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Chapter 13: Inquiry

Naruto was very satisfied with his recovering ability. After sitting on the bed for a while, he once again openned the mission system.

Still the same familiar three tasks, but in addition to the five newly refreshed tasks, the special tasks and main line tasks are still marked with ‘None’.

Daily Task 1: 5 sets of sit-ups, 20 in each group, mission reward: 5 mission points.

Daily Task 2: 5 groups of push-ups, 20 in each group, mission reward: 5 mission points.

Daily Task 3: Run 10 rounds around Konoha Village, mission reward: experience +10.

Daily mission 4: Punch 2000 times, mission reward: experience +5.

Daily Task 5: Climb the tree 10 times, ask Chakra to cover the sole of the foot, do not use both hands, mission reward: experience +10.

It is still the same task as yesterday, but the difficulty level has increased a lot, especially the last one, although he has to use Chakra but it makes Naruto’s eyebrows tightly wrinkled together.

“Using Chakra to climb trees? That is to say, I have to refine it today…”

Naruto was just thinking about the Chakra, and suddenly he feel an energy in his body. This energy is very violent and flowing. After wondering in his whole body, it returned to his mouth. This sudden situation made Naruto stunned, but then, there was a bliss feel appeared on his face.

“This… Is this Chakra? Did I extract Chakra?”

“I got the system yesterday, and today I extracted Chakra from my body.”

This really surprised Naruto, he quickly opened the upgrade system. Sure enough, In the property template of the upgrade system, the chakra item changed from 0 to 10/10, and Chakra extraction also changed from entry: 0/10 to the primary: 0/100.

“It’s little Weird, I didn’t practice Chakra extraction yesterday, but Chakra extraction has been upgraded, and… Chakra has also appeared in my body.” Looking at the data in the system, there are countless question marks emerged in Naruto’s head.

Just when Naruto was confused, the cold system sound heard in his ear.

“The host doesn’t have to be confused. When the host sleeps, the system will help the host to run the chakra extraction autonomously.”

“There is this benefit too.”

Hearing the explanation of the system, Naruto nodded his head and looked at the watch. After watching the alarm clock placed on the bedside table, he said: “I have slept for 10 hours, which means that Chakra extraction will get 1 point of proficiency every hour. Without proficiency, you can extract 10 points from the body. Is it true?”

“It seems that the host is not too stupid, but only half right.” Rarely, after hearing Naruto’s speculation, the system praised him, but the sound was still so cold.

“You… is this complimenting me?” The system’s words allowed Naruto’s mouth to pump straight, but then he frowned and asked: “Only half of it? The other half?”

“Chakra extraction is in When you get started, you can extract 1 Chakra every hour, but when the level of Chakra extraction is raised to the primary level, you can extract 10 points per hour.”

“It turns out that… then, Chakra extraction level is divided into several levels. How many chakras are available for each level per hour?” After listening to the system, Naruto asked again.

Obviously, this system can not have such good patience, It just say a ‘Please host self-explorate’ and then completely disappeared.

“Hey…hey…What explore on my own? Can’t you explain it? Also, you haven’t told me the difference between the total amount of chakras between ninjas!” Without telling properly the system disappears, which made Naruto go crazy, but no matter how he asked, or even roar, the system did not give him any response, Naruto can only sit on the bed with his angry voice, annoyed to think of “Damn, wait for my authority to increase, I’ll deffinitely replace you to certain helpful and obedient one!”

Unfortunately, about this matter, Naruto can only think about it in his heart.

Uh… After some washing and cleaning, Naruto had not had time to eat ‘breakfast’. At this time, the door of the dormitory suddenly ring. Naruto slightly frowned when he heard the knock on the door, and his mind kept twisting.

“Is it the old man of Konoha village? It seems that my feelings are not wrong. There are indeed ANBU ninjas that have been observing me in the dark, and… my strange performance yesterday is discovered by him.”

So thinking all this, Naruto opened the door and looked at the man wearing a white royal gown, with a white lotus leaf cap and a ‘fire’ in the middle of the cap is stood in front of him.

This old man is Hiruzen Sarutobi. At this time, Hiruzen is looking at Naruto with a smile, and the inexplicable brilliance flashes from time to time.

Looking at the appearance of Hiruzen, Naruto’s heart squeak, but there was no change in his face. Naruto still looked so innocent. After seeing Hiruzen, his showed a quite Surprised look.

“Yeah, Hokage sama, how come you?”

After seeing Naruto surprised, Hiruzen nodded very satisfiedly. He took out a silver ticket from his pocket and handed it to Naruto. “Of course, it is for you to pay for living expenses. How, will you not ask me to sit down?”

“Ah… I’m sorry…please come in.”

When Naruto heard Hiruzen’s words his heart was slightly relieved, then Naruto keep the silver ticket in his apron, and lead Hiruzen into the house.

Apparently, Hiruzen was familier with Naruto’s house, so he went straight to the wooden chair in the living room and sat down. He looked at Naruto and asked: “Oh yes, Naruto, you entered the Ninja School yesterday. Now, how do you feel?”

If it weren’t for the coldness that flashed from time to time in his eyes, Naruto is afraid that anyone who saw him would think that he must be a very kind grandfather.

After hearing the enquiry of Hiruzen, Naruto’s originally relaxed heart tightened again. But he did not show any panic, but instead thought about it for a while after squinting.

“Oh… it was okay. But there are still a lot of classmates who hate me.”

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