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Chapter 21: The Special Tasks of Potholes

“It seems that there are unexpected gains in working in the ramen noodle restaurant. Cooking can give food attributes. Although advanced can only improve the taste, But what attributes will emerge after upgrading to an advanced level?”

After coming back home, Naruto is lying in his bed, and couldn’t help but get excited, He suddenly remembered his system prompts at Restaurant and quickly opened the task list.

Mainline task: No

Special task: contact Kurenai Yuhi, and let it feel good to yourself 70, limited time: one month. Complete the reward: mission point +100 / failure penalty: erased.

Daily Task 1: 500 push-ups, mission reward: 5 mission points.

Daily Task 2: 700 sit-ups, mission reward: 5 mission points.

Daily Task 3: Load 1 kg, run 10 rounds around the Konoha village, mission reward: experience +10

Daily tasks 4: With 3 kg weight, hit the stump 1000 times, mission reward: experience +10

Daily tasks 5: Chakra coverage the soles of the feet, 1 km of water walking, mission reward: experience +15

In the Mission template, the mainline mission still does not appear, It must be because of the extra special mission task of Kurenai Yuhi which system released at the restaurant this morning, so Naruto is not Surprised.

However, due to the improvement of the level, the difficulty of daily tasks has also increased a lot. Although, the experience has to be improved a lot. At the 1st level, the daily tasks can only get 25 points of experience, but now they have a total of 35 experience points.

After these days of daily mission rewards, Naruto make a rule to earn a specific 10 mission points per day, apart from the rewards for daily tasks.

Although the 10 points of the task point for the upgrade of the required 5000 points of the task can only be regarded as a salary, now Naruto is not lacked time, so the promotion of authority is not so anxious.

Besides, there are very few mission points at 10 o’clock every day. Even if no special tasks are triggered, Naruto can only upgrade the system privilege to level 2 in one and a half years.

“Ah… really, everyday tasks are like pain in my ass!” Looking at the five daily tasks that the system issued, Naruto said very annoyedly, but he is not going to give up. On the contrary, it was a decisive decision. Naruto like a cockroach started to exercise on the ground.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————

Because Naruto’s own attributes have risen, although he is still so thin on the outside, he is not too weak to start these daily tasks. The five daily tasks Naruto completed in just three hours.

After completing all the daily tasks, Naruto looked at the sun hanging high in the air and thought. “Hey… it’s almost noon, it’s time to go to uncle Teuchi!”

At this point, Naruto’s Chakra start refining, the sweat of the body was shaken in an instant, and then he ran towards the Le Ramen noodle restaurant.

“What! Really? Is the ramen made by Naruto really so delicious?”

“Of course, now he is the chef of our ramen noodle restaurant. I believe that after eating his Ramen noodles, the guests of our restaurant will be increased More!”

In less than a moment, Naruto reached the door of Le Ramen restaurant, and he had not yet entered the kitchen, he suddenly heard the sound of Ayame and her dad Teuchi talking from in the kitchen.

Hearing Teuchi’s praise for himself, Naruto feels his pressure-doubled, and he constantly laughing into his heart and thinking that “I am working at Teuchi’s ramen noodle restaurant, other people don’t even like my presence around them, but Teuchi is thinking that guests will increase… Is this the so-called ….”

Is it necessary to say that Naruto sometimes has a pessimistic view, but it is also because of his experience over the years. Naruto thought all this and with the Chakra refine warm current flow in his body, he picks up the curtain and walks in.

“Uncle Teuchi, I come!”

“Hey, you come little devil.” Apparently, Naruto did not say hello to Ayame, which made her feel very uncomfortable, and her lips curled up, and her eyebrows snorted.

When Naruto saw the dissatisfaction on the face of Ayame, he could not help but wonder, and thought: “Weird, what happened to sister Ayame? Naruto didn’t understand why she is inexplicably angry?”

He can’t help but talk about it here. Sometimes it is very small, always like to be angry because of some trivial things. Of course, for this, Naruto have never talked about love. It is completely a different topic for Naruto. It is natural that Naruto will not understand.

But even if Naruto doesn’t know why Ayame is angry, but he also knows that this time must be made up, so he quickly asked: “Sister Ayame, you didn’t come early.”

“That’s right, little devil, and I heard your cooking was great in the morning, it’s almost noon now, make a bowl of ramen for me so I can taste it too.”

In general, Ayame is just a little girl, but when she heard Naruto praised, she feel dissatisfied in her heart, she feel jealoused by little Naruto’s skills.

[“Ting… Inspire… special missions: Make a satisfying lunch for Ayame, mission reward: 10 mission points/failure penalty: deduct 10 mission points.]

(Hint: when the mission point is negative, the system will temporarily stop providing the host everything is assisted.)”

When Ayame asked to make ramen for her, the indifferent sound of the system heard in Naruto’s brain, and the mission profile appeared in Naruto’s line of sight.

However, after seeing the penalty for the failure of the mission and the prompts in the last bracket, Naruto immediately said it can’t do this.

“This… this fucking system, it can’t deduct my task points? It will give only 10 points per day, and if I didn’t complete a special task, then it will deduct my 10 points!! If I fail a few special tasks, then everything will be finished. The task points that have been accumulated must not be deducted?”

At this point, Ayame looked strangely at Naruto, but then he confidently said: “No problem, I will make you the lunch and satisfied your appetite!”

When Naruto said, ‘Satisfied’ the word is almost gnashing teeth. After all, the task needs to be satisfied Ayame. If she is not satisfied, then the hard work of 10 points can be deducted…

After that Naruto no longer hesitate, and immediately start to work and get busy!

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