Son of Whitebeard Ch 4

Chapter 4: Decided!

As the speed of Marco’s attack increase, Vegeta tried to keep up with it.

In just 10 minutes of this level of fight, Vegeta is covered with sweat. He just wants to admit defeat but suddenly system voice comes.

[Ting! Observation Haki experience met the necessary condition to upgrade.]

[Congratualation Host to level up Observation Haki]

Suddenly, all the attack patterns of Marco became clear. Even Vegeta can keep up the attack speed of Marco.

How can this small development hide from experienced Whitebeard?

Newgate first was surprised, and then finally smile.

“Ok, you can stop.”

Newgate smile and said: “Vegeta, you really make me proud. Tell me what is your dream?”

Vegeta thought and said: “Well, I want to be the strongest person in the world. Even surpass you, and those 5 Elders of World Government.”

Newgate eyes have some shock, and finally laughed out loud.

“Ok, I will try to make your wish come true. Do you want a powerful devil fruit, which will help you in your dream?”

“No, I will become the strongest without any weakness.” Vegeta proudly said.

Sometime Newgate thinks that if he didn’t eat Tremor-Tremor fruit, he would definitely die before.

This devil fruit helped him multiple times.

“Ok, you go and practice. Marco, you bring some wine for me.”

After saying that, Newgate closed his eyes.

Newgate suddenly thought of a devil fruit given by Roger after he comes back from Raftel. Suddenly, Newgate thought of something and smiles.


Newgate knows that Vegeta will not be able to become the strongest, if he stays under his Umbrella.

He is planning to send Vegeta to have his own adventure, before he has the strength to turn Umbrella for his brothers.


“Marco, I have a mission for you. Come to my room, I will tell you there.”

Newgate stood up from his chair and entered into the room.

This is the first time Newgate does not discuss his plan in front of everyone.

Vegeta is his son, this information is leaked from his pirate ship, because no other person knows it.

Teach also killed his own brother just for a devil fruit. This type of continuous blow, let Newgate have a caution for his last hope.

If Navy or any of his other enemy know about the location of Vegeta, it will bring disaster to my son.


Marco enter into his room, and asked: “Dad, what is the mission?”

Newgate smile and said: “Marco, whatever I say now, don’t tell anyone on the boat.”

“Okay, daddy.” The seriousness on the face of Whitebeard also let him turn serious.

“Marco, I choose Vegeta as my successor.”

Suddenly, there are some changes in the eyes of Marco, but Newgate didn’t detect it.

He has just too much trust in Marco.

“Well, Marco, before Vegeta have equal strength than mine, I can’t hand over him my seat.”

“Before he became my successor, I want him to create his own legend.”

“So, tonight I will make him faint. He will wake up after a month, in that meantime, you send him to Foosha village, and put this letter in his pocket.”

“Can you do this?”

Newgate explained and asked.

“Daddy, you don’t have to worry. I will do, as you say.”


In the middle of the night, Newgate used his Conqueror Haki to stun Vegeta.

He used it in such a delicate and precise manner that Vegeta will only wake up after 1 month.

Vegeta didn’t even know what happened, but when he woke up, he is a hotel room.


Vegeta woke up from the bed, and looked around.

He found that he is totally different environment. He stood from the bed, and walk out in the balcony.

He found that he is in a very big hotel, and outside area is a market place. Confused Vegeta checked his pocket, and found a letter.

Vegeta opened it, and start reading.

[Vegeta, you are not the part of Whitebeard Pirate. You are my son, and I don’t want my son to rely on me to see the whole world. Create your own legend. When you became a legend, I will also proudly say that ‘I am the father of Vegeta’. Goodbye]

After reading this letter, Vegeta understands everything.

Vegeta checks his status, and finally, a smile comes on his face.


Tremor ability Lv 0: (00/100)

Pheonix ability Lv 0: (00/100)

Armament Haki: Lv 0 (07/10)

Observation Haki: Lv 1 (01/100)

Swordmanship: Lv 0 (00/10)

Devil Fruit: Devil King: Lv 0 (0/1000)

Strength: 86

Body: Lv 1


“When the hell have I eaten the devil fruit?” Vegeta really wants to just curse. He can copy the ability of any devil fruit, why would he create a weakness by eating devil fruit?

Vegeta suddenly remembers the face of his dad, and he finally understands the situation. Whitebeard force-feeds him a powerful devil fruit because he doesn’t his son to be dead.

Vegeta doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry. If he knows it before, Vegeta would have told his father that he already have eaten a devil fruit which can copy superpowers.

But now everything is late.

Vegeta tried his power, and his hand covered with black flames. And he can also feel that this devil fruit consume too much strength to maintain.


He comes out of the hotel, and wander in the market to find the information about the place.

Daddy will definitely not a fool to let me send on New World Island.

It didn’t take long before Vegeta got his answer.

‘Navy branch-Shell Town’

This sentence is written in front of a building.

Suddenly, Vegeta saw a big statue, navy soldiers trying to stand on the building.

Is this the town where Luffy gets his first partner.

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