.
    “Has it spread?”
    Pulkit nodded thoughtfully, looking at the citizens who were excited and fanatical, and nodded with satisfaction.
    The reason why he said in a big way to destroy the Simmons family is for this scene? In order to increase the reputation value? It seems that his purpose has been achieved very well.
    As for other forces, who do not believe that the Simmons family is destroyed by the Kingdom of Haryana?
    That’s better. I believe that when Pulkit takes the army to attack them in the near future, they will feel very surprised!
    “Go! Go back to the palace!” Pulkit said to Stanley.
    Stanley nodded quickly, leaving most of them to carry gold and silver treasures and ammunition, and quickly led hundreds of guard to the palace.
    Along the way, all the people were watching Pulkit and shouting loudly for him. Pulkit was also smiling and nodded at them. This kind of opportunity to increase the prestige, how can he miss??.
    Salsa, who was looked at by so many eyes, and her face suddenly became red and somewhat overwhelmed.
    It was not until Pulkit returned to the palace that the citizens were excited and slowly dispersed. Everyone’s face was not uneasily and dead.
    It is foreseeable that after today, without the threat of the Simmons family, the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Haryana will definitely change dramatically.
    After sending Pulkit to the palace, Stanley and hundreds of soldiers also left, not stepping into the palace.
    Because all the kingdoms now know that the security of the palace is now directly responsible by the ninja’s team. It can be said that the palace is now the safest place in the Kingdom of Haryana, only belonging to Pulkit and his maids. Without the permission of Pulkit, even if they are not allowed to take a step.
    After getting tired, wearing a delicate white gold-rimmed gown, Pulkit could not wait to come to the king’s hall. Sitting high above the throne, the system panel was opened.
    Host: Pulkit
    Country: Haryana Kingdom
    status: Prince
    National level: not open (the status can be raised to the king to open)
    National Prestige: Unopened (the status is elevated to the king to open)
    Subordinate Legion: Ninja Assassination Tactical Unit
    Exclusive Armed: No
    “So… the exclusive lottery, it should be opened…”
    Looking at the personal panel with a gaze, Pulkit took a deep breath, closed the panel, and then looked calmly against the empty hall: “Notify, Stanley…”
    “I want to become king!”
    “Yes! Your Royal Highness!”
    A respectful voice sounded and then returned to silence.
    Not long after, the treasury of the Kingdom of Haryana, a Ninja came to Stanley, who was directing soldiers to carry treasures and arms, suddenly appeared silently.
    “His Royal Highness commanded, and immediately prepared the relevant matters. Today, His Royal Highness will be crowned King!” After Ninja said he disappeared again.
    Stanley, who was suddenly shocked by the Ninja sudden appearance, suddenly widened his eyes and immediately responded. He looked at the Ninja that had disappeared and was shocked by his ghostly method. He said loudly: “Everyone immediately stops the work in his hands…”
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