Peerless Emperor System ch 18

Chapter 18: High-profile declaration of war!
    “The Kingdom of Rus, located about 20 nautical miles northwest of the Kingdom of Haryana, has more than three times the land area then the Kingdom of Haryana. It has tens of thousands of soldiers. The number of fleets is unknown and the military strength is far superior. The current king named Steve Garr, is a famous master in the West Sea.”
    Pulkit tapped the map with his finger The location of the Kingdom of Rus, while viewing the information about the Kingdom of Rus.
    ANBU ninja are proficient in investigative intelligence and assassination. In just a few days, such detailed information can be collected, which makes Pulkit very satisfied. In the war, whoever has mastered the intelligence, victory will be biased towards him. Even if he has a powerful ANBU ninja force, Pulkit will not despise any enemy.
    After all, Ninja are strong but they are also a human being. When there is physical exhaustion, once it is hit by a gun, they will also be injured or even die.
    This point, Pulkit can’t accept it!
    “Now there are only 5,000 soldiers in the kingdom of Haryana, but there are 50,000 soldiers in the Kingdom of Rus. The gap is ten times. Even if there is a ANBU force to help, it is still a little hard to deal with it. After all, the firepower caused by tens of thousands of guns is veru dangerous. Even white fang may die…. I have to think of a way…”
    Pulkit secretly pondered, and then thought of something and he smiled.
    It seems that the outside world is very ignorant of the Kingdom of Haryana. After thinging a bit, Pulkit suddenly said: “Sasha, you should go out first.”
    “Yes, His Majesty.”
    Little maid Salsa obviously knows that Pulkit has some important work to do.
    “White Fang.” Pulkit looked at the map lightly.
    “Your Majesty!” The figure of white fang appeared in the side of Pulkit.
    “Notify, Stanley to begin to expand the kingdom’s army.”
    Pulkit mouth reveals a strange smile: “In addition, let Stanley announce to the outside world, three days later, we will officially attack the Rus Kingdom! Ask them to surrender immediately!”
    “Yes!” White Fang did not ask anything and instantly disappeared.
    Pulkit also stood up and walked to the window and looked at the town below. He thought about it and opened the personal panel.
    “The next legion… It won’t take long for us to meet…”
    Stanley, who received the order, began to act.
    Although he was shocked that Pulkit had declared such a high-profile war on the Kingdom of Rus, Stanley did not ask much and began to implement Pulkit’s command at an extremely fast speed.
    Because he knows that Pulkit needs not the head of the army who provide him advice, but the head of the army who listened to him!
    At the same time, an amazing news was also transmitted from the Kingdom of Haryana…
    “What do you say?!”
    In the Royal Palace of Ruth, the King, sitting above the throne. His eyes wide and angry and funny: “The king of Haryana ordered that he would start attacking our Kingdom of Russ, three days later? Also asked us to surrender immediately? Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk?”
    “Yes, His Majesty, This is the news that the intelligence department has just discovered. It has been confirmed with the real information from the Kingdom of Haryana.”
    Below the main hall, the intelligence personnel replied earnestly, and there was a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.
    “Ha ha ha!! Interesting, it is so interesting!!”
    When King laughed, the ministers and some nobles under the hall also showed a smile.
    Everyone knows that the Kingdom of Haryana is just a small country which survive till now with some good luck. If the Simmons family was not destroyed by unknown forces, perhaps the existence of the Kingdom of Haryana is still a problem.
    And such a small country, actually said to fight against them? Still making a big speech to let them surrender immediately?
    Ridiculous! It’s just ridiculous!
    “In the end, it’s a young man… He really thinks that the Simmons family is destroyed by him…”
    Minister of State shook his head with a disdainful look. The news that Pulkit going to attack Kingdom of Rus is not a secret, almost all forces already know about it.
    “His Majesty, since the kingdom of Haryana has declared war on us, why wait three days, I can now lead the fleet to destroy them.” The Army chief sneered.
    “Forget it…”
    King did not care about it and waved: “As far as I know, now all the troops of the Kingdom of Haryana is not more than 5,000 soldiers. Let them come….”
    King’s face was a little serious and looked The leader of the army said: “The mysterious forces that destroyed the Simmons family. No one has investigated their true features. Since they can destroy the Simmons family without anyone reacting, their strength must not be Look down, just in case you should be cautious, let Soldiers pay attention to the movements of other forces around him.”
    With the news that the Kingdom of Haryana declared war on the Kingdom of Rus, all the forces suddenly became stunned and followed by a burst of laughter.
    No one thinks that the Kingdom of Haryana can defeat the Kingdom of Ruth. It can even be said that the Kingdom of Ruth can easily destroy the Kingdom of Haryana. The two are not at all a same level.
    The top forces are completely uninterested in this matter, the countries around the Kingdom of Haryana all have a optimistic attitude, they don’t want to see how fierce the battle between the Kingdom of Haryana and the Kingdom of Ruth can be, but how hard it is to see the Kingdom of Haryana lose!
    In the Kingdom of Haryana, although most of the nationals were shocked by Pulkit’s decision to declare war on the Russ, most of the people were angry when they knew that the Russ Kingdom had ignored their attitude.
    In particular, the young people in the kingdom are rushing to the registration point to join Army, and let the Russ kingdom pay the price for their ignorance!
    However, at the time of the anger and snoring in the Kingdom of Haryana, in the palace, Pulkit, ??who knew the news, smiled very brightly.
    When faced with the Simmons family, almost everyone thought that the Kingdom of Haryana could not be the opponent of the Simmons family, and the result? The Simmons family is completely destroyed!
    This time, no one believes that the Kingdom of Haryana is the opponent of the Kingdom of Rus, and the result…
    “Oh, huh…”
    In the exercise room, Pulkit, who is doing physical exercise, raises his eyes, and the mysterious Rinnegan eyes appeared.
    And in this atmosphere of ridicule that everyone feels that the Kingdom of Haryana must die, the three days have passed slowly…
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