Peerless Emperor System ch 19

Chapter 19: Natural Disasters!
    The breeze slowly, with a hint of the smell of sea water, blowing away the faint heat in the air.
    The territory of the Kingdom of Rus, the three warships are routinely cruising on sea. On the main ship deck, the soldiers of the Rus Kingdom are standing straight, as the commander of the fleet, Beleman walked out of the cabin, and looked at the calm sea in the distance and could not help but frown.
    “Today is the third day. Kingdom of Haryana have not come yet. Wouldn’t they dare not come?” Beleman said with some dissatisfaction.
    As a captain of the Army, he was very dissatisfied with the task assigned to him by the head of the army.
    Lead the fleet to defeat the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana!
    “It’s a boring task….” Beleman with lack of interest looked at the distant sea for a while. Preparing to return to the cabin to report the news to the country. In his view, the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana must not dare to come.
    After all, the gap between the military powers of the two countries is too wide.
    However, just as he was preparing to return to the cabin, the scouts on the main ship suddenly burst into a scream.
    “All attention! There is something on the sea at eleven o’clock!”
    “Wait! What is that?!”
    “How is it possible!! It is a human! It is a human?!”
    Scout’s voice caused a burst of surprise on the three warships. Everyone can’t help but look at the direction of eleven o’clock. However, with the limited vision of the naked eye, it can only be seen faintly. There seems to be a lot of black spots on the distant sea line.
    “What is it? Is it the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana?”
    Listening to the scout’s extremely exaggerated screams, Beleman also looked at the eleven o’clock and frowned. He felt some inexplicable uneasiness in his heart, hesitated, and waved his hand and said: “All soldiers prepare to fight! “
    Swishhh! !
    With the order of Beleman, the three warships suddenly acted, the soldiers all took out their weapons to prepare for the battle, and the gunners began to align the muzzle, aiming at eleven o’clock.
    Seeing this rigorous military power, Beleman had some what relaxed. Now he has a confident smile on his face.
    “I thought you didn’t dare to come. Since you are here, let’s stay here forever!”
    Beleman looked sneer and mocked at the dark shadows that were approaching from the distance.
    However, as time passed, the shadow of the distant sea line appeared in Beleman’s eyes, the smile on his face solidified, and it became full of shock and unbelievable.
    I saw hundreds of people wearing black tights and white mask are running on the sea.
    “This is…what…”
    Looking at this scene, Beleman was stunned, and the soldiers of the three warships were still stunned. They all looked at the scene with an incredulous look.
    Can run on the sea, let alone the soldiers, even Beleman has never heard of such a thing?
    “Is it… the devil’s fruit ability?”
    Beleman thought of the only answer that could be explained. However, looking at the hundreds of people running on the sea, he swallowed, more than 100, Is it possible to have the same demonic fruit ability for everyone?
    Seeing that more than a hundred people were getting closer and closer, Beleman finally reacted, and his face changed dramatically: “What are you looking, shoot! kill them!”
    “Yes! Sergeant Beleman!”
    Soldiers suddenly woke up from the dream. One by one, and the firearms could not attack so far, so all the cannons began to turn around.
    “Who are these guys? No, you have to report this to the king!”
    Beleman looked a little uneasy, then hurried to the cabin.
    At the same time, it has been only five hundred meters from Kingdom fleet, shadow at sea flying the forefront full, his eyes under the mask of white-haired white fang without fluctuation, low shouted: “attack!”
    Swishhh! Swishhh! Swishhh!
    When the voice fell, including white fang and 104 ninja were simultaneously printed with both hands, and at this time, the muzzle on the fleet was still being adjusted.
    Two seconds later…
    “Fire style: Fireball jutsu!!!”
    All the Ninja shouted. Then, countless fist-sized fireballs sprang from the mouths of the ninja and screamed like a meteor shower. Overwhelmingly rushed to the three warships of the Rus Kingdom.
    In an instant, the sky became a fiery red! Even the air has become hot!
    The momentum is like a natural disaster!
    “How…how could it…”
    On the three warships, all the soldiers looked pale when looked at the fireballs in the sky, the gunners stopped the work in their hands, everyone forgot to escape, staring at the numerous fireballs that fell at a rapid speed.
    Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!
    There was no horror screaming, no panic-stricken escape, no screaming screams, and there was only a violent roar between heaven and earth.
    Countless fireballs fell like raindrops on three warships. The sparks were splashed, the decks were broken, the masts broke, the sails burned, and the soldiers did not even have time to escape and scream, and they were all drowned in endless fire.
    Ten seconds!
    Just ten seconds!
    Under the ravages of the natural disaster, the warships of the three Russ kingdoms were torn apart and all turned into ashes.
    On the sea, a large number of fireballs fall into the sea, and a lot of water vapor start coming out.
    When everything calms down, there are only a few charred ship fragments and bodies left on the sea where the fleet was located.
    Among them, it also includes a black body of Beleman.
    Step on! ! ! !
    The sound of the foot stepping on the surface of the sea sounded. Ninja that had not stopped the footsteps ran directly from the debris of the sea, and continued to rush to the Rus Kingdom.
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