Peerless Emperor System ch 7

Chapter 7: 1st mission for ANBU!
    Stanley looked at Pulkit on the throne. He wanted to say that the current military power of the Kingdom of Haryana was not enough for the attack, but hesitated. He still didn’t dare to speak.
    Pulkit now gives him a feeling of mystery.
    All along, Pulkit gave them the impression that except for a prince, he have almost no impression. If he was not seriously injured by the pirates in the battlefield some time ago, perhaps most people have forgotten that there is such a prince.
    Now, Pulkit gives Stanley a feeling of unfathomable feeling.
    The thunderous means of murder without hesitation, and the mysterious troops who did not know when he secretly cultivated…
    Everything shows that Pulkit is not the useless prince!
    “Go on, in addition, let people collect information about the Simmons family.”
    Pulkit naturally did not know what Stanley was thinking, and did not like to know.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness!”
    Stanley could only bit his teeth and nodded and retreated.
    After about ten minutes, a soldier took the information about the Simmons family.
    Pulkit did not look at it, and handed it directly to the white fang.
    The white fang opened the file and the eyes under the mask quickly swept away.
    After three minutes, the white fang close the file.
    “How?” Pulkit twisted his head.
    “No problem, although the number is a bit more, but most of them are ordinary people, the ANBU can be easily solve them, but due to the two uncertain factors is weapon and the devil fruit ability. For insurance, Prince, I recommend or send ten members, two teams to go better result.”
    Pulkit nodded his head and said: “before we arrive tomorrow morning, should they able to end it?”
    “With the speed of ANBU ninja, you can reach the Simmons family tonight, one night’s time, no problem.” white fang faintly said.
    “Good, then, start acting!” Pulkit smiled.
    white fang screamed, and then the body moved, and instantly disappeared in front of Pulkit.
    On the other side, the little maid Shasha suddenly stunned her mouth and stared at the scene with her eyes. With her limited knowledge, she could not understand how the white fang suddenly disappeared.
    “Well, don’t look at it, go get me some food.”
    She looked like a cute doll, Pulkit could not help but smile and patted her head.
    “Yes, Your Royal Highness, It will be ready soon!”
    Sasha suddenly turned red, and ran like a frightened deer.
    Pulkit looked at the back of the little maid with a funny smile, then looked at the empty hall, leaning on the throne.
    “Oh, Simmons family.”
    An hour later, at Haryana port.
    Three small and medium-sized warships are standing in the harbor. This is the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana. Unlike the big countries, there are only six small and medium-sized warships in the Kingdom of Haryana. Three ships were destroyed in the attack of the Simmons a week ago. The next three can be said to be the last military power of the Kingdom of Haryana.
    Not far from the port of the town, the residents look at the army that is about to sail, but it is strange that no one is cheering for them.
    Because in the eyes of almost everyone, this time the Kingdom of Haryana challenged the Simmons family, it is killing!
    On each of the three warships, each warship was loaded with 800 soldiers, almost half of the remaining force of the Kingdom of Haryana. All people have uneasy feelings in their eyes, because they also know that this was the battle for death.
    But even so, the fate of the soldiers does not allow them to back down!
    “Is this guy really too pessimistic, so sure that we are going to attack this time?”
    The head of a warship in the middle, Pulkit shrugged a little silently, while the white fang and the little maid salsa were stand left and right stood behind him.
    “Forget it, when they arrive at the headquarters of the Simmons family, they will naturally know who is looking for death.” Looking at the endless sea, Pulkit shattered and waved in the sea breeze, waving a hand.
    With the order of the departure, the three warships set sail in the direction of the Simmons family headquarters in the eyes of every citizen. Blue-and-white flag of the Kingdom of Haryana was fluttered in the wind.
    At the same time, the surrounding countries and forces also received news, one by one, waiting for the news that the Kingdom of Haryana was completely destroyed.
    Night falls.
    The dark night sky is sprinkled with splendid moonlight, and the moonlight is draped over the sea. Under the dark waters, the shadows of unknown giant creatures swim slowly.
    Moore Island.
    Although the sky is dark, the giant manor in the middle of the island is still brightly lit. There are four docks around the island, which are surrounded by islands at four corners. Each dock is moored with at least three ships.
    Here, it is the Simmons family headquarters of one of the three major mafia families in the West Sea!
    At this time, almost no one who dared to approach the Simmons family, but ushered in a group of uninvited guests.
    Stepping on the foot…
    The sound of the foot on the surface of the water is covered by the sound of the sea breeze in the night sky. In the darkness, 48 black shadows in the far distance of the sea approach the island of Moore.
    With the docks on the outskirts of Moore Island entering the line of sight, one of the figures waved, and everyone suddenly stopped neatly, so they stood on the water.
    In the moonlight, the black tights and different masks are particularly eye-catching.
    They are a ninja assassination tactical force!
    “The target location has arrived and the battle plan is being drafted.”
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    One of the ANBU ninja spread the map in the hand and the other ninja came together.
    “According to intelligence, the Simmons family headquarters has nearly 5,000 peoples. There are four docks around the island. They are equipped with the powerful weapons and the ability of a demon fruit with special abilities. The task given by His Royal Highness Prince is to let the Simmons family be destroyed before the arrival of the fleet of the Kingdom of Haryana.”
    “Now, there are still eleven hours from dawn, we must solve all enemies within eleven hours!”
    “Captain, since the request of His Royal Highness is to destroy all the enemies, then I recommend to solve the four docks around the island first. Only without the ships, these ordinary people without Chakra can’t escape.” A ninja suddenly suggested.
    “Well, that’s right!”
    The Ninja leader responsible for the mission looked at him and nodded. Then he put away the map and said: “Restore your strength and chakra as soon as possible. After an hour, start acting!”
    All the ninja sit on the water and start to recover strength and chakra.
    Soon, an hour passed.
    As the Ninja leader opened his eyes, all the ninja followed and stood up.
    “Now, take action in groups of three squads, use all force to solve the dock as quickly as possible, and then move freely!”
    The eyes under the mask of the dark captain looked coldly at the island of Moore in front of them, waving a hand and said: “Action!”
    Swishhh! ! ! !
    The dark voice of the ninja fell, and all the ninja’s were suddenly divided into four groups. Each group has twelve people rushed to the Island.
    Ninja army commander also sipped and took a sneak shot of one of the 11 ninja around him.
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