Peerless Emperor System ch 3

Chapter 3: Simmons family!
    “Not good, Prince! The Simmons family is coming!”
    Door was almost violently knocked open. The little Maid who helped Pulkit changed the bandages, ran in a panic. She has an anxious look on her face.
    They haven’t waited for the little maid to see the situation in the room. The two ANBU ninja appeared behind the little maid, and a big hand directly caught on the shoulder of the little maid. The little maid only felt a violent attack and a moment of rotation, immediately lie on the ground, her hands were twisted and pressed, and the intense pain almost made her tears flow down.
    However, after seeing everything in front of her eyes, the little maid suddenly couldn’t cry out, and her face was scared and whitish.
    Because she saw hundreds of masked black men standing in the room under the prince’s room. A short knife with a cold light was crossed over her neck.
    “You…who are you?”
    When the little maid saw this blade, she was shocked and shivered.
    Pulkit reacted to what happened just now.
    “She is my maid, let her go.”
    Pulkit looked at the two ANBU ninja. The idea of ??opening an exclusive lottery was even stronger.
    “Yes, His Royal Highness.”
    Two ANBU ninja let go of the little maid, and the little maid climbed up from the ground, looking at Pulkit and the hundreds of black dressed ninjas. With her limited knowledge, completely she don’t understand what is happening.
    “You all go down, it’s good to hide behind me when there is need, I will call you.” Pulkit looked at the little maid who was scared and talked to the white fang.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
    White fang nodded and waved: “swishhh”, all the ninja disappeared instantly, because the movement speed was too fast, even caused a whirlwind in the room.
    “It’s so fast, I can’t see it at all…”
    Pulkit said with emotion, then he looked at the little Maid who was staying, and touched her head and laughed: ” Everyone is gone, what are you looking at?”
    “Ah, Your Royal Highness Prince!”
    Little maid suddenly came back to herself and saw Pulkit touching her head. She suddenly turned red, screamed and took a step back.
    But then she reacted and looked at Pulkit, ??who was standing. “His Royal Highness, your wounds…”
    “Oh, it’s okay.”
    Pulkit smiled and lifted his foot, went to the door: “come with me!”
    Little maid suddenly followed.
    “His Royal Highness, where are you going?”
    “Oh, aren’t you saying that the Simmons family is coming? Let’s go and see.”
    “Prince…just those people?”
    “You will know later…”
    Palace, the luxurious living room.
    On a soft and comfortable sofa, a man with a black suit was sitting there, with a short gray hair and a disdainful look on his face.
    He is from Simmons family who came to see the reply of the Kingdom of Haryana, Eric!
    On the other side, the three ministers of the Kingdom of Haryana are sitting.
    In addition, around the living room, there are still some palace guards but they are looking at the ugly faces of the three ministers, all eyes are full of anger.
    “Oh, Mr. Eric, this is the gift that I brought from Messili Island. I hope you can accept it!” The fat man, dressed in a luxurious dress is the financial minister, handed a beautiful box with the smile.
    “Finance Minister, don’t take this kind of shameful thing out? Mr. Eric, you see this, this is what I specially asked to bring from the Sabaody Archipelago Islands…” The thin interior minister smiled and handed my own gift.
    “Mr. Eric, I know that you like beautiful women, this is specially prepared for you….” Seeing the gifts of the other two ministers, the defensive minister with a strong face looked uncomfortable and clap his hands. A row of good-looking maids came out from the side, they were pale, but did not dare to have any resistance.
    Eric calmly accepted the gifts of the finance minister and the minister of the interior, and then looked at the maids, and the look of greedy lan flashed past, he is still pretending to drink a cup of tea. “Well, I feel the sincerity of your Haryana Kingdom, but ah, our Simmons family only wants to hear an answer today. As for the answer, you should know?”
    “This is of course, Mr. Eric, As long as your Simmons family can support me as a king, the Kingdom of Haryana will be willing to become a vassal country of the Simmons family, and provide tribute to every year!” The finance minister immediately stood up and said loudly.
    “Mr. Eric, as long as your Simmons family is willing to support me as a king, from today, the Kingdom of Haryana will fully surrender to the Simmons family. No matter what you need, the Kingdom of Haryana will certainly support it!” The Minister of the Interior also stood up.
    “Mr. Eric, we have a lot of people in the Kingdom of Haryana and there are a lot of beautiful women…”
    Minister of Defense did not hesitate to make a loud promise to all kinds of benefits.
    Looking at the three ministers quarrel, Eric’s eyes flashed a hint of ridicule. What kind of ministers of the kingdom, they are as shit in front of their Simmons family?
    “All right.”
    Eric’s faint voice made the three ministers quiet down. Eric’s high voice said: “Very good, I understand the meaning of the Kingdom of Haryana. We are very satisfied with your answer. As for who you will be the king ……”
    “That depends on who is more sincere!” Eric’s eyes flashed a trace of greed.
    “Oh? What do you mean, who will be the king of Kingdom of Haryana, completely depends on you piece of shit?”
    A faint voice suddenly sounded.
    Everyone suddenly stunned and turned to look at it. They saw Pulkit came in with her Maid.
    It’s him!
    The three ministers were shocked and looked at each other and saw surprise from the other’s eyes.
    This kid, isn’t he supposed to lie on the bed, in half dead condition?
    “His Royal Highness!”
    The guards in the living room and the maids immediately bowed to Pulkit.
    “Who are you?”
    Eric frowned and looked at Pulkit.
    Pulkit did not pay attention to Eric, but looked at the maids who stood in a row, and then thought of what he heard the disputes of the three ministers when he came in. He almost understood the complete incident. A cold light flashed in his eyes.
    “Three ministers, very good, holding my country to trade with other forces, it is very good!” Pulkit looked at the three ministers with sneer.
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