Peerless Emperor System ch 9

Chapter 9: Super Expantion Jutsu!
    In the center of the large and luxurious lobby, a long table is filled with all kinds of exquisite and delicious food. Around the table, there are a lot of men and women of different sizes. They are the cadres of the Simmons family.
    And in the top place, sitting is a very ordinary middle-aged man, wearing a black suit, ordinary face, a pair of eyes exudes a sharp light that people can not directly look at.
    He is the supreme leader of the Simmons family, Simons Ante!
    At this time, it was the dinner time of the Simmons family. Under the rules set by Simmons Ante, the daily dinner, except for the cadres who could not be returned to the Simmons family due to the task, all the cadres are at this time of the day, must come back and report to him about the various parts of the family as he eats.
    “Boss, I heard that there is a country called Haryana who killed our member? Is it true? Does the West Sea have a country that dares to rebel against our Simmons family?”
    Asusual, the cadres ate dinner. After reporting the situation in their respective areas, they began to chat. Suddenly, a tall bald cadre looked at Ante, he transformed his right arm into the gun.
    Sitting in the first place, Ante quietly cut a piece of beef without talking, and the calm eyes made people not guess about what he was thinking.
    “Oh, of course it is true.”
    A man, who sitting across the bald head sipped a glass of wine and looked at a woman who was close to Ante’s chair. Speaking of it, it seems that the former Kingdom of Haryana is still responsible for Milan’s big sister? It seems that the big sister has to be a little careful this time!”
    He smile and said: “Clyde, do you want to say that your sister is not doing things well?”
    “Milan big sister, this can not what I said, I dare not to have this meaning.” The man wearing a hat is not slowly drank.
    The charming smile on the face of Milan’s big sister was even more prosperous, and there was a chilly killing in the beautiful eyes.
    Including the bald man, all the cadres are sensible and have not interjected.
    You know, although they are cadres, there are differences between cadres, such as this woman named Milan and the man named Clyde, one is a powerful devil fruit user, the other is a kendo master. The two have been constantly fighting against each other on weekdays.
    “Okay, It’s enough.”
    Suddenly, Ante, who has never spoken, ordered. Although the voice is dull but Milan or Clyde both became quiet involuntarily.
    Because everyone understands that the strongest in the Simmons family is not the kendo master Clyde nor the devil fruit user Milan but the seemingly ordinary Simmons Ante, their leader!
    “Milan, tomorrow, you will take someone to go to the Kingdom of Haryana. If they dare to do this to us, they have to pay the corresponding price. They don’t have to surrender now, you kill them directly.” Ante wipes his mouth with a napkin and said.
    “I understand.” Milan nodded. His charming face could not help but reveal a cruel look.
    The other cadres did not say much because they all know that since the big sister Milan went to attack them personally, the Kingdom of Haryana can already their own country.
    bang! ! boom! !
    boom! ! boom! !
    A series of roars came from four directions, and the dull sound was clearly introduced into the ears of everyone in the big manor in the night sky.
    “What happened? Where did the sound come from?”
    All the cadres suddenly burst into shock and couldn’t help but stand up and look out the window, but the outside was dark, and how can they see what happened.
    “However, the direction of the voice just came… It seems…”
    A cadre frowned and thought about the direction of the voice. Suddenly he thought of something. He turned his head and said to Ante: “It’s not good, leader. The direction that came was, dockside!”
    All the cadres changed their faces, and even Ante’s calm face couldn’t help but change.
    Someone attacked!
    This thought came to mind in almost everyone’s mind almost instantly.
    The island of Moore, where the Simmons family is located, is a lonely, surrounded by the sea. Four docks are important facilities for the Simmons family. However, once the dock is destroyed, they will be completely trapped on the island, and once the enemy is bombing on the island with gunfire, then…
    “Is it other two mafia family start to attack us?”
    Ante’s face was indefinite, and the entire West Sea, except the Navy, dared to attack the Simmons family. He only thought of the two Mafia families who were equal in status with the Simmons family.
    At this time, the door of the living room was pushed open. A member of the mafia rushed in and panicked. His face shouted in horror: “Leader, situation is not good, just now, the docks 1 to 4 have all lost contact with us!”
    At this moment, the face of Ante and all the cadres really changed.
    At the docks on the 1st to the 4th, all of them lost contact at the same time.
    How can this be? !
    Looking at the entire West Sea, not to mention the other two Mafia families, even the Navy can not do that!!!
    “What are you joking?! There are at least three ships and a large number of member at each dock! It is impossible to lose contact!” A cadre grabbed the mafia member and shouted.
    “I… I don’t know…” The mafia member suddenly became scared and pale.
    At this time, Ante was quieted from this sudden news, but the usual calm face is dark at the moment, said: “Now is not the time to pursue the truth, since the enemy can make it out, such a big movement can still make the docks 1 to 4 lose contact with us all. It is definitely not a simple attack. If it is not good, the Navy will do it for us, but…”
    “No matter who they are, dare to attack Simmons family, they have to pay for that.”
    Ante face was grim up gradually. He said:”everyone start to act, no matter who it is, directly kill them.”
    All the cadres suddenly looked shocked and walked out one by one.
    Soon, more than 3,000 mafia in the entire estate suddenly acted.
    A mafia member armed with guns or even a rocket launcher aimed the entire manor in all directions. On the walls of the manor, all the muzzles were in operation, and the entire manor became a military fortress.
    It is conceivable that once anyone approaches the manor, they will be bombarded with overwhelming firepower!
    “Let me see, who are you guys!”
    In the yard of the manor, Ante and a large group of cadres looked at the darkness outside, and Ante’s face showed a sneer.
    Swishhhh! ! !
    A ninja moved quickly in the darkness, carrying a bloody smell that had not yet dissipated, and looked at the manor that was well-lit by the fire, and stopped one by one in the darkness.
    Subsequently, 48 Ninja were gathered together without any sound.
     “They seem to have been vigilant.”
    “His Royal Highness has said that the guns are not much worse than the general ninjutsu, and the number is too large. Frontal attack may not be good.”
    “I can destroy guns with worms .” The guns in those hands, but the cannons in the manor, I can’t do anything.”
    “Then, the cannon will be handed over to us!”
    “Can you?”
    “Don’t forget, before joining the dark, we were pigs.” Akamichi Squad!”
    “Okay, if this is the case, start acting!”
    After a brief talk about the proposed tactics, a Ninja squatted to the ground and pressed one hand on the ground. The next moment, countless tiny bugs rushed from him. Out, countless worms spread the ground and climbed to the manor under the hidden night.
    “Shadow Grab Jutsu!”
    Two ninja came out. One is printing handsign. Under the moonlight, the shadow under his feet was instantly separated from the ground, and then a other ninja body was tied. Then The shadow is like a rope, and the dark part of the body is thrown straight out.
    The powerful force directly allowed the ninja to fly in the sky and came directly to the manor under the night.
    Looking at the manor below, the Ninja quickly printed.
    “Super expansion jutsu!”
    Swishhhh! ! !
    A dull sound screamed in the night sky, and a lot of white smoke appeared over the manor.
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