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Chapter 15 Care

“This… this is not good…”

Looking at uncle Teuchi’s sincere face, Naruto’s face exposed a little bit of intent. At the same time, He thought about it. “It seems that Naruto has not encountered such treatment in the original life, but…”

“Nothing is bad. In fact, I have been more relaxed, and I also told Ayame about this too.”

Seeing the hesitation on Naruto’s face, Teuchi’s face showed a trace of dissatisfaction, and immediately remembered the behaviour of people towards Naruto.

And thought that this is the end of the matter. Naruto only shake his head with a wry smile, but reluctantly said: “Well, let’s do it, but when you have fewer customers in the noodle restaurant, don’t blame me.

“Of course! And ah, I believe that you can make more friends here, maybe.” Saying this Teuchi saw the sorrow in the eyes of Naruto, and lamented in his heart. “Today’s Konoha village… …has really changed.”

When Teuchi was in deep thought, Naruto’s stomach called out. At the time, Teuchi saw Naruto looking at himself with a look of embarrassment. Then, Teuchi took a look at Naruto’s head and said: “Okay, you wait here, I bring the ramen first for you. We’ll talk about this later.”

Teuchi turned and walked behind the curtain to do his work and suddenly a small head with a ponytail was exposed. When she look at Naruto’s stomach, there was a hint of joy appeared on her face. It looked like she found a fun toy. She left the counter, and suddenly grabbed Naruto in her arms from behind and said: “Hey, little devil, you come.”

“Hey…hey…” Because of the sudden action of Ayame, Naruto forgot for a moment that he is hungry. When he turned to look, his head was already hugged by Ayame, so he could only be in the arms of Ayame. In the middle of the whine, while using both hands and feet, it took a lot of effort to struggle out from her arms, he was gasping and complaining: “Sister Ayame, what are you doing.”

“Hey, this is because I missed you. Finally you came over, so I am very happy.”

Looking at Naruto’s complaining appearance, Ayame’s face turned red.

But Naruto… is not right, the woman’s ass can’t touch it, and the incompetent explanation must also be acknowledged, so Naruto just reluctantly turned a blank eye and said: “Yes, but I don’t want to help uncle Teuchi, right?”

Well…… no matter, I just only to help knead the dough, the dough now has been good enough. “Then, Ayame was very indifferent shrugged. While looking at Naruto, Ayame gives a playful wink and said: “But I just want to hear that you will work in our ramen noodle restaurant in the future?”

“Yeah, please take care of it later, sister Ayame.” Naruto heard a question from Ayame, and his eyes showed gratitude. Before coming here in this restaurant, Naruto’s every meal was eaten with half of the sand. He didn’t eat a good meal even once. No one cares, no one helps, and life was very miserable. Now he is eating in Uncle Teuchi’s restaurant. It can be said that carbon is sent in the snow, which gives Naruto the most needed help at the moment, leaving an indelible memory in Naruto’s heart.

At this time, If Naruto is most concerned about the person in this world, then there will be only three, uncle Teuchi, sister Ayame and Iruka.

In lunch, although the taste of ramen is still the same as usual, but Naruto has obviously felt a kind of caring taste.

After lunch, Naruto said goodbye to uncle Teuchi and Ayame and returned to his school. The afternoon class was 3-4 points, and Naruto was not very interested in the class, so after coming to the school, he didn’t return to the class like the rest of the classmates. Instead, he climbed up the rooftop to do his daily tasks.

Although today’s daily tasks are significantly enhanced compared to yesterday, Naruto’s attributes have also improved a lot since the upgrade yesterday, so it will not feel too difficult to do daily tasks.

However, after completing the tasks of push-ups, sit-ups and boxing, Naruto’s attributes are not as strong as yesterday, which makes Naruto somewhat disappointed.

After completing three daily tasks, Naruto began to meditate and refined Chakra, and stopped until the class was over. In one afternoon, three daily tasks took less than an hour and refined Chakra for two hours. The current total number of Chakra has also increased by 20, and the proficiency of Chakra extraction has increased by 2 points. This result makes Naruto very satisfied.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

Maintaining such a life schedule, the time of four days has passed, not very long. But for Naruto, it is like a year, because he don’t know any other way to gain experience. Naruto only relies on the continuous completion of daily tasks to gain experience, level 1, and Naruto’s daily tasks can get 25 points of experience, which has almost very law.

However, the daily tasks are getting more and more difficult everyday. From the initial push-ups to one-handed push-ups, sit-ups become forged, and the laps become heavy-duty runs. After completing daily tasks, he feel like a dead dog, and it is very difficult to even move his fingers in bed.

But the effort is not without any return. So for 4 days, Naruto’s various attributes have also grown.

“Ting… the host completes the daily task 5, reward: experience +5.”

Today, when Naruto completed his last daily task, He heard the same system sound in his ear, And the same warm current that feels in his body after daily tasks. It flowed all over in his body, and finally feels the warmth. Naruto’s mouth was hooked, and the whispered. “finally upgraded…”

Recalling these four days devil-like daily tasks, even if Naruto in the body is sealed with a chill, but the mental exhaustion cannot be remembered so much. He came home at a heavy pace and without even taking a shower, he lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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