Peerless Emperor System ch 16

Chapter 16: The ability to Rinnegan!
    “Hey! Congratulations to the host to get [Rinnegan]!”
    “Hey! The exclusive lottery is over! Next draw: National Reputation reach Level 2!”
    The translucent light curtain in front of the eyes disappeared. At the same time, a strange feeling appeared from Pulkit’s eyes, which made him close his eyes.
    For a while, Pulkit opened his eyes, but the dark pair of eyes turned into Rinnegan.
    One of the three major power in the world of Naruto, Rinnegan!
    “Is this the Rinnegan?”
    Pulkit looked at his eyes that could destroyed the world and looked at everything around him. Although the line of sight did not change, he could clearly feel that these eyes contains extremely powerful power.
    Going to the mirror, he curiously looked at himself now.
    A white gold-rimmed gown makes his body exceptionally slender, with a short black hair and a handsome face with a Rinnegan, and the whole person exudes a noble and mysterious atmosphere.
    Pulkit nodded with satisfaction and he was very satisfied with the result of the draw.
    “But to put it, Can I use the Rinnegan without Chakra?” Pulkit suddenly thought.
    “Hey! All the ability to extract or the skills or props that require special energy mobilization have been modified by the system, all driven by the physical strength of the host, please use the console with confidence!” The sound of the system sounded.
    “That is, if you want to exert the strength of the Rinnegan, you must have enough physical strength? It seems that I have to start exercise later.”
    Pulkit nodded thoughtfully.
    “However, I still have to see how much I can apply with my Rinnegan now…”
    Thinking about this, Pulkit pushed the door out of the room and then came to the courtyard behind the bedroom.
    This is a large courtyard with hundreds of squares meter. There are many fountains, flower beds and rockeries. It is extremely luxurious.
    Pulkit’s gaze stopped on a rock nearly ten meters high. As soon as he raised his hand, it would be like he was born. The eyes of the eyes were slightly opened and the lips were slightly moved.
    “Universal Pull!”
    The huge gravitational force on the rock, with a few tons of heavy rock, was directly flew towards Pulkit.
    “Almighty Push!”
    When the rock is only three meters away from Pulkit, Pulkit lightly sighs, and the gravitational moment acting on the rock becomes a repulsive force. The momentary transformation of gravity and repulsive force causes the structure of the rock to collapse instantly.
    Bang! ! !
    As soon as the sound exploded, the entire rock exploded in an instant, and countless gravels spurred in all directions.
    However, when countless gravel is about to hit Pulkit, ??it seems to hit a ruthless wall, broken into smaller pieces, and then bounced off.
    When everything calmed down, the clean and tidy ground was already covered with gravel dust.
    “The physical exertion is not too big. Well, there is no five-second cooling time for the use of Almighty push and Universal Pull. It is not bad… but this is only the most common attack. In the real battle, the physical exertion will be more. It will be very big, let alone the big moves such as Planetary Devastation attack. Summon Golem is definitely not possible with the current physical fitness.”
    Pulkit felt his physical condition and secretly pondered in his heart. Get it up and finally come to a conclusion.
    Now his physical strength is obviously not enough, Even with a Rinnegan, if he wants to fight against those top powers is still not possible!
    However, it is more than enough to just use it.
    “It’s not my goal to protect myself. It seems that I have to start exercising…”
     He shook his fist and Pulkit’s mouth snarled.
    “Your Majesty! What happened, are you okay?”
    At this moment, the little maid Shasha, who heard the movement, hurried came over and looked at the gravel.
    “Nothing.” Pulkit turned back and looked at the worried little maid.
    “Your… your eyes?!” The little maid Salsa looked at Pulkit’s eyes in surprise.
    Pulkit mysteriously smiled. He closed his eyes then opened it and his eyes turned back to dark black eyes and said: “Let’s go, take me for lunch!”
    “Oh …… Yes, please come with me your Majesty. “
    Little maid suddenly recovered, reddish face, bowed her head and quickly took him for lunch.
    In the exercise room where Pulkit was specially arranged, Pulkit, who was naked, was doing a sit-up.
    “1436… 1437…1438…”
    The sweat dripped down from Pulkit’s cheeks and shoulders, and Pulkit could even feel the muscles of his abdomen. In the convulsions, finally, when it was done 1,500. Pulkit couldn’t get up any more, and he could only take a deep breath and stopped.
    After taking a towel on the side, Pulkit wiped the sweat from his body and looked at the clock on the wall. He found that he had been exercising for three hours without knowing it.
    “It should be almost checked out.”
    He lowered his head and said to himself, Pulkit walked out of the exercise room, then took a shower in the bathroom and put on a clean dress and returned to the bedroom.
    Just as Pulkit returned to the bedroom, white fang suddenly appeared in the room.
    “Your Majesty, this is the basic information of several countries in the vicinity.” White fang handed a document: “In addition, the pirates in the Kingdom of Haryana also all traced out, a total of three pirate group, a total of more than 200 people, two of them have been in the town to make trouble.”
    “What is the trouble?!”
    Pulkit took the file, sneered: “Tomorrow let Stanley take the soldiers to solved them all, and also sent a few Ninja as well with them. If they can’t solve it, let the Ninja solve it, and… tell Stanley that the pirates who entered the Kingdom of Haryana must register with the kingdom, pay the entry fee and all firearms will stay in soldiers storage. If they disagree and tried to entered the country or make trouble without consent, all will be executed in public!”
    “Yes! Your Majesty!” White fang nodded and then disappeared instantly.
    “Then let me see, as the first goal of the road to conquering, which country should be better…”
    Pulkit took the file and sat down at the desk, opened the file and began to read ……
    As the citizen of Haryana, their miserable life started when king of Haryana refuses to join the world government. More and more pirates like to come to the Kingdom of Haryana to make trouble, and the war with other underground forces.
    Later, the attack of the Simmons family made the Kingdom of Haryana almost fall into the abyss.
    The king was killed… The head of the army was killed… The kingdom’s army was also damaged more than half…
    Bata (shop owner) once thought that the country was over, and his family would face the end of peace, but did not expect that everything changed in a blink of an eye.
    The prince who had no sense of existence before, even led the kingdom army to destroy the Simmons family!
    Moreover, he has now become a king! Known to lead the kingdom to become the world’s strongest country!
    This makes the Bata family very excited, not only excited about the new king’s ambitions, but also happy that they can continue their peaceful life in the Kingdom of Haryana!
    Even her wife and the daughter who was only seven or eight years old was very admiring the new king, and even said that she would marry the king when she grew up!
    This made Bata feel funny, but could not help but feel a little emotional.
    Although the new king is very young, he seems to be really capable! The Kingdom of Haryana, can get better and better in the future?
    With such a beautiful wish, the Bata family had a good night’s sleep for the first time.
    However, the next day, when his restaurant opened, he was a little happiness fade away because…
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