Peerless Emperor System ch 4

Chapter 4: Today, Simmons family will be destroyed!
    “Hey, what is your country, you are just a prince, and the Kingdom of Haryana can have no hereditary system!”
    “That is, what kind of shitty prince you are and want to be a king! We are hardworking for the kingdom for decades, it must be ours!”
    “Hey, Your Royal Highness, although I don’t want to say this, you still don’t get it, what is happening here!”
    Hearing Pulkit’s words, the three ministers did not know why Pulkit’s injury suddenly get fine but apart from the defensive minister who sighed and said nothing, the other two did not mean to put Pulkit in their eyes.
    And in fact, after the death of the king, the power of the entire country has long been eaten by them. In addition to the title of a prince, Pulkit generally does not have any threat for them…
    Opposite, Eric knew Pulkit’s identity at this time but then he noticed that Pulkit has a little maid who was trembling with anger.
    “Three ministers, I want this Maid?”
    Eric did not care about Pulkit’s presence, pointing to the little maid around Pulkit, took a tea and laughed.
    “Oh. Since Mr. Eric likes it, you can take it with you.”
    Minister of the Interior, who is argueing against Pulkit, ??immediately turned his head and smiled.
    The finance minister suddenly snorted in his heart and echoed his nod.
    The Defense Minister frowned and finally sighed or didn’t speak.
    “His Royal Highness Prince…”
    Seeing this scene, the little maid suddenly turned white and almost started crying.
    “Nothing, rest assured.”
    Pulkit smiled and patted the little maid’s small head, but to Eric and the three ministers eyes were full of ridicule and sneer.
    “I have to say, you really want to die.”
    Pulkit sneered twice, to be honest, since he has been staying in the room since the beginning of the crossing, Pulkit is all aware from the memory in his mind. However, he did not expect that these ministers would not put him in the eye. Condition is more worse than the memory. At this moment, Pulkit really had a killing intention.
    “Kill them all ……”
    Pulkit seem to speak against the air, paused and corrected himself and said: “Wait, first arrest them, kill them like this is too cheap!”
    Everyone including the Finance Minister and the Minister of the Interior laughed.
    “Ha ha! I said His Royal Highness, you should not be so stupid at this time, right? You’re talking to it?”
    “I’d like to see, who in this country has the courage to arrest me??!”
    Two big ministers laughed, and the defense minister shook his head helplessly. Military power was in his hands. Without his command, even a single soldiers will not listen Pulkit’s orders.
    The guards in the conference room also looked at each other and wanted to obey Pulkit’s orders but because of the military order, there was no movement.
    “His Royal Highness Prince…” The little maid was also upset and looked at Pulkit, ??who was dull.
    However, just when everyone thought that Pulkit was stunned by the current situation…
    Swishhhh! ! ! !
    The four shadows did not know where they came from, and they came to the three ministers and Eric in just a moment.
    Defense Minister is not a defense minister. Although he has not participated in the battle all the year round, he still reacted. He snorted and punched the shadows in front of him.
    However, just as his fist was about to hit the shadow, the figure in front of him suddenly disappeared. The next moment, the whole person turned around and was thrown to the ground. Then, a strange weapon tip appeared on his neck. He did not dare to have any action.
    “Do not move or I will kill you!”
    ANBU ninja with the monkey mask, pressed him to the ground, and the kunai in his hand will directly approach his neck.
    So fast!
    A terrible skill!
    The defendce minister’s heart shocked and looked at other people, only to find that the other two ministers, including the Simmons Eric, had already been thrown to the ground by ninja.
    The maids who were ready to be sent to Eric suddenly screamed and frightened and ran out.
    “Who are you?”
    The guards around him were also shocked. They just planned to move. There was a ghost in the back of each guard, and kunai is directly placed on their necks.
    “If you don’t want to die, don’t move!”
    White Fang came out from the dark, and after leaving a cold sentence, he came to Pulkit and said: “His Royal Highness, the target has been completely controlled.”
    “Ummm” Pulkit nodded calmly.
    “His Royal Highness Prince…” The little maid looked at the white fang and others in surprise.
    “Reassure, they are my secret assassination troops, my people.”
    Pulkit smiled at the little maid, then went to the three ministers and Eric.
    “Bastard! Who are you! Dare to attack Finance Minister!!” Finance Minister struggling and yelling.
    “Damn, Pulkit, ??these are your people? Order them to let me go!” The Minister of the Interior stared at Pulkit.
    “It seems that I have looked down on you…” The Defense Minister suddenly fell calmly and looked at Pulkit deeply.
    Pulkit looked at the three ministers: “Lets increase the pressure a little first.”
    “Yes, His Royal Highness.” The three ANBU ninja suddenly increase the pressure on three ministers away. Except for the defense minister, the other two ministers suddenly struggled and screamed.
    Watching the three ministers being crushed down, Pulkit frowned and then released.
    “Although I don’t know what you are planning, but since you have chosen this path, then wait sometime for your death!”
    He gently close his eyes and then open it again, Pulkit looked at the struggling Eric.
    “Damn! Let me go! Let me go! You are finished! Tell you! Your Kingdom of Haryana is over! Even dare to do this to me, the Simmons family will never let you go! You are waiting to destruction of this country!”
    “Really noisy!”
    Pulkit kicked in shouting mouth of Eric, Eric suddenly screams.
    “Wait for being destroyed? I don’t have the time to wait for your simmons family to come…”
    Looking at the mourning Eric, Pulkit’s face showed a sneer.
    “Today, the Simmons family will be destroyed!”
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