Son of Whitebeard Ch 3

Chapter 3: Changes

[Tremor ability (Temporary: 700 hours): 100%]

[Pheonix ability (Temporary: 700 hours): 100%]

[Diamond ability (Temporary): 43%]

[Conqueror Haki (Whitebeard) (Temporary: 340 hours): 100%]

[Armament Haki (Whitebeard) (Temporary: 4 hours): 100%]

[Observation Haki (Whitebeard) (Temporary: 4 hours): 100%]

[Swordmanship (Whitebeard) (Temporary: 4 hours): 100%]


Diamond ability timing hour got disappeared.

Vegeta tried his Diamond ability, and it is still working fine, but the percentage started to decrease like before.

Vegeta tried to understand and wants to have some experiment with Jozu.

“Will it perfectly become 100% if I touch Jozu again?”

“And why the timer just disappeared, and others timer is still on it?”

Vegeta comes out of the room, and Marco met him.

“Hey, how was your sleep? You slept for around 12 hours, brother?”

Marco asked with a smile.

“Well, I actually not slept properly on that island, so I just taking the rest.”

“Yeah, where is Jozu? I want to ask something from him.”

Vegeta asked.

“Well, Jozu is gone to patrol around Daddy’s territory. Well, you can ask me, maybe I can answer?”

Marco answered.

“Well, Uncle who was guarding me, have a last request to send this letter to her grand-daughter.”

“She is in Navy Headquarters, so I want to ask him about some methods to send this letter to her.”

Vegeta put his second issue in front of Marco.

Marco: “Well, you give me the letter, after I take daddy’s permission, I will send it.”

“Ok, no problem.”

Vegeta gave him the letter and moved towards the kitchen.

Because of he just breakthrough last night, he needs nutrition to back his strength.


While eating, he understands the problem that why time period vanished from the panel.

It looks like when you move away from the target, time-period will stop.

So, what will happen if you don’t move away, and let time-clock finished its work.

I have 3 option, who time-period is less than 4 hours, so, I just have to wait 4 hours to know the result.


After 4 hours, Vegeta checked his status.

[Tremor ability (Temporary: 696 hours): 100%]

[Pheonix ability (Temporary: 696 hours): 100%]

[Conqueror Haki (Whitebeard) (Temporary: 336 hours): 100%]

[Armament Haki (Whitebeard): Lv 0 (00/10)]

[Observation Haki (Whitebeard): Lv 0 (00/10)]

[Swordmanship (Whitebeard): Lv 0 (00/10)]

[Strength: 86]

[Body: Lv 1]

“Woww, so it makes it permanent.”

With this power, I can really conquer the whole world.

Vegeta starts to try his Armament Haki.


Whitebeard stays in his room just after Vegeta come.

No-one knows what he was thinking.

Newgate looked at his face in the mirror, and helplessly signs.

When his wife was killed, and his son is missing, Newgate understands that his threat to other world is diminishing. He knows that he is getting old.

He trembles when he thinks about the condition if Vegeta is held captive by the other party. Edward knows that he will definitely try to save his son, but with his current strength, he is not sure that he can save him.

His current strength is less than 10% in his prime time.

He urgently needs a successor of his legacy, who is almost equally powerful as he was.

Marco has a very good devil fruit power, but his mild character is not suitable to be his successor. Ace character is just too reckless, so he is also not suitable.

And the main point is that they both don’t have the heart to increase their strength.

Suddenly, Marco comes running into Whitebeard’s room.

“Dad… Dad…”

“What happened Marco? Why are you so flustered?”

Newgate asked in majesty.

“Dad, Vegeta awakened Armament Haki. I saw him, currently using it.”

Marco explained with happiness.

“What? Are you sure?”

Newgate also stood up in surprise.

A 12-year-old boy awakened Armament Haki and using it. Even Newgate awaken his Armament Haki when he was around 28.

Suddenly, Newgate looks towards the sky and thought: “Maybe he is the guy who I need.”

“Hahahaha, After all, he is my son. Bring him to me, I also want to see how powerful he got!”

Marco went to bring Vegeta.


“Hey, Dad, what happened?” After knowing his power, Vegeta is really feeling happy.

“I heard that you awakened Armament Haki.” Newgate asked with some hopes in his eyes.

“Well, Uncle gave me his dairy before dying. I was too bored on that ship, so start reading it. It was just too pretty easy.”

Vegeta explained so that he can hide his system power.

“But it still only able to cover my single finger.”

After saying that Vegeta just displayed his Armament Haki, and his finger turned dark.

Newgate face is cover with shock. You only read the method of using Armament Haki, and automatically use it.

It is just too damn talented.

“Have you not read about Observation Haki?”

Newgate asked with some hope.

“Yeah, I can also use that. I am able to see my surrounding 10 meters.”

Newgate didn’t take this for granted, and he wants to test.

“Ok, we will test it. Close your eyes, and Marco will attack you.”

Vegeta also wants to test his powers, so he nodded.

Vegeta closed his eyes and activated his observation Haki.

Just as he activated it, he feels 10 meters of his surrounding. Marco started to attack at very slow speed and Vegeta dodged it easily.

This already proved that Vegeta has also awakened Observation Haki But just when Marco want to stop, Newgate indicated him to continue and increase his speed.

Unlike Devil fruit ability, Vegeta can use Haki longer than normal. It is also one of the benefits he feels when his body reached Lv1 last night.

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