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Chapter 16: The upgrade system of potholes

In the morning, when the first ray of sun hit in Naruto’s room, Naruto’s eyelids leaped slightly, and then he opened his eyes.

Today, ninja school do not have any arrangements, Naruto finally from that boring lesson out of it, but because he agreed to help uncle Teuchi, he’s going to work at le Ramen Restaurant, the People in Konoha wake up very early.

Naruto dressed and washed quickly, after finishing it, Naruto walked to the Le Ramen noodle restaurant.

Because the previous lottery draws a variety of dress, so Naruto’s wear is not as monotonous as the original, he always wearing a orange color clothes.

Now Naruto, wearing a white T-shirt, with black slim pants, shoes are a pair of black sneakers, this wear makes the slightly thin and savage Naruto look extraordinarily handsome. Of course, although the appearance is handsome, but This still can’t change the cold eyes of the residents of Konoha Village.

However, the residents of Konoha Village have to look at themselves. The current Naruto don’t care about them. At this time, Naruto only cares about the improvement of his strength. After all, in this world, strength represents everything. Without strength, there is no right to even speak.

Ignoring all those indifferent eyes, Naruto walked on the road with his head up. While walking, he is looking at the surrounding scenery, and his face showing a pleasant expression from time to time.

“Hey, little devil, it’s very early.”

After a while, Naruto appeared in front of the Le Ramen noodle restaurant. When Teuchi saw Naruto, very enthusiastically, he patted Naruto’s shoulder. After greeting, Teuchi placed a bowl of hot ramen in front of Naruto and said: “Come on.”

“Well, thank you for the meal Uncle Teuchi, our school is resting today, so I come to work.”

Naruto has no temperament, it is natural to take over uncle Teuchi’s ramen. After finishing, Naruto rushed to Teuchi and revealed a big smile.

When he heard Naruto, Teuchi said with a thoughtful look. “This way, but do you want to rest for a while? Now the ramen noodle hasn’t adjusted…”

“Uncle Teuchi, the ramen bowl.”

The words were not finished yet, and there was a scream heard from the side. Teuchi heard that sound and a hint of embarrassment appeared on his face. He said to the Naruto: “You must eat it first, I’m busy.”

“Hey, isn’t it really busy? It seems that you don’t even have time to talk…”

Looking at the Teuchi’s busy back, Naruto’s heart was full of spit, but after turning a blind eye, he eat the mouthful of the ramen in front of him.

8:00-9:00 in the morning, is one of the three busy time periods of the Ramen restaurant. After Naruto quickly finished the last spoon of ramen in front of him, teuchi flew into the curtain back.

This curtain belongs to the kitchen of Le Ramen noodle restaurant, but the decoration is very simple, only two square long tables are assembled, and a long table top is filled with various ingredients, which is obviously already well-matched. On the other long table, there is a pile of white flour.

Because the time is still early, Ayame did not get up yet, so the business in the morning is only in the hands of Teuchi himself.

“Uncle Teuchi, I am coming, what can I do?” Naruto looked at a bowl of freshly prepared ramen, and was preparing to give helping hand to Uncle Teuchi, Naruto asked.

When Teuchi heard the words of Naruto, he couldn’t help but hold Naruto’s shoulder, and after a few seconds, he said: “Well… ok, you go and make meat dough, there is a relatively short table. Anyway, Ayame will come soon, she will tell you the specific steps?”

“Well, don’t worry about it, give it to me.”

When Naruto heard Teuchi’s words, He nodded his head and then took some flour and fell it aside. On the low table, a small pit was swept in the middle of the flour pile, and then the water was carefully poured into the pit.

Naruto in his past life, live alone, although cooking is not as good as a restaurant chef, but it is not difficult to eat, so Naruto is no stranger to this kind of work.

Slowly, the water all penetrated into the flour, and as the Naruto continued to mix with both hands, the flour had turned into a group of elastic dough.

Just as the dough was finished, the indifferent system prompts again in Naruto’s ear.

“Ting… the host made rough dough and activated life skills: cooking.”

“Ting… the host made rough dough, dough attributes: delicious +1.”

“…” Hearing the system prompts, Naruto quickly opened his property template, all the properties have not changed, but the life skills increased.

“Cooking (entry: 1/10).”

When Naruto saw the cooking entry in skills, his face showed a hint of joy, and he thought that “I’m so lucky, I accidentally activated the cooking skills. If I do something else in the future, I can activate the corresponding life skills too?”

Just when Naruto about to swing in his imagination, the indifferent voice of the system completely shattered Naruto’s sweet dreams.

“Please do not think the host, the conditions of life skills is something you must do the minimum evaluation system, just like on your knead dough, to reach the minimum evaluation system, it will activate the cooking system.”

“Search Uh… this way.” Hearing the explanation of the system, Naruto was slightly disappointed, but this loss was replaced by curiosity again. He asked: “Yes, I just said ‘Dough attribute: delicious +1’, is it? Will the food I make have a property bonus?”

“Please ask the host to explore it yourself, but the tip is that before the cooking reaches the advanced level, the food attribute is only a delicious bonus.”

“Advanced? There are several levels of life skills too. Hearing the explanation of the system, Naruto’s eyebrows were deeply wrinkled.

“Since you ask sincerely, then I will tell you with great compassion, we are crossing… cough, sorry, wrong, the life skills in the system and the level of Chakra extraction are: entry, Elementary, intermediate, advanced, expert, master, great master, god level and extraordinary sanctification, a total of nine levels.”

“Getting started is up to 10 points, and you need to be proficient at 10 points. For each level of improvement, your proficiency will be 10 times.”

“10 times? Have you made a mistake!”

After listening to the explanation of the system, Naruto almost slammed the exit. Although it is very simple to get started, it only takes 10 proficiency, but the upgrade will increase the proficiency by 10 times. This is quite special.

It is the improvement of Chakra extraction. Only 1 point of proficiency can be obtained per hour. If it is a senior expert, it will take 1 per hours, let alone 10 times more. From the expert to the master level, it can be said that this upgrade system is simply incomparable to any tressure.

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