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Chapter 14: Inquiry 2

After hearing the inquiry of Hiruzen, Naruto’s originally relaxed heart tightened again, but he did not show any panic, but instead thought about it for a while after squinting. “Oh… It was okay. But there are still a lot of classmates who hate me.”

After saying this, Naruto showed a bit lonely, even aggrieved face, and screaming in his heart “I hate them.”

“Look,… Naruto, as long as you are willing to work hard, there will definitely be people who are willing to be friends with you.” For Naruto’s inquiry, third Hokage also used some trick language, so they made a few words, and then he asked again: “What do the teachers say in the school? If you don’t understand anything, you can come and ask me.”

“…” Naruto did not take third Hokage’s tricky behavior too seriously, after all, this is third Hokage who is questioning him. Naruto’s mind couldn’t help but turn around and said: “Yes, Grandpa Hokage, when I went home yesterday, according to Chakra’s remarks. The method is done, and then suddenly there is extra energy in my body. Do you think this is Chakra?”

Saying that Naruto can run Chakra, and in a moment, Naruto is wrapped in a light blue gas. But these gases are just like a flash in the pan, and in the moment of silence disappears into invisible. At the same time, Naruto feels that his physical strength has been taken halfway, and his breathing can’t help but rush.

Not even second have pass, and the face of third Hokage revealed a trace of mistake. He must know that the ninja who was hailed as a genius used the shortest time of full three days to extract the Chakra. But Naruto, don’t took even a full day.

“Naruto is a genius, he must be tied to the Konoha village. If he can’t, he must be killed!”

Hiruzen thought of it, and stunnedly said: “Yes, it seems that Naruto is a genius, but still Keep on cheering. Yes! Naruto, do you have any dreams?”


Although Naruto’s face showed some doubts, but he clearly felt the kind of coldness that was radiated from Hirozen, knowing that Naruto had made him angry and killing, the only thing he could do, is to dispel Hiruzen’s doubts and let him believe in himself.

Thinking this in his heart Naruto face showed firmness and said: “Yes, I want to make friends, a lot of friends.”

“Is it, make friends?” Naruto’s answer made Hiruzen’s heart little angry, but it was just a bit. At this time, he was not completely reassured by Naruto’s answer. He just nodded and asked: “Is there any dream?”

When he heard the words of Hiruzen, Naruto slightly frowned. After thinking for a while, he continued again: “Yes, I thought, I want to be a Hokage!”

“… Hokage? Why?”

Naruto’s answer gave a glimpse of the flaw in the face of Hiruzen, apparently he did not expect why Naruto suddenly had the idea of wanting to be a Hokage.

However, Naruto’s answer almost made declared that he has an impulse to swear.

“Of course, Hokage is the most powerful person in the village. This way, not only can you protect your friends, but you can also use the crystal ball to peek at the female bathhouse too!”

“Cough cough… cough… that’s, good Naruto, this is a good idea of being a Konoha Hokage, I’ll really look forward to saw you being a Hokage, there will be many friends, but you have to work hard when you want to be a Konoha Hokage.”

After saying this he stood up and took out a cigarette. He highlighted a thick smoke and said: “Okay, I think, it’s time to leave now so.., I will leave first.”

Then, Hiruzen left Naruto’s dormitory, Naruto feels very rushed, and his face has a different red color.

After the departure of Hiruzen, Naruto takes a deep breath, and exhaustedly sit on the wooden chair. He gladly thinks that “It’s really dangerous, but… I think the future will be much better.”

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Naruto is a fool? who directly tells to Hiruzen that he extracts the chakra thing in less than a day, but Naruto does not think so, and this is still the result of Naruto’s thinking.

Although it is very risky to do so, even Naruto himself was not sure whether he can succeed. However, it is obviously impossible to refine the matter of Chakra. First of all, let’s not say that he is being followed by ANBU ninjas in the darkness. Because he also been observed by the crystal ball of the whole Konoha Village, in case of being seen by Hiruzen while climbing the tree, is will sure to be in more serious problem.

Therefore, it is better to tell Hiruzen. After all, Naruto is only a 6 years old who can’t lie even if he wants to in his heart. But this Naruto is different who is borned again, he has a mentality of nearly 30 years old. He uses his age problem and cooperates with Naruto’s acting skills to dispel the doubts of Hiruzen.

However, the sudden arrival of Hiruzen today made Naruto feel a sense of tension. Lying softly on the chair, and looking at the yellowed ceiling with a dull look, He couldn’t help but think that “It seems that my strength is too low.”

So thinking this, Naruto huridly ate his breakfast and left the room immediately, to ran the Ninja School.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

One-day course, Naruto’s head is a little sullen. In addition to the beginning of explaining the use of Chakra, the rest are talking about how good it is and how to respect Konoha Hokage. In simple words, they brainwash the kids.

For such a boring course, Naruto feels lacking in interest, and after swearing, he squats on the table and sleeps.

After school at noon, Naruto went straight to the Le Ramen noodle restaurant and called the uncle. “Uncle, bring a bowl of puffer rabbit ramen.”

“Hey, little Devil, why didn’t you come to eat ramen last night?” Hearing the voice of Naruto, the uncle opened the curtain and revealed his head, and asked with a smile.

When Naruto heard uncle’s question, He showed a trace of slyness, and touched the tip of his nose and said: “That… Yesterday, I… I have no money.”

“This way…” Naruto’s words made uncle’s obvious wrinkles eyebrows frowned. After a while, Uncle again said: “Okay, Let’s do it, Naruto. whwn you get a break from the Ninja School, you will work for me. If you don’t no nothing, help me to do something clean, and I’ll pay you free ramen, how is this?”


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