Source system Naruto ch 18

Chapter 18: Good Sense Division

“Hey, what is this, I just talked about it, why did it become like this…”

Hearing the system’s indifferent voice, a big bean sweat dipped out from his head, and he thought of it. In the future… Absolutely not in the same place, but he will kill people!!”

But the biggest headache for Naruto at this time is the special task that the system just released has to complete in one month and in the evening. It is 70, which is seeming very simple, but it is actually very difficult.

At the time when Naruto has been lamenting, he also took the opportunity to understand the system’s feature of good sensibility, saying that it is a good feeling ditecting system, but rather a special system for picking up girls.

The good feeling in the system is only for women, there are 6 levels in total: 0-20 belongs to the ranks of strangers; 21-50 is ordinary friends; 51-70 is like a younger brother (sister), here the growth of good feelings will become extremely difficult; and in the further development, it will be 71-80, which will reach this level. If it is confessed, unless there are special reasons, the success rate will reach 100%; 81-90 It is a slap in the face, basically, to achieve this level, you can already talk about marriage, you can also intimate; but the above five levels, the degree of goodwill will decrease with the passage of time, but if the good feeling reaches 90 Above, there is absolutely no possibility of any reduction.

Moreover, the reward of the good-sense system is also very rich. As long as you get along with a beautiful woman, you can reward a special lucky draw. If you reach 90 or more, you can get a lucky draw again.

This kind of good-sounding system is completely screaming at Naruto.

After reading the information about the goodness of the system, Naruto spit in his heart, and then explored the good feeling of sitting on the side of the table, and suddenly feels very speechless.

Name: Kurenai Yuhi

Identity: Yuhi

Age: 20

“Just 20?… This task is too difficult. I am not the protagonist of the novel. If you sell it a little, you can let others recognize yourself as a younger brother…” See the number marked in pink, Naruto don’t want to wait to take a piece of tofu and kill themselves at once.

However, if it is not completed, the punishment will be obliterated, which making Naruto feel a little anxious. He sighs in his heart. “Hey… how to get close to her…”

“Hey, kid, what are you looking at?”

“Being special junnin level ninja, how amazing her perception will be, so when Naruto was staring at her in a daze, Kurenai discovered that Naruto has turned a white eye and snarled.

When he heard Kurenai, Naruto quickly shook his head and said: “No… I just wondered if I would make a bowl of ramen, would anyone dare to eat.”


Naruto’s words let the obvious Kurenai glimpse, all the words do not have to manage the throat again, and his face turned red.

Do you make a bowl of ramen? Does anyone dare to eat? Are you sure you will not poisoned it?

Kurenai’s heart silently spit, this is not her first look at Naruto. After all, what cooking talent a 5 years old kid could have? Even if the children of this world are generally precocious, but people can’t dare to eat the food made by 5-year-old children?

Not only Kurenai, but even Kakashi on the side, also look at Naruto with his right eye that is only exposed. He feel afraiddeep inside that Naruto didn’t put his gaze on him to take the taste challenge.

“Cough,forget it…., I have already eaten it, it is already full.”

Kurenai’s face turned a bit awkward, after litsening Kakashi’s words, and Teuchi on the side couldn’t help but pick an eyebrow after hearing the words of Naruto and said: “Hey, little devil, do you want to try to make ramen?”

Hearing Teuchi sudden question, Naruto sighed and touched the back of his head. “Well, unfortunately no one wants to eat, and it will only waste your material.”

“Haha, that’s right, I’m not eating breakfast, I’m just a little hungry, so I’m going to trouble you for me, I’m going to bowl ramen.”

Teuchi slammed on his face and smiled at Naruto. He didn’t know, but he knew very well that today’s dough was made by Naruto because of which he praised by the customers. The ramen in the ramen noodle was improved by more than one layer, so Teuchi thought that Naruto’s cooking is much better than as he imagined.

The words of Teuchi make Kurenai and Kakashi stunned, and their heart exclaimed. “Fuck! Is Teuchi crazy? Naruto is just a kid, he can’t even tell what is soy sauce, and what is vinegar? Let him cook for himself… Does he want to get himself food poisoning?”

But obviously, the two of them can’t say this. After all, this will attract the people who are interested in fighting with a 5-year-old child. So, Such a thing, they can not do and can only look at Naruto with a strange look.

Naruto was scared to be beaten by Teuchi, and mourned in his heart. “Uncle… I just found an excuse, you… you just let me cook? Are you sure?”

Obviously, Naruto didn’t really want to do it, but looking at the face of Teuchi, he couldn’t bear to refuse him. He helplessly shake his head and then pick up a good dough to pull it up.

Working at ramen shop can be said to be a great job. After Naruto raised his cooking skills to the beginning, he thought so. Don’t look at the hand to make a bowl of ramen so easily. That’s what he’s already done and mastered at the ultimate level.

In fact, the technique of making ramen is not so easy to learn. It is very difficult to turn a dough into a thin and even noodle by the hands. There are very strict requirements for the sensitivity and strength control of the hands.

The ramen is divided into six steps: face selection, dough noodles, noodles, ramen noodles etc. However, since Naruto has already finished the dough, the first two steps can be omitted. This step begins.

Noodles, as the name implies, is an orderly arrangement of disordered protein molecules through operations such as sputum and tendons. It lays the foundation for pulling out even and thin noodles, and also makes the noodles more elastic.

Standing in front of the chopping board, Naruto’s hands are constantly brushing the dough. His body exudes a temperament similar to that of a chef who has been immersed in cooking for decades. Every time, every movement is very standard and the strength is appropriate.

Looking at Naruto’s busy back, even if he had already watched Naruto’s hand high, there was a shock on his face.

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