Son of Whitebeard Ch 9

Chapter 9: Kaya Joins!

Kaya subconsciously wants to shake her head.

“What Kaya? What do you want to ask mid-night?”

Luffy rubs his eyes to look towards Kaya.

Luffy can feel the seriousness of the matter, or else Vegeta will not involve in this matter.

“Well…. Well… I..” Kaya is not able to form sentences in front of Luffy.

She feels pretty close towards Vegeta that she can ask anything, but in front of others, she just can’t show weakness.

Vegeta didn’t help her to speak in this condition. Because if you don’t courage to even talk with partners, what will you do in Sea.

Luffy didn’t show any impatience in this case. He quietly waiting for Kaya’s question.

After 2 minutes, Kaya able to control her emotions and asked.

“Luffy, I usually stay ill, or you can say I am weak. Do you still want to accept me as your crew doctor?”

Luffy smiles and said: “It is the duty of the Captain to protect his crew. I really want a doctor in our crew, and you fits perfectly good on that position.”

Kaya’s eyes started to get wet, and finally, she can’t hold and cried loudly.

Before anyone can react, Nami kicked the door, and shouted: “What two of you morons doing to Kaya? Are you bullying her?”

“Hey, we didn’t do anything. She just started crying by herself.”

Luffy tried to explain, but Nami face is full of distrust.

“Hey, these are the tears of happiness, because she decided to join our crew.” Vegeta also explained.

But just don’t trust pirates, so she directly to Kaya into her room for interrogation.

After they left, Vegeta also returns to his room. He didn’t sleep because on the boat, he has nothing to do other than practice and sleep.

Luffy also went to sleep.

Vegeta wants to test his Devil ability. He tried multiple methods for his black fire, but can’t find any solution. He knows that he has Zoan Mythical Devil Fruit, so finally tried to convert into devil form.

Suddenly, two big horns start to emerge from his forehead. Eyes turned yellow, and skin turned red. His height also changed to 9 feet.

Vegeta controls his emotions and checks his body. His strength is almost doubled, and devil fruit also stops consuming his strength.

He suddenly feels that something is just calling him. It is like a part of his spirit which calls him.

With his current strength, no-one can do anything to him now. So, without hesitation, he followed his instincts.

After crossing the village, he enters into the mountain forest.

After entering into the deep forest, near a lake, Vegeta looks towards a devil fruit. It looks like this devil fruit is calling him with his soul.

It is a Zoan Devil Fruit.

As soon as Vegeta touched it, he got the information about its power. This is a Cat-Cat fruit.

Vegeta soul wants to get in touch with this devil fruit power, but a curse stops her from further action.

Maybe this is the curse of devil fruit.


Vegeta took the devil fruit with him, and return to his room.


Next day, everything happens like in the Plot.

Straw Hat Pirate got their new ship, Usopp and Kaya both joined their group.

Kaya left Merry to handle her family business.


Vegeta thought about the devil fruit, and thinks that it perfectly suits Nami. But he just can’t give her like that before she really joined their group.

Nami comes to him multiple times to ask about Gold City. At last, Vegeta told her that there is an Island on Grand Line which fully built with Gold.

Nami asked more, but Vegeta just doesn’t say it.

Vegeta mostly sits and practice on the deck. Others don’t know, but he know the horror of Admiral.

Currently, a single Admiral can beat Whitebeard. You can see from the condition of Punk Hazard Island where two Admirals fought each other.

On the Whitebeard war, none of the Admiral used their full strength. They are just like playing. Sometimes attacking and then after, sits and enjoy.

Sengoku and Garp didn’t even participate in the War. And one more thing, the difference between Anime and the real world is just too much.

Anime is created, so that children or some Okatu guys like me, can enjoy in their fantasy world.

Here is a real-world, where a single Admiral attack can destroy the whole Island.

And after looking at the fight between Luffy and Kuro, Vegeta confirms that every character in real-world is at least 10 times more powerful than the anime.

Black Cat Pirate group’s normal crew member able to handle his punch on the nose, and didn’t faint. After seeing this scene, Vegeta understands that Anime World is different from Real World.

And can you think, Navy most talented guy didn’t awaken their devil fruit, and Doflamingo awakened his fruit.

Actually, Oda starts writing his manga, and started to gradually increase the strength of coming character. But in real-world, their is no meaning of gradual.

Vegeta can feel that Kuro strength is around 300.

Vegeta has to increase his strength as soon as possible if he wants to save his Dad and brother from destiny.

Suddenly, a very big Sea King comes out from the sea, and looked towards Golden Merry.

Luffy face turned serious because the size of Sea king is at least 3 times the size of sea king he saw in Foosha Village.

Zoro also took out his swords, but he is still not confirmed, how they gonna defeat this big monster.

Nami, Kaya, and Usopp even left any hope to survive, because this is the first time they saw a monster this big.

Even the Sea Cat of Arlong is twice less than this monster size.

In fear, they don’t have the courage to shout.

Vegeta smiles and said: “Captain, let me handle this guy, just catch me with your rubber hand when I about to fall in sea.”

Luffy seriously looks at Vegeta, then suddenly smile and nodded.

Vegeta started to turn his body into the Devil. 9-feet tall monster stands on the deck.

Full ship is totally silent, only Usopp voice comes: “Devil”

Everyone heard his voice, but no-one refuses.

Vegeta also turned his head, and smile towards Usopp, and said: “Correct.”

After saying that, Vegeta uses rubber fruit ability at his feet. Tremor fruit ability and Armament Haki to his hand, and jump with his full strength.

Ship deck directly cracked, and Vegeta ejected like a cannon towards Sea King.

Before Sea King reacts, Vegeta used his strongest strength to punch.

Tremor ability is really powerful, but its weakness is also pretty big. Every tremor attack has rebound on your body.

Punch touch the head of Sea king, and the atmosphere around the punch started to crack.

The whole head of Sea King got blasted like watermelon.

When punch touched and tremor ability starts, Vegeta whole-body strength is sucked by the tremor ability.

Eyes of everyone on the ship, about to come out, from the shock.

No-one has ever seen power like this.

Vegeta body returns to his previous shape, and starts to fall.

Luffy is just waiting for this opportunity, and stretch out his hand to catch Vegeta.

Luffy caught the hand of Vegeta and pull him on the boat.

Vegeta internal organs are damaged seriously. Luckily tremor ability is only at Lv 0, so damage is pretty less.

“Luffy,… cough, cough…”

Luffy comes near Vegeta and laughed: “Man, you really are powerful.”

“Luffy, listen to his word, he wants to say something important.” Kaya seriously trying to help him heal.

“Luffy, Sea King meat is very tasty, cough, cough… Go and fill the whole boat with it. We will have a party tonight.” After saying this, Vegeta started to cough blood.

Kaya and Nami want to kill this guy. Even when he is in a condition like this, he still thinks about food.

“Ok, I will do that.”

Luffy ordered Zoro to collect meat as much as possible.

Zoro also went without hesitation.

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