Peerless Emperor System ch 6

Chapter 6: It is not a war! It is a massacre!
    “What is going on with the traitor?”
    “What? The three ministers are traitors?”
    “What the hell is going on?”
    The crowd in the square suddenly sensational, one by one dare not look at Pulkit on the high platform. Unbelievably yelled.
    and the pirates and other unidentified people in the crowd have surprised look.
    On the high platform, Pulkit looked at the sensational crowd, his face changed, holding the phone bug and continued: “Maybe many people will feel unbelievable, but this is indeed true. Just this morning, the Simmons family came. The palace, the organization of the Simmons family should be clear, yes, that is the one who killed the army, killed the king, and even almost destroyed the Kingdom of Haryana!”
    “And our three esteemed minister intends to use bribes to exchange the woman of the Kingdom of Haryana for the opportunity to surrender to the Simmons family! Even, the intention is to touch the king’s position! What is this? This is betrayal! It is treason!”
    Pulkit The voice was heard in the ears of everyone in the square, and everyone was angry.
    “Damn! It’s damn!”
    “Is this the so-called minister? Kill them!”
    “The traitor should die!” Peoples were angry, and the interior minister and finance minister suddenly turned pale. Finally they were little scared.
    It was the defense minister, who suddenly closed his eyes and said calmly: “His Royal Highness, are you confident that you can defeat the Simmons family?”
    Pulkit looked back at the defense minister.
    The Defense Minister opened his eyes and looked at Pulkit. There was no fear in his eyes. “I know that what I did before is really sorry for the Kingdom of Haryana, but if I say, everything I do is for the Kingdom, Do you believe?”
    Pulkit brow wrinkled, then loosened again, nodded and said: “I believe.”
    “But how is that?”
    Waiting for the defense minister to relax, Pulkit looked at him with no expression: “Why you do that? For what purpose, do you do that? I only know that you moved my country, you are the first one, the next one is the Simmons family, I will pack them all one by one!”
    “Is it?”
    Defense minister stunned and then closed his eyes and stopped talking.
    And Pulkit also removed his gaze, and looked at the angry nationals, his eyes flashed with satisfaction.
    In this way, the reputation of the three ministers will be completely absent and the regime of the Kingdom of Haryana will also be firmly in his hands.
    “Beginning the sentence!”
    No longer nonsense, Pulkit directly shouted in the phone bug, he looked at Stanley, who is now the head of the army.
    “Kill!” Stanley hurryed.
    The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Finance suddenly screamed in horror, but the six soldiers were completely unmoved. The two-two teams walked behind the three, and the swords in their hands directly inserted in the bodies of the three ministers.
    The scene suddenly calmed down, leaving only three bodies dead on the floor.
    “There is one more thing…”
    When all the people thought that the matter was over, Pulkit spoke again.
    The crowd looked up. They saw a gray short hair man with blood on his face struggled to be taken up by a soldier.
    “This person is the person of the Simmons family.”
    Pulkit look Eric’s calmly.
    However, after such a sentence, the crowd in the square was suddenly detonated, including those pirates and other unidentified people, one by one look, and their heart began to notice that today’s things may not be that simple.
    On the high platform, Pulkit walked in front of Eric, who was struggling. The Simmons family, invaded the Kingdom of Haryana, killed my people, and even the former army chief and the king died in their hands, now they still want to let me surrender to the Kingdom of Haryana. This is a provocation!!”
    Kunai was held in the hands of Pulkit. It was directly enter into the neck of Eric with no expression. The blood splashed on Pulkit’s face, and the little maid Salsa on the side became pale. For Pulkit, this was his first murder, but he did not feel any discomfort.
    The crowd on the square suddenly burst into exclamation and stared at the scene with wide eyes.
    Eric’s body fell weakly on the ground, and Pulkit turned back and looked at the people below. With the blood on his face, he put a cold smile: “I announced in the name of Prince of Haryana, now The Kingdom of Haryana officially declared war on the Simmons family, and the Simmons family will be destroyed!”
    Pulkit deliberately raised the voice. However, the passionate voice not only did not excite the people, but became shocked with fear and uneasiness.
    “Yes, they must think that the Kingdom of Haryana is really looking for death to challenge the Simmons family, so they are scared!” With a little thought, Pulkit understood the reason, and suddenly there was a lack of interest in his eyes.
    In addition to trying to condemn his position in the execution of the three ministers, he also wanted to use this declaration of war against the Simmons family to improve his reputation. After all, when the national prestige was opened, he needed a lot of prestige for exclusive lottery.
    But now it seems that he has taken it for granted.
    “Forget it, wait until the Simmons family is solved, and the prestige can’t run away.” Some helpless shook his head, and Pulkit ended the execution ceremony.
    The people in the square were stunned and worried, what to do if the Simmons family came to the door.
    And those pirates and other unidentified people are spreading out this ridiculous news one by one.
    Not long after, several neighboring countries and forces knew the news of ‘The Kingdom of Haryana is looking for death to challenge the Simmons family’.
    There is no one to believe that the Kingdom of Haryana has the ability to challenge the Simmons family. In their view, the Kingdom of Haryana is completely looking for death!
    In the palace.
    In the magnificent hall, on the throne of the king, Pulkit sat calmly on the top, looking at the empty hall below, could not help but feel sad.
    “No wonder that so many people like to be emperors in ancient times, this feeling is really good…” Pulkit said to himself.
    The Kingdom of Haryana is only a small country. Unlike the big countries, there is no messy aristocratic or official system. There are only three ministers and the top king. Now the king has only one, and all three ministers are executed. Army leader, It can also be said that under his command, the entire country can now be said to be his.
    “When the Simmons family is solved, the reputation in the country is raised, and then the king is enthroned, and the national rank and national prestige will be opened, but I don’t know what the standard of national level and prestige is to be promoted…”
    Pulkit holds the chin with one hand and muttered.
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    Aside, the little maid Salsa looked at Pulkit’s calm face. Hesitated and still said with some uneasy words: “His Royal Highness, the Simmons family really doesn’t matter? They are one of the three Mafia families in the West Sea, and we…”
    Sasha did not say it later, but Pulkit already understood what she meant.
    “Reassured, although the Simmons family is strong, but my ANBU ninja force is stronger than them!” Pulkit smiled confidently.
    Looking at Pulkit’s handsome smile, the little maid Shasha suddenly turned her head down and sneaked towards Pulkit. She looked at Pulkit’s eyes and suddenly admired it.
    Step on!
    At this time, Stanley hurriedly ran in and saw Pulkit sitting high on the throne, did not dare to say anything else, half-heartedly respectfully said: “His Royal Highness.”
    Pulkit finger light Point the throne handrail and look at Stanley and said: “Get ready the fleet to head to the Simmons family headquarters and try to arrive before tomorrow morning.”
    Stanley suddenly panicked and looked up at Pulkit on the throne: “His Royal Highness, do we really have to fight war with the Simmons family?”
    Pulkit smiled lightly.
    “No, this is not a war, it will be a massacre!”
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