Son of Whitebeard Ch 7

Chapter 7: Syrup village

In the next 20 days of traveling, other than training, Vegeta teases Nami several times.

But Nami is just too bold and cunning that every time he was harshed by her.

Sometime Vegeta thinks that Nami also comes from the modern world. He just can’t handle Nami’s teasing sometime.

Vegeta also told Haki exercise method to Zoro and Luffy.

Luffy didn’t want to listen, but one sentence of Vegeta make him serious.

‘When the Navy kill one of our partner in front of you because Our Captain is not strong, you will regret today’s behavior.’

After that Luffy and Zoro really start to practice. But they just can’t activate it, because their body didn’t reach the minimum requirement to activate Haki.

But still, they at least have the minimum knowledge about Haki.


In 20 days, Vegeta able to level up his 1st devil fruit power. With the increase in the level of Zoan devil fruit, the strength of Vegeta also increased.


Tremor ability Lv 0: (00/100)

Pheonix ability Lv 1: (00/1000)

Rubber fruit ability: Lv 0 (00/100)

Fighting instincts: Lv 0 (00/10)

Armament Haki: Lv 2 (00/1000)

Observation Haki: Lv 2 (00/1000)

Swordmanship: Lv 0 (00/10)

Devil Fruit: Devil King: Lv 0 (0/1000)

Strength: 349

Body: Lv 2


But still, his body level didn’t increase.

According to his estimates, Anyone who eats the devil fruit, their ability will starts from Level 5 directly. Even if a little boy eats it.

Marco definitely crossed at least level 25, and according to that calculation Level 50 is level where you awaken your devil fruit power. I don’t know if there are more levels after awakening.

But definitely, there are some methods to remove the curse from the devil fruit, or else how Kaido is called undead. Because he has eaten an Oriental Dragon devil fruit, and reached a level where Sea Floor stone and Seawater can’t do anything to him.


“Our next targeted island came.” Nami informed everyone.

Everyone got excited because the food is already finished two days ago. If Island didn’t come, everyone has to starve.

Vegeta also excited hug Nami’s leg and said: “Nami, you are a god. You saved our lives from starvation.” Vegeta started to take cheap benefits of everyone’s excitement.

“Touching my thigh cost you 1 lakh Bailey. You owe me 2.7 million.” Nami informs while smiling.

“If you don’t pay before we leave this island, I will cut you balls when you sleep.” Nami warned Vegeta with a smile, and expression she is talking with her best friend.

Vegeta body has a real trembling. He knows about the passion of Nami for Money, it is not surprising if she really do that.

In fear, Vegeta saw a devils smile in Nami’s smile. He immediately left Nami’s thigh.

Nami got off the boat, and walked behind Luffy. She totally understands these guys. It is a combination of Idiot, Lazy, and pervert.

Suddenly, Usopp shoot with his marbles. Vegeta already knows about this story, so he just wants to ignore their chitchat and enter into the town, finally, he remembers that he has no money.

So, Vegeta releases his Observation and Armament Haki for practice.

With his observation Haki, Vegeta can cover the 1-kilometer area easily.

Within his observation Haki, Vegeta first found a nearby restaurant.

Sometimes he thinks, why daddy didn’t give him his pocket money. Whitebeard is technically an Emperor who rules many Kingdoms. Every year they send him tributes. Can you imagine how much money he has? He even has more money than some normal World Nobles.

And now his only son balls are in danger, because of just 2.7 million Bailey.


After their chitchat with Usopp, Straw Hat team went to a restaurant.

They order like their unusual behavior.

Nami knows that they eat more than a normal guy, but this time her previous prejudice failed.

Nami really regrets to invite these guys to eat lunch with her own money.

If she knows before, she will never invite them.

Suddenly, those little guys enter into the restaurant and asked about Usopp.

Luffy, Zoro and Nami’s prank let them fear for a while.


Vegeta stood on earth, after a long while. So, he gonna just sleep under the tree and enjoy.

Actually, he just doesn’t want to interfere too much with the plot. If he does that, maybe something disastrous will happen. But he doesn’t know that the whole universe is changed just because of his entry.

Vegeta found a nearby tree, and thought: Which power I should choose to practice.

“What will my black flames do?”

After thinking that Vegeta thought about Amaterasu of Itachi Uchiha.

Vegeta got excited and throw the fireball at the tree, but when fireball touched at the tree, it just extinguishes.

Vegeta tried multiple times, but the black fire just extinguishes.

After testing for a while, Vegeta got fully exhausted. Black-fire does nothing but it consumes too much strength.

Vegeta activated his Observation and Armament Haki, and just slept near the tree.


After 5 hours, he woke up, and found a pirate ship is coming towards the coast.

Vegeta tried to practice a method where he can just sleep and also can activate his Haki to practice, but it didn’t work.

When Vegeta looked carefully, he knows that the Black Cat Pirates ship is coming.

Vegeta suddenly thought about his 2.7 million Bailey debt, and smiled while looking towards his prey.

Black cat pirates people are not good people, so Vegeta will not have any guilty feeling.

Just when boat about to reach the coast, Usopp and Nami also come. When they looked at the pirates, and found that Luffy and Zoro didn’t come till now, they started to panic.

Usopp is a coward, but when everyone needs him, Usopp will really do something unexpected.

Vegeta liked this guy, because only this guy knows the value of life.

Luffy and Zoro didn’t come, but Usopp still wants to stand up and fight all odds.

Just when pirates are about to punch Usopp, a hand comes and stop the punch.

“You are really brave Usopp. I will handle everything from here on out.”

Vegeta stood in front of Usopp.

Nami and Usopp looked incredibly towards Vegeta.

Vegeta uses his fastest speed to punch everyone down.

In just 10 seconds, everyone is down.

No pirate is standing, everyone just rolling on the ground while holding their noses.

Nami and Usopp eyes can’t even see, how Vegeta covered all this distance in seconds.

This is the first time Vegeta showed his real strength.

Vegeta didn’t need to use Observation or Armament Haki, for these losers.

Luffy and Zoro also come.

“Hey, Vegeta, I also want to beat them. How can you just take away the opponent of your Captain?”

Luffy is in full anger mood.

“Captain, I left their real captain for you. He is just on the way.”

Vegeta pointed towards the forest, and said.

“Yeah, that’s good. I will handle their captain. You don’t interfere.”

After saying that Luffy turned around.

Vegeta just used his rubber ability and jumped on the Black cat pirates boat to search for the treasure. He knows that Luffy will easily handle Kuro.

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