Peerless Emperor System ch 2

Chapter 2 Ninja Assassination Tactical Unit!
    “Sure enough, the system!”
    When he saw the information on the personal panel, Pulkit was very determined, and the pale face could not help but reveal a smile.
    With the help of the system, he believes that his life safety should have no problem.
    However, Pulkit couldn’t help but have some headaches. Just look at the personal panel. He really can’t see what function this system has.
    But fortunately, the system seems to be able to feel Pulkit’s doubts, the cold voice sounded again in his mind.
    “The host can increase the current national level by expanding the national territory. Each time the national level is upgraded, the host will be given a chance to draw a lottery. It can draw powerful army units from other world planes for the host. Because the current status of the host has not reached the king position, the national level has not been opened yet, please host meet the conditions as soon as possible!”
    “The host can gain the chance to win the exclusive lottery by raising his reputation, the national reputation is upgraded by one level. Get an exclusive lucky draw opportunity. The national prestige includes the host’s prestige and reputation in the country, the prestige and reputation of the country in the world, etc. Please ask the host to draw the powerful powers or props from other world planes. Since the current status of the host has not reached the king’s level, the national reputation has not been opened yet, please let the host reach the conditions as soon as possible!”
    “Improve the national level extraction army? Improve the national reputation to extract exclusive capabilities or props… but Before I have became King? “
    After listening system, Pulkit thoughtfully muttered.
    In other words, if he wants to become stronger, he will only be able to attack other countries and rob the territory.
    The more you snatch, the more troops you have, and the stronger your strength will be!
    “Just, you must be a king before this…”
    Pulkit thought of the few ministers who are fighting for the throne even if the country was on the verge of extinction. Pulkit could not help but have some headaches.
    Now he has almost no fighting power in his body. Even if he wants to do something, he is also powerless!
    “System, is there no newbie package?” Pulkit could not help but complain.
    The system has no echo.
    Just as Pulkit gnawed his teeth and tried to see if he could become a king, the system finally made a sound.
    “Buzz! Detects that the host current situation is in danger, novoice packs send in!”
    “Ding Dong! Novice spree sent successfully! Congratulations host get [ANBU ninja team]!”
    A burst of white light flashed through the room and the next moment, in the large room, suddenly it became full of people.
    They were dressed in black tights, wearing a white animal mask of various animals.
    “This… is this?”
    Pulkit was stunned. He looked at the hundreds of people who suddenly appeared in the room. If it wasn’t for the prince’s room, they might not fit so many people.
    “Ninja assassination tactical army leader ‘white fang’, Prince!”
    At the forefront, a man with a wolf mask and a short knife on his back, a man with long white hair squats in front of Pulkit, ??others People are also squatting down one by one.
    “White Fang?”
    Pulkit silent for a moment, then reacted, and stared at the man who claimed to be ‘white Fang’ and stunned: “White Fang?”
    “Exactly, His Royal Highness.” White Fang lowered his head and said.
    “Then you… is the ANBU of Konaha?” Pulkit pointed at him.
    “What is the ANBU force of Konaha? What is Konaha? Prince, we have always been the assassination tactical force of the Kingdom of Haryana, and now we are under your direct jurisdiction!” There was a trace of doubt in the eyes under the white Fang mask.
    Pulkit quickly opened the information of the subordinates in the personal panel.
    Legion name: Ninja assassination tactical unit (ANBU)
    member level: elite Genin (lowest) to S level Ninja.
    Leader: white Fang (Kakashi’s father)
    areas of expertise: guarding, resisting invasion by foreign enemies, investigating intelligence, assassination.
    Total members: 104
    —————– —
    “Sure enough?”
    Pulkit closed the personal panel and suddenly understood.
    These people are the legions of the novice gift package that the system said before.
    However, Pulkit did not expect that the system said that the legion would be like this, even the ANBU team of Konaha are summoned!
    Pulkit can hardly imagine that if the next draw, will the whole Akatsuki members be brought over? Or, 13 team of Bleach?
    The more think, the more he became excited, although he don’t know how the system is to let white Fang forget about Konaha, but at this moment, Pulkit is personally aware of the power of the system.
    Not to mention other people, just a White fang, although he is not clear about his true strength, but Pulkit feels at least not worse than the general, plus other people, dare not to think. At least Pulkit do not have to worry Simmon family anymore!
    “Get up!”
    Pulkit took a deep breath to calm himself down and then lifted his hand.
    Including white Fang, all the ninja stood up.
    Looking at this scene, Pulkit nodded with satisfaction, moved to think of getting out of bed, but completely forgot the injury, suddenly his face was white, sucking a cold air.
    “Hey, You go to help the prince to heal.” The white Fang eyebrow wrinkled and said.
    “Yes!” A ninja walked over to Pulkit.
    “Oh? Can you help me cure?” Pulkit looked pale and looked at ninja.
    “Yes, Prince, the ANBU often performs various dangerous tasks, so it will also be equipped with a ninja like me who will be medical ninja.” Christine said: “His Royal Highness, please lie in bed.”
    “Okay, trouble you.” Pulkit lie down in bed.
    “Serving for you is the meaning of our ANBU.”
    After Christine’s said, she picked up Pulkit’s clothes, untied the bandage and looked at the smashing knife: “The wound is not serious, it does not hurt the bone, I will help you with this.”
    After that, she made two seals with hand. The blue Chakra appeared on his right hand and covered Pulkit’s wound.
    “It’s so comfortable.”
    Pulkit’s white face suddenly calmed down. He only felt the pain was gone, the wound was slightly bright.
    After almost ten minutes, she took her hand back: “His Royal Highness, it’s already good.”
    “So fast?”
    Pulkit moved his body. It didn’t hurt at all. He turned his head and looked at it. The original wound has completely disappeared, leaving only a faint white mark on the back.
    “Good, very good!”
    Pulkit stand up from the bed. He looked at the hundreds of ANBU ninja in the room, his face full of smiles.
    With such a powerful force, what is the pirate? What is the Simmons family? What is the crisis of extermination?
    Pulkit is confident that these problems can be easily solved by one person alone!
    “You guys…”
    “Not good, His Royal Highness! The people of the Simmons family are coming!”
    Pulkit opened his mouth and was about to say something. The door of the room was suddenly pushed open. The little maid who helped him change the bandage before came in.
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