Peerless Emperor System ch 20

Chapter 20: Shocking debut!
    The location of the Kingdom of Rus is an island called Willardna.
    This is a large island with a series of mountains, rich species resources, and the three times the size of the town of the Kingdom of Haryana and the magnificent royal palace in the center of the town, are showing Rus Kingdom is more powerful than the Kingdom of Haryana.
    However, Although it is powerful but it is clear that it will cease to exist from today onwards.
    The Kingdom of Rus has a total of two seaports, one is the ordinary port on the island front and the other is the laneway dedicated for business.
    In the early morning, there is a huge explosion in the front sea.
    “Look at this!! Someone on the sea?!”
    Suddenly, a scream broke the calm here.
    Everyone looked at the sea in the distance. 104 Ninja were coming from the sea to the port.
    In the shocking and stunned look of all, under the leadership of the white fang, all the ninja rushed directly from the sea to the harbor, and then directly ignored countless screams behind the harbour, and soon disappeared in front of their eyes.
    In the bustling towns, bustling crowds come and go.
    Suddenly, the shadows of the Ninjas leaped forward on the roofs of the streets without any scruples, causing a riot in the town.
    “Who are you? Stop immediately! Otherwise we have to attack!”
    A group of Rus soldiers patrolling the streets saw the Ninja jumping on the roof, and suddenly they lifted the guns in their hands one by one.
    However, the Ninja did not pay any attention to them, rushing directly to the roof.
    boom! boom! boom! boom!
    Countless bullets were all blown on the roof, and the soldiers of the Rus Kingdom looked at each other one by one, and then one of the soldiers who looked like a leader: “Catch! In addition, you will inform the kingdom about the situation here!
    A rushing soldier ran to the military camp, while other soldiers chased the Ninja.
    In this way, numerous riots were caused all the way, and the Ninja was unscrupulous in the town. After a few minutes, the Ninja crossed the entire town and came to the central square between the palace and the town.
    White Fang looked at the high palace, and nodded at the other Ninja. The 104 Ninjas suddenly seemed to rehearse and countless times, usually scattered around the empty square, making a circle and surrounded the entire square.
    In the town, residents who were close to the square looked at the scene with fear.
    In their unclear eyes, all the Ninja were taken grain which was eaten, and then they began to flash quickly. After three seconds, everyone bite their thumb and palm. Press on the ground.
    In an instant, countless mysterious black runes spread to the square with their hands on the center, forming a huge strange pattern on the square.
    “Summoning jutsu!”
    Swishhhh! ! !
    Along with the low sound of the Ninja, a lot of white smoke exploded in the square, drowning everything in sight.
    A strange wind blew through, and the white smoke was suddenly blown away. In the eyes of the residents outside the square, in the center of the square, there was a huge army fully armed!
    The blue-and-white flag that belongs to the Kingdom of Haryana is particularly dazzling in the sun.
    “This…this is…”
    The residents around the square froze, staring at the huge army of 10,000 in the square. After a moment of silence, it was a sensation.
    “It is the army of the Kingdom of Haryana!! It is the army of the Kingdom of Haryana!!”
    “What is going on! Why is the army of the Kingdom of Haryana appear here?!”
    “Fast… Run!!!! “
    Resident reacted immediately and with a horrified sound shouted and frantically ran to the opposite direction.
    The entire Kingdom of Rus, suddenly sensational!
    In the square, after the jutsu, a total of 12,000 soldiers were fully armed came mysteriously. But they also looked at the strange environment around them at the moment, and obviously did not react.
    At the forefront of soldiers, Pulkit looked up at the magnificent King Russ Palace, which is even more magnificent than his palace.
    Swishhh! ! ! !
    The Ninja scattered around the square all came to Pulkit in an instant, and bowed down on one knee.
    “It’s really hard for you.” Pulkit was satisfied with the white fang and other ninja’s work.
    “Serving you is the meaning of our ANBU force!” All the Ninja, including white fang, looked at Pulkit with reverence.
    “Ha ha!!!”
    Pulkit laughed, and then his eyes closed, and instantly switched to mysterious Rinnegan and said: “Stanley!”
    “Your Majesty!” Stanley respectfully approached.
    “Immediately led the army to attack the palace! Today, I want to take down the Kingdom of Rus!” Pulkit whispered.
    Stanley condensed in his heart, and some excitedly turned back and shouted to the same somewhat sullen soldiers: “Soldiers! His Majesty the King has let us go directly to the central square of the Kingdom of Rus!Now, let us destroy the Russ Kingdom together! Rush!!!!”
    The soldiers suddenly recovered, looking at the palace in front of them, madly rushing to the palace.
    Step on! ! ! !
    At this time, a dense footstep came from the west side of the square, and the armed soldiers of the Russ Kingdom rushed over, but when they saw the soldiers of the Kingdom of Haryana in the square, they suddenly started fearing.
    “It is the army of the Kingdom of Rus!! Attack!”
    And while the soldiers of the Kingdom of Rus were stunned, the soldiers of the Kingdom of Haryana also found them, without any hesitation, directly launched the attack.
    boom! boom! boom!
    The rockets collected from the Simmons family dragged the long flame tail to the stunned Rus soldiers.
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