Peerless Emperor System ch 8

Chapter 8 The power of Ninjutsu!
    “Haha!! Lev, you guy! Don’t drink if you can’t drink it! It’s too shameful!”
    “Get out of the way! You are fucking idiot! Just this much, I can drink it in one sip!”
    “Ha ha ha!! Lev! Come on! I support you!!”
    “Speaking back, have you heard that it seems that the people of Haryana coming to attack us!”
    “Ha? You are fucking joking.” Who dares to move our Simmons family, that shit kingdom has that courage!”
    “Don’t tell me, it seems that there is such a thing, I heard it, it seems that the boss knows this. He will send someone to clean up the Kingdom of Haryana tomorrow!”
    “Dare to think about our Simmons family, really impatient to die!”
    “Haha!! I see your kid wants to catch some girls to play!”
    “Ha ha!!”
    In the cabin, one mafia member is drinking and eating.
    He sipped a sip of wine, looked at his gang member, took the bottle and walked out and said: “I went out to breathe.” Out of the cabin, Ivli came to the side of the ship’s side, and from the boat, looked at the big manor in the middle of the island. The place where the high-ranking squad of the Simmons was located. He is just a little leader, only can guard the dock here.
    “Oh …” I take a big sip of wine. Ivli looked away and enjoyed the coolness of the sea breeze, but suddenly, his ears moved, and the sea breeze blowing in the face seemed to be mixed with some sounds.
    It seems to be… water dragon?
    “Don’t I get drunk?”
    Ivley licked his head and muttered something strangely.
    However, when he wonders if he wants to go to sleep, suddenly…
    Bang! ! !
    The three ships were violently shaken, and the violent shaking caused everyone to fall on the dock, but they had not waited for them to curse, and their last days came!
    “This is…what…”
    The bottle fell on the deck, and the boat swayed so that Ivley fell on the deck. Ivley looked pale and looked up at the sky, shaking for a moment.
    In the moonlight, I saw only three ships in all directions, a huge huge water dragon rising from the sea, sending out a silent shackle, and then slamming into three ships.
    Boom! ! !
    A pair of water dragons hit the three ships with boundless power. The wooden deck and even the boat directly broke. Then, the powerful water flow directly into the cabin, and the unrecognized mafia members rushed to the ground. The turbulent water flow pressed the three ships and began to slowly roll.
    Finally, slammed.
    “Ah! Help!”
    “The ship is going to sink! Run!”
    “Save me!! I am stuck!”
    Three ships began to sink slowly. The mafia members on the boat struggled to escape, and the screams of horror screamed through the night sky.
    And at the same time…
    bang! ! boom! ! boom! !
    The violent roar came along with the screams of vagueness from the other three directions around the island. Obviously, the other three docks also suffered a thunder attack.
    Oh la la! ! !
    After a while, the sea that surged calmed down calmly. Three ships had already sunk to the bottom of the sea. On the sea, the mafia members who survived are confused, they did not know what happened.
    “What the hell is this… what happened…”
    First Ivli, who was rushed off the boat by the water, looked at the three ships that were sink in the sea. His face was pale.
    Suddenly, Ivley thought of the buzzing sound that seemed to have come from the other three docks, and he could not help but flash a terrible thought.
    Is it… they were attacked by a certain force?
    “No, it’s impossible! The dragon creatures formed by the seas just can’t be artificial! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”
    Ivley paled and rushed to take this terrible idea.
    “Are there still so many people left?”
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    A cold voice suddenly sounded in the night sky.
    All the surviving Mafia members, including Ivley, were shocked by this voice and turned to look at them. All of them couldn’t help but widen their eyes.
    Under the moonlight, the Ninja army leader walked out of the darkness with 11 dark, standing on the sea, and the eyes under the mask shimmered with chilling light.
    “He standing on the water?!” The members of the Mafia suddenly lost in their horror, and Ivli was pale for a moment.
    “Devils…” Yvli whispered.
    The mafia were shocked. The Ninja did not wait for them to come out of the confusion. As the Ninja troops waved their hands, all the ANBU ninja pulled out the short kunai on their bags and quickly rushed over to the mafia members.
    Swishhh! ! !
    A dark man ran on the surface of the sea and rushed to the mafia members whose body is still in the water. The cold light shone, the blood splashed, and a member of the mafia suddenly fell into the sea.
    “Ah! Help!”
    “No! Don’t kill me!!”
    The mafia members suddenly frightened and wanted to escape, but they lost their weapons in the sea, how can they fight with the Ninja who can be run on the water? Only one horror fleeing, and then a throat is easily cut by them.
    Blood, suddenly reddened the sea.
    A cold light flashed, and Ivley, who was escaping with other people, only felt that his neck was cold, and his strength was instantly taken.
    “You…what are you?!”
    Looking at the ninja with a short kunai swaying in front of him, Ivley looked up at him in confusion, and the body slowly sank to the bottom of the sea, faintly, A cold voice came into his ears.
    “The Kingdom of Haryana!”
    “Ninja assassination tactical forces!”
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