Peerless Emperor System ch 5

Chapter 5: begins with the execution!
    “Today, the Simmons family will be destroyed!”
    Pulkit’s cold voice spread in the living room, and Eric who was kicked by Pulkit, ??stopped screaming, looked up and looked at Pulkit, ??then full face is bloody crazy laughter: “The Simmons family will be destroyed? Haha!! Funny, it is so funny! The prince of a Haryana kingdom is actually said to destroy my Simmons family? Haha!! I tell you, You are finished! The Kingdom of Haryana is over! You dare to do this to me. The Simmons family will not let you go! Haha!!!”
    The guards who were controlled by the Ninja were also looking at Pulkit with a dull face.
    Who is the Simmons family?
    That is one of the three major mafia forces in the West Sea! One of the king of the underground dark forces in the West Sea!
    And the Kingdom of Haryana?
    Just to destroy the country with the attack of only 1000 people are enough!
    In this case, their prince actually said to destroy the Simmons family?
    “I just said that, you are very noisy!”
    Pulkit brows a pick, sneer and kicked another foot on Eric’s face, Eric suddenly screamed.
    “Take them down and shut up.” Pulkit said to holding ninja.
    Ninja dragged the screaming Eric and left the living room.
    In the living room, suddenly quieted down.
    “His Royal Highness Prince…”
    Little maid stared at Pulkit in a dull manner. Her delicate face was full of surprises and worries that could not be concealed. She watched Eric being taken out of the living room and couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy: It doesn’t matter if you do this? But the Simmons family…”
    “Oh, rest assured, nothing, the Simmons family, you don’t have to worry too much.” Pulkit smiled at the little maid.
    Looking at Pulkit’s smile, thinking of Pulkit’s protection of her before, the little maid’s face was slightly red, and with the light ‘hmm’ bowed her head.
    Pulkit cast his gaze on the guards who were under the control of the ninja. His face gradually cooled down, and he said with a blank expression: “This is your first and last mistake. Remember, you are the guardian of the kingdom, the guard of the royal family. The person you should obey is not the head of the army, nor the defense minister, but me, the only royal family member of the Kingdom of Haryana, the prince, the future king!”
    Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
    Guards suddenly looked down with a shy fear. They all knew that Pulkit said that not only to them but even to the ministers.
    “Let them go.”
    Pulkit raised his hand to the ninja, and the ninja suddenly removed the Kunai on the neck of the guards. Except for the white fang around Pulkit, other disappeared into the darkness.
    The guards were relieved one by one. But they were heavy when they looked at the ninja where disappeared. Everyone had a horror in their eyes.
    His Royal Highness, even cultivating such a unit in secret, is really terrible!
    “Who is the leader for your team?” Pulkit glanced at the guards.
    “His Royal Highness, it is me.” A strong middle-aged guard came out respectfully.
    “Who is Wang Guojun responsible for now?” Pulkit asked him and asked.
    “After the death of the regiment, the kingdom army has been directly responsible by the defense minister.” The middle-aged guard carefully looked at Pulkit and replied.
    “What is your name?” Pulkit looked at the middle-aged guard.
    “His Royal Highness, my name is Stanley.” The middle-aged guard replied quickly.
    Pulkit nodded and whispered: “Very good. From now on, the palace security, you don’t need to be responsible. Take your guards and go down to the kingdom military area.”
    “Ah?” Stanley paused.
    Pulkit did not pay attention to Stanley at all. He thought about continuing to say: “In addition, you are responsible for the position of the head of the kingdom army for the time being. In addition to my orders, Military does not allow any unauthorized action.”
    Stanley Once again, stunned and widened his eyes, but then I reacted. He quickly squatted down and said, “Thank you, Prince.”
    “Well! Get up!”
    Pulkit calmly looked at Stanley, look although calm but the tone is exceptionally cold: “Remember, I can let you sit on the head of the army, but also easily let you lose everything.”
    “Yes! Your Royal Highness!” Stanley suddenly trembled and glanced at the white fang around Pulkit.
    “Well, take the guards to the kingdom army! In addition, let people inform the people to come to the square in front of the palace, I have something to announce.” Pulkit waved.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
    Stanley nodded respectfully, did not dare to ask anything, and took the guards out.
    “White fang, the defense of the palace is left to you for security, is there no problem?”
    Pulkit looked at Stanley and others walked out of the back of the living room.
    “Of course, our ANBU force itself is good at escort work, please rest assured that the Prince, as long as you have us, absolutely guarantee the safety in the palace!”
    Pulkit mouth suddenly raised.
    Compared with these guards, he is more convinced that the ANBU ninja, which he summoned. As long as there is a ANBU ninja, Pulkit believes that unless the Admiral level person came to attack, the palace is definitely the safest place.
    Pulkit turned back and glanced at the little maid, suddenly remembering that he still did not know her name.
    “What is your name?” Pulkit smiled.
    “Ah? Back… Back to His Royal Highness, my name is Salsa.” The little maid replied in a panic.
    “Salsha? Thank you for your care during this time. From today, you don’t have to stay with other maids, be my full-time maid, and follow me later on.”
    Pulkit smiled. After he finished, he turned directly and walking outside the living room, white fang is closely following him.
    Little maid Salsa apparently stayed for a moment, then she didn’t know what to think, her face quickly rose red, and there was a shyness and joy in the beauty, and she ran with it.
    In the town, just after breakfast time, as usual, the nation began a new day of life, but everyone’s face was filled with gloom and uneasiness, and people came in and went out. The streets and alleys are full of dead atmosphere.
    The collapsed houses, the traces of shells bombarded on the ground, and the remains of blood, are all telling people about what happened to the Kingdom of Haryana.
    The head of the army was killed…
    The kingdom was damaged more than half… The king was killed… This is almost the same as the situation of destruction of the country, so that everyone only feels dim and can’t see hope.
    In this world of pirates, if there is no national protection, how can they survive?
    “Please pay attention to all the nationals! As soon as possible, go to the square in front of the palace, and there is something to be announced by the prince!”
    “Repeat! Please pay attention to all the nationals! As soon as possible, go to the square in front of the palace! The Prince has an important announcement!”
    “Repeat! Please pay attention to all the nationals! As soon as possible, go to the square in front of the palace! There is something to be announced by His Royal Highness!”
    Suddenly, the serious voice of the interrogator came from the loudspeakers in the town, breaking the town’s calm.
    “Is the prince’s injury good?”
    “Thank God, it is great that the prince is fine!”
    “But, what can be announced at this time?”
    “I don’t know… I hope not to be bad news!” “
    The people all talked uncomfortably about stopping the work in their hands, and gathered in groups of three to five in front of the square in front of the palace.
    At the same time, some pirates and other outsiders who still remain in the Kingdom of Haryana have followed them with great interest. They are curious to know what the Kingdom of Haryana can do at this time.
    Soon, the square was full of people, and the voice of the conversation rang.
    “The prince is coming!”
    Suddenly, I don’t know who screamed. Everyone suddenly quieted down and looked at the high platform in front of the square.
    They saw white fang and some nervous and uneasy little maid Sasha left and right, and walked out with the calm face Pulkit.
    Behind him, under the leadership of Stanley, the three ministers went out.
    The Minister of the Interior and Finance minister are constantly screaming and struggling, but the Minister of Defense is extraordinarily calm, and even sees a bearish look from the eyes.
    Looking at this scene, the masses in the square suddenly became noisy and did not know what is happening.
    Pulkit stood by and looked at the dense crowd below. He looked calmly and took the amplified phone call from Sasha. The first sentence It shocked everyone in the square.
    “Now, start the execution of the traitor!”
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