Peerless Emperor System ch 17

Chapter 17: The Kingdom of Rus!
    “It’s really a laugh! This country is so interesting!”
    “That is, even the Simmons family is destroyed. Oh, only the stupid people of this country believe this.”
    “Haha, don’t say that! Didn’t you see the King says yesterday? We will become the strongest kingdom~ Hahaha!!!”
    In the towns of the Kingdom of Haryana, early in the morning, there was a burst of laughter in a restaurant.
    In the hotel, 40-50 pirates accounted for more than half of the tables in the restaurant, and the bottles and the wreckage of the food were thrown everywhere.
    They are the wave pirates group established in the West Sea in recent years, a small pirate group with less than 50 people.
    Originally, with their small pirates, there was no strong armed arms, and there were no strong enough personnel. It was difficult to mix in the complicated West Sea, but they were lucky and met a ‘half dead and alive’ Kingdom of Haryana.
    Here, even their small pirate group can do a good job, there is no danger at all.
    As for the kingdom?
    Oh, they are not even able to protect their own country, and what ability to manage the pirates?
    At yesterday’s King’s ascending ceremony, they heard that Pulkit actually said that the Simmons family was destroyed by the Kingdom of Haryana, which made them almost laugh.
    Even today, when they were eating, they took the matter out as a joke and found happiness. They did not put the ugly residents in front, in their eyes.
    “Damn! These hateful pirates! They dare to say that the King has lied! I can’t stand it!”
    As one of the residents’ ugly face dropped the chopsticks and left, the other residents also ugly and silently left.
    It’s not that they don’t want to defend Pulkit. But what can they do with in the face of these pirates?
    “Haha!! You see these guys, They can’t even stand it just a few words!”
    Seeing the residents leaving and the pirates suddenly laughed even more.
    Bata, his wife and daughter looked at the pirates who had no scruples and laughing, and their faces were extremely ugly.
    “Dear, don’t be impulsive.” The wife on the side worried about him and pull his arm.
    “Reassured, I am not so stupid.”
    Bata showed a reassuring smile to his wife, then stared at the pirates and said: “These damn pirates, the king will clean them up sooner or later.” They…”
    “Don’t say anything about the king!!! You abominable pirates!!”
    A tender voice suddenly sounded, and Bata and his wife suddenly changed their faces and quickly looked forward.
    They saw that the time when the two of them are talking about something, their eight-year-old daughter did not know when she ran to, in front of the pirates, and she were glaring at the pirates.
    “Xiao Yu!!”
    Bata and his wife suddenly screamed, and hurriedly ran over. Bata held her angry daughter, and his face was scared and quickly said to the pirates who were stunned: “Sorry, I am really embarrassed. My daughter is still young and ignorant. I am really sorry to offend you. This meal is free for you to plead guilty. Please dispel your anger.”
    The pirates looked at each other and laughed. A tall pirate stood up and waved his axe.
    The food bottle on the table was swept away directly, and it fell everywhere.
    Bata’s wife suddenly screamed, and Bata was also rushing to protect her daughter in his arms, his face changed slightly.
    “Is this uncle looking like someone who lacks money? Need you to treat?”
    The tall pirate smirked with an axe, and a pair of eyes exuded a dangerous breath and looked at the girl in Bata’s arms and said: “I have never encountered such an interesting devil for a long time, give you a chance to hand over this little devil, otherwise the uncle will destroy your store today and kill all of you!”
    “Dad…” The little girl suddenly looked scared.
    “Xiao Yu don’t be afraid, Dad won’t let them hurt you…”
    Bata comforted her daughter and forced himself to calm down and watch the pirates and say : “You…you can’t do this, the kingdom Army will not let you go.”
    “Kingdom Army?”
    The tall pirates and other pirates suddenly laughed. The tall pirates laughed and said: “Kingdom Army? Is it a waste group that can’t even protect themselves? They come to me, for trouble… “
    Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap!!!
    Gao Zhuang pirates are talking, suddenly, a footstep sound came from outside the door, all the pirates and the Bata family looked at it, suddenly stunned.
    A neat formation, a uniform of blue-and-white colour army costume, fully armed with guns, and a team of 100 soldiers rushing in from outside the door.
    Swishhh! Swishhh! Swishhh! Swishhh!
    Without saying a word, all the Soldiers pointed their guns at the pirates.
    The pirates are stupid!
    The Bata family is also stunned!
    Has the kingdom army really come?!
    Then, the pirates suddenly reacted.
    “Damn! It turned out to be Soldiers!”
    “What happened, does Army starts to manage the things in the town?!”
    “Captain, what should we do??”
    Including the former arrogant pirates, all of their face has panick expression and quickly picked up weapons.
    At this time, A captain-like person came out of the soldiers and looked at the pirates coldly: “The King’s Majesty ordered that from now on, all immigrant pirates must register at the port registry, pay the entry fee and hand over all the weapons, and in the territory of the kingdom, do not allow any impact on the daily life of the people. Now, you are illegal invaders, please take a walk with us immediately, otherwise we will not rule out to use of force to solve!”
    “Captain!” All the pirates hurry to see to the captain.
    The captain is a bald man, looking over a number of soldiers and clenched his sword in his hand and said: “Do not worry, these soldiers are just talking about it, they would not dare to attack us.”
    “Soldiers, if they not cooperate then kill them directly!”
    Captain looked with indifference, and the soldiers behind him suddenly began to move forward.
    The pirates suddenly began to panic, and the captain was also frightened and rushed around to see a way to escape. He suddenly saw the Bata family on the side, his face filled with a joy, and his long knife pointed to the Bata family: Don’t come over, or I will kill them!”
    Step on! ! !
    All the soldiers are unmoved and still moving forward.
    “You guys… Isn’t you stop even for the safety of the people?” The bald head suddenly panicked.
    The Bata family also looked at this scene with some helplessness.
    However, soldiers continued to move forward.
    “Bastard! This is what you forced me!”
    Seeing that soldiers was getting closer and closer, his own men were in a panic, and the bald-headed man squinted and rushed directly to the Bata family.
    The Bata family suddenly turned white, and her daughter Xiao Yu was scared and screamed and closed her eyes.
    And just then…
    One foot directly put the bald head on the ground, the powerful force directly caused the floor to crack, the sawdust splashed, the bald man directly screamed and fainted.
    “Who are you?!”
    All the pirates suddenly filled with horror, when they someone appeared like ghost in front of their Captain.
    Ninja looked at them coldly, and then kicked the stunned bald man directly to the soldiers.
    “Thank you for helping us sir.” Soldier’s captain saw the Ninja, and quickly rushed forward to pay his respect.
    Ninja did not answer, and his body disappeared instantly.
    Including the captain, all the soldiers have the reverence and yearning in their eyes.
    Everyone knows now that these masked people are secret organizations cultivated by His Majesty the King. Everyone in the team is a powerful person far beyond ordinary people!
    Soon, the kingdom’s army chief returned to himself and looked at the panicked pirates. With a wave of hand, all the soldiers swarmed and took all the pirates out.
    In the store, only the Bata family was left… At the same time, the other two pirate groups in the town were also arrested by the Royal Army. With the help of Ninja, almost no casualties were paid and pirates were all arrested.
    The news that His Majesty’s orders to clear the pirates has spread throughout the country.
    For a time, the entire Kingdom of Haryana was screaming, and the king was even more revered!
    And when the pirates in the Kingdom of Haryana were cleared, in the palace, Pulkit’s bedroom.
    Pulkit is sitting at the desk, the little maid Salsa was gently pressing his shoulders behind him. Pulkit’s finger tapped the map on the desktop, and from time to time he glanced at the documents about other kingdoms.
    Pulkit’s fingers stopped on the map.
    And the finger pointed to it, it is the closest Rus Kingdom to the Kingdom of Haryana.
    “The first goal is that…”
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