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Chapter 19: Ramen! Delicious +12!

“Naruto, this kid… Isn’t it a monster that has lived for thousands of years?”

Such an idea suddenly rose in Teuchi’s heart, but when he looked at Naruto’s thin appearance, he shook his head with a funny smile. The dark passage “should be his talent. From the chef’s point of view, having a cooking talent at this age is simply amazing!”

Kakashi and Kurenai who have not left yet looked Teuchi’s this temperament towards Naruto and their eyes could not help but change.

They are scared and Surprised at the same time.

“This temperament… I seem to have only seen it in the royal chef of the palace.” As being a Ninja, the knowledge is higher than Teuchi that has been nestled in the village of Konoha.

Once, Kurenai and Kakashi protected the name of the Fire country at national. They had the privilege of seeing the so-called royal chefs in the palace and eating their dishes. The taste can only be described in four words, “The food is good”. Especially Kakashi, he remembers that after eating the food of the royal chefs, he couldn’t eat the rest of the food for a whole week.

Therefore, Kakashi’s heart is most clear. At that time, the temperament of the chef ‘s body was the same as that of Naruto at this time. How could this not surprise him?

“This boy… is he really just a 5-year-old kid?”

After thinking about the idea of cooking with Teuchi, Kurenai and Kakashi both felt involuntary and then shook their heads.

“I am thinking about it in my heart. He is the son of the fourth Hokage and my teacher. How can I not know it? But… this is too enchanting!”

Kurenai and Kakashi, both looked deeply at Naruto, who was still holding the dough, and his face showed a bitter smile.

“This should be almost the same…” For the surprise of Kakashi, Kurenai, and Teuchi, Naruto did not know that he felt that the dough in his hand had reached a certain level.

After that, a small group of dough was knelt and quickly pulled open. After repeated stretching exercises several times, Naruto’s hands jerked.


The noodles fell on the cutting board and made a crisp sound. Although Naruto is only 6 years old, his height is not too high, but these external reasons could not stop him, and under the blessing of his own attributes, he started making ramen. There is no big effort.

In less than a moment, the two steps of kneading ramen have been completed. At this time, Naruto’s arm has been hung with a series of thick and even noodles. Then, Naruto smashed the dough from both ends of the noodles and then, quickly throw the noodles into the boiling pot.

“Naruto, you are doing a good job, from where did you learn to make ramen?”

Hearing Teuchi’s question, Naruto temporarily stopped the action of his hands. He awkward touched the back of his head and explained: “This, I just looked at you making ramen and learned a little, and then it was.”

“…” Hearing Naruto’s explanation, Teuchi silently spit out “Do you despise me or don’t understand my talent? Can’t my movements have your standards?”

Looking at Teuchi’s face, Naruto’s face is also a pole. He thought in his heart, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you, and even if I tell you, you wouldn’t believe it, after all, this is amazing.”

After thinking of it, Naruto quickly comes back to his senses and start to cook ramen in the pot. When he poured the Ramen in the bowl on the side, he placed some ingredients on top of the ramen, and then handed the ramen to Teuchi and said: “Give, it a try, the ramen is good.”

Hey… Hey… Hey…

Just taking out from the pot, ramen is still very hot, and there is an unspeakable aroma in its heat. Even Kurenai and Kakashi who just had breakfast, couldn’t help to shook their nose from the scent and their stomach screamed with disappointment.



“I don’t have to be too disappointing in this stomach…” Hearing the belly rang again, Kurenai couldn’t help but feel annoyed, and quickly lowered her head, but the afterglow of the corner of her eye swept the night again like a craft. After exhaling the scented ramen, she couldn’t help herself with her saliva. Kurenai said to Naruto: “That… oh… Naruto, can you bother me… give me A bowl?”

Kurenai look can be said to be reserved. Compared with Kurenai, Kakashi is even more unbearable. When the fragrance hit into his nose, he comes to the side of Teuchi, the distance is getting closer from five to three steps. He even used the blinking technique, and then looked pitifully at the ramen in front of him, and his right eye that was exposed outside released a green glow like a hungry wolf.

“Go… go to Naruto if you want, this is mine!” Teuchi saw Kakashi running to his side and his eyes were still staring at Teuchi’s ramen bowl, and his face is also flashing a bit of vigilance.

When Kakashi heard Teuchi’s words, he also responded instantly, and immediately turned his eyes and looked at Naruto.

However, Naruto was in a sluggish situation at this time, because he clearly heard the system prompts when he finished the ramen.

“Ting…Host successfully made fine ramen, culinary proficiency +5, exquisite ramen attributes: delicious +12.”

This… Is this really just basic cooking? Delicious +12? How… stupid…

Naruto’s heart screams, this is the first time Naruto used cooking, although he knew that this system was very powerful, he didn’t think it was just basic cooking. Let the food taste delicious +12, He must know that just the delicious dough of the rough dough +2 has won a lot of praise from the guests, then this +12 delicious would definitely taste beyond his imagination.

Just when Naruto was being crazy of thinking all this, he suddenly felt his shoulders being shrugged, and he immediately came back to his senses. The faces of Kurenai and Kakashi had a pitiful expression. Aside from gorging, he was afraid as well that someone would snatch his food from his hands, and then it was reflected, and his heart was silent.

“Just, wait a minute, I will do it now…” Naruto said and gets busy again, he picked up the dough and start repeating the action.

And while Naruto is still busy, a systemic reminder can’t help but make him scream.

[Ting… Kurenai, adds 10 points to the host’s good feelings…]

“Is it good for 30 points? It seems that the ancients said that there is nothing wrong with it. To grasp a woman’s heart, she must first grasp her stomach…”

Well, the words of the ancients have been completely messed up by Naruto.

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