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Chapter 20: Tuning Kakashi

Naruto’s delicious ramen, completely conquered the appetite of Kurenai, Kakashi, and Teuchi. Looking at the three people who didn’t even let the soup go, Naruto felt a little funny in the heart.

“It’s not a system, if this beginning level cooking’s taste is so attractive, then how the cooking of advanced level will taste?…”

Thinking of this, Naruto’s heart couldn’t help but rise up with an inexplicable excitement.

“It’s really great, hey, kid, how did you do it?” Kurenai pours the last broth in the bowl into her mouth, and couldn’t help but ask.

For Kurenai’s question, Naruto shrugged his shoulders without hesitation. It was easy to say, “Is this difficult?”

“Well, it’s hard!” Kakashi nodded very seriously. He raised his right eye with a serious look, and said in his calm voice: “I think, your current cooking is not much worse than the so-called royal chefs in the palace.”

“… Is that the case? However, Uncle Teuchi, why are you wearing a mask? Wouldn’t it be very hot?”

Hearing that Kakashi was full of serious praise, Naruto could not help but be surprised and quickly transferred the topic.

You must know that when he was eating ramen, he almost ate in a blink of an eye. The original Naruto also took a look at Kakashi’s true face. Kakashi, when he was back, Kakashi had only one empty bowl in front of him.

“Uncle… Uncle… Uncle…”

Naruto’s address to Kakashi made him very hurt. The words ‘Uncle’ is like magical memories that have been echoed in Kakashi for countless times. Kakashi, who couldn’t stand the blow, shed a tear in his right eye. He said with grievances, “I… I am not an uncle, I am only 19 years old!”

Looking at Kakashi’s battered look, Kurenai next to Kakashi patted at the shoulders of Kakashi and joked: “Haha, Uncle, Kakashi, it seems that you are old, and you have stepped into Uncle level.”


Looking at Kurenai’s mocking big laugh, Kakashi suddenly felt speechless, and then give an ‘I don’t care’ look. He took out a book called “Intimate Heaven” from the waist and thought of it. “I am old? If I am old, then you one year older than me what you should be called? mom? Granny?”

Of course, Kakashi knows this must not be said, and it can only be thought in his heart, but unfortunately, the cruelty of reality… No, perhaps the cruelty of Naruto once again wounded Kakashi to the blow.

“Big sister, isn’t he that what I said? Isn’t he what the uncle Teuchi is?”

“… Hahaha, right, this guy is an uncle!” When Kakashi heard Naruto, Kurenai whisper was bigger and at the same time, her heart silently praised Naruto’s ‘innocent’ question.

Unlike Kurenai, although Kakashi’s right eye is still so light and windy, the blue veins on his right temple are completely on the verge of explosion.

[“Ting… Kurenai has increased the sensitivity towards the host by 3 points.”]

A simple joke based on the pain of Kakashi, let Naruto hear the system prompt again, which let Naruto eyes bright, and he showed a very ‘innocent’ smile.

“He is fourth Hokage’s son. No wonder his smile is exactly the same and feels very warm.”

Looking at the smile on Naruto’s face, Kakashi and Kurenai both clearly stunned and felt warmth in their hearts, and then they saw a smack of self-blame in Naruto’s eyes.

“That, thank you for hospitality, I will go back to rest first.” It may be because of Naruto’s experience, Kurenai feeling spiritless at the moment, and both Teuchi and Naruto greeted each other and left the ramen noodle restaurant.

Kakashi is also the same, but before leaving, he deeply glanced at Naruto who smiled just like his father Minato Namikaze, as if to engrave Naruto’s smile in his heart, with a full of eyes and self-responsible to leave the ramen noodle restaurant.

“Ah, little devil, this morning is really thanks to you, but I didn’t expect your cooking talent to be so high.”

After listening to Kurenai and Kakashi two people words, they once again sat in the ramen noodle restaurant. On the stool, and start talking about Naruto.

Hearing the praise of Teuchi, Naruto again feel embarrassed and touch the back of his head, but did not make any explanation for this, and curiously asked: “Yes, uncle Teuchi, sister Ayame still didn’t get up?”

“Yeah, Ayame didn’t have her job in the morning, she usually came until noon.” While talking about Ayame, Teuchi showed a smug look, but because of the busy peak the period has already passed, and the ramen noodle restaurant seems to be a bit deserted. After returning to Naruto, Teuchi said: “Yes, Naruto, since your craft is so good, then you will do ramen with uncle Teuchi later.”

“Yes….. I will do, at least some people will eat it?” Teuchi took these words of Naruto as the invitation to play, but Naruto apparently hesitated. Although this will greatly enhance their culinary degree of proficiency, on the other hand, there is a problem, if others found out that Naruto who is making ramen, it will greatly reduce the number of customers in the ramen noodle restaurant.

When Naruto came to the ramen noodle restaurant to eat ramen in the morning, those customers looked at Naruto with an undisguised disgust in their eyes. They even saw Naruto doing things in the ramen noodle restaurant, from then on several customers came to the front of the noodle restaurant and then turned and walked away.

In this regard, Teuchi is not at all concerned, he just smiled and said: “Relax, I don’t really care about them, anyway, your craft is so good, so we actually want to eat good ramen they will definitely come to the shop!”

The words of Teuchi were very firm so that Naruto could not find any rebuttal words. After thinking about it again, Naruto finally nodded and said: “Okay, uncle Teuchi, I will work hard!”

“That’s right, well, there is no work in the morning now. You should also take a break for a while, and wait until noon to see you later again!” Looking that Naruto finally agreed, Teuchi brightly smiled.

When Naruto heard Teuchi’s words, he nodded and said: “Well, since it is okay for the time being, then I will go home first and come back at noon.”

“Okay, be careful on the road, remember to come back at noon. Come over on time!” Naruto doesn’t want to agree with Teuchi, and at the same time, he will pay attention to the time again.

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