Peerless Emperor System ch 15

Chapter 15 Exclusive Draw: Rinnegan!
    “Please pay attention to all the citizens! Two hours later, His Royal Highness Prince will begin the throne ceremony! All the citizens must gather in the central square!”
    “Repeat! Please pay attention to all the people! Two hours later, His Royal Highness Prince Pulkit will begin the ceremony of the King! All the citizens must gather in the central square!”
    “Repeat! Please pay attention to all the citizens! Two hours later, His Royal Highness Prince will begin his throne ceremony! All the citizens must go to the central square to gather!”
    After two days, the tweeters in the towns of the Kingdom of Haryana re-emerged, and the serious voice of the interrogator immediately spread throughout the ears of all the citizens of the town.
    After a short silence, the entire Kingdom of Haryana, instantly boiled.
    “Hey! Hear me, His Royal Highness the Prince is going be the King!”
    “Really?! Great! New king, he will be able to restore the previous glory!”
    “Yes yes! His Royal Highness is too much! even the Simmons family can be destroyed! we have nothing to fear! ” “
    His Royal Highness! we support you! ” “
    He is not His Royal Highness now? he is His Majesty the King! “
    All The citizens are all unanimously screaming, and there is no contradiction between Pulkit’s desire to become a king, they strongly supports it.
    If it was a day ago, perhaps they would not have such a big reaction, but today, when the Simmons family is destroyed, it is normal for them to have such a reaction.
    As a member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Haryana, and the only member of the royal family, he can destroyed the Simmons family and eliminated the huge hidden dangers for the Kingdom of Haryana. He is also a prince, such a person becomes a king, how can they disagree??
    As a result, the development of the matter was unexpectedly smooth.
    Two hours later, all the citizens happily went to the central square in front of the palace, and the voice of heated discussion sounded like a wave.
    When Pulkit walked up the high platform in front of the square, he suddenly became amazed by the stronger cheering sounded.
    “King, His Majesty!”
    “King of the King!”
    “King of the King!”
    All the people were eager, shouting neatly, and the frenetic atmosphere filled the entire Kingdom of Haryana.
    On the high stage, Pulkit with a white gold-rimmed costume, came suddenly. He suddenly found that he did not seem to hate this feeling of being high-profile, even, like it, indulge in it.
    As soon as he raised his hand, the shouts like the waves quieted down.
    ??Stanley, who looked at this scene, couldn’t help but be shocked. This ability to make the people extremely incomparable and even incomparable, even the previous generations of kings did not have this ability!
    At this time, Pulkit spoke up.
    “My citizens!”
    Pulkit calmly smiled and glanced at all the citizens on the square: “I, Pulkit, ??the prince of the Kingdom of Haryana. I became the King, before the official start of the ceremony, I have something to tell you!”
    All the people immediately held their breath and looked at Pulkit with a gaze.
    “In this world, there has never been an absolute powerhouse, and there is no absolute weak person. Absolutely, there is only the eternal truth of this world, the weak is the meat for the strong, the survival of the fitest!”
    “Why, we will face the current situation in the Kingdom of Haryana? Why, in the face of the attack of the pirates, the bullying of the dark forces, we can’t help? Why, without the protection of the navy, the troubles of the outside world will continue to find us, Why? Why?, the world government can stand on the sea for 800 years without being shaken? Is it because we are too weak? Is it because the world government is too strong?”
    “No! No!”
    The phrase ‘not’ through the amplified phone were introduced into the ears of all the people, and everyone was involuntarily attracted by the words of Pulkit. Even Stanley behind Pulkit was no exception.
    “The reason why the Kingdom of Haryana is faced with such a dilemma is not that it is too weak, just because it lacks a true leader!”
    “No one stood in the sky from the beginning, whether you or me, or the world government, even if it is The vain God is the same! But the unbearable empty throne of the heavens is about to end. From now on, I will stand at the top! The demise of the Simmons family is a signal, look at it, my dear citizens. We, the Kingdom of Haryana! Will become the most powerful country in the world!”
    Pulkit took a deep breath and glanced at everyone in the square. He paused and screamed a sentence.
    “When we stand on the top! There will be no rival!”
    Very quiet!
    Everyone was watching Pulkit, ??and Stanley behind Pulkit was still stunned. He did not expect Pulkit to say such an amazing words.
    He wants to make the Kingdom of Haryana the strongest country in the world!
    He wants to be the god of this world!
    In a spirit, Stanley stared at Pulkit’s back and looked at it. He finally reacted and looked at the horrified people in the square. He quickly said to a senior who looked like a bachelor: ” Hurry up, Now announce that the King’s Majesty will be enthroned!”
    “Oh…oh, I understand.”
    The old man came back and looked at Pulkit with a look of disappointment and appreciation. He walked up to the front and said: “Now, I announced as the elder of the Kingdom of Haryana, the Royal Highness Pulkit, officially become the king of Haryana!”
    As the voice of the old man fell, the people in the square suddenly reacted, the next moment…
    “King of the King! His Majesty the King!!! “
    Long live the king!! Long live the kingdom of Haryana!!!”
    The shouts rushed into the sky, and all the citizens in the square boiled.
    At the same time, in this fierce boiling sound, a series of cold sounds also sounded in Pulkit’s mind.
    “Ting! Host status is improved! Current status: King!”
    “Ting! Country level is on! National reputation is open!”
    “Ting! The current national level is the third-rate kingdom, the upgrade conditions are not met, and the level is upgraded to the second-rate kingdom. Force draw chance!”
    “Hey! Host the current national reputation level is level 1, the upgrade conditions have been met, the current level is two, reward exclusive chances of the draw! Will the host immediately start the draw?”
    “There is finally… On the high platform, watching the sensational people below, listening to the system sounds in the brain, Pulkit also smiled, but did not choose to start the draw immediately.
    After all, the ceremony of the throne is not over yet.
    After an hour, the ceremony was over, and the people began to return to their home with excitement. It is foreseeable that what Pulkit said today will make them unforgettable.
    Pulkit also returned to the palace.
    Walking along the way, all the maids are greeting to Pulkit respectfully.
    “Prince… oh no, the king!”
    Little maid Salsa greeted him with a red face, and said, “The lunch is ready, and… Do you need me to massage for you first?”
    Pulkit looked at the little maid with a smile and said: “No, Massage will be at night. Lunch not right now. I have something to do now.”
    “Understood.” Little maid nodded with red face.
    Looking at this scene, the surrounding maids suddenly became envious.
    “Well, then I will go first.”
    Pulkit smiled, then could not wait to quickly leave, left turn and turn right after a while, returned to his bedroom, closed the door. Take a deep breath and with calm tone, and then the eyes closed, opening the personal panel.
    Host: Pulkit
    Country: Haryana Kingdom
    Status: King
    Country Level: Third-rate Kingdom
    National Reputation: First-level
    subordinate legion: Ninja Assassination Tactical Unit
    Exclusive Armed: No
    draws: Exclusive draw *1
    “Start exclusive draw!” Pulkit did not hesitate.
    “Hey! The exclusive lottery begins!”
    Pulkit’s voice fell, and the sound of the system sounded in his head.
    Then, a translucent light curtain popped up in front of the eyes.
    Pulkit looked and saw that the light curtain was a lottery-like turntable. The turntable was divided into fan-shaped areas of different sizes, which contained the prizes that could be drawn.
    When looking at the contents of the prize, he was prepared his heart but still after seeing the lottery list Pulkit could not help but be shocked.
    It is awesome…
    [Zanpakuto: Kamishini no Yari]
    [Code Geass Eyes]
    [Dragon Magic Crystal]
    [Saiyan Blood]
    [Oriental Red – Nuclear Bomb]
    [Forbidden jutsu scroll (Konaha)]
    “Hey! The draw starts!!”
    As the system sounds, the turntable begins to spin up.
    Pulkit returned to himself and tried to see if he could see the above content, but after looking at a few times, he could only give up the idea.
    “It seems that I can only rely on luck…”
    Take a deep breath, and Pulkit looks at the rotating carousel. After hesitating, he bites his teeth.
    The speed-rotating turntable stopped momentarily, and Pulkit quickly looked at it, only to see the area pointed by the pointer, which was awesome…
    “Hey! Congratulations to the host to get [Rinnegan]!”
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