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Chapter 36: Exposed Crisis

Looking at Teuchi like a self-speaking hand, Sakura Haruno showed a hint of fear on her face, and her eyes couldn’t help but burst red, and when Haruno Sakura was almost beaten by the ‘enthusiasm’ of Teuchi, Naruto the savior was generally sitting on her side with a ramen for one night.

“Well, Uncle Teuchi, Sakura is very afraid, you scared her!” Naruto said this and smiled at Sakura, and then pushed the ramen bowl in front of her.

“This, your ramen, eat it hot.”

The reappearance of Naruto gave Sakura a clear breath, and her red eyes also relaxed a bit. But suddenlly, two small holes of her nose shooked, after all the hot flame was sucked into her lungs, and her eyes immediately released a burst of golden light.

“Wow, … Naruto, what the hell is this, really fragrant, and it looks very good.”

Seeing Sakura’s face changing so fast, Naruto think in his heart that “Sure enough, woman’s face-changing technique is very strong. She was scared and cried by the uncle just a moment ago and now she can laugh again!”

However, Naruto did not say it out, but just smiled and said: “This is ramen, you are hungry right? Hurry up.”

When she heard Naruto, Sakura lowered her head, picked up the chopsticks and ate it.

Like the rest of the people, when she finished the ramen to the end, Sakura was stunned by the whole person, the noodles were full of elasticity, and the soup was unprecedentedly delicious. In the soup, all the taste broke out at the tip of the tongue for a moment. It feels refreshing.

“Deliciously good!”

All the feelings came together and gathered together in Sakura’s mind to become such two words. Then she surprisedly looked at Naruto and asked: “Naturo… this ramen is really delicious! … Is this really what you made?”

“Of course, or who else can make it.” When he heard Sakura’s inquiry, Naruto picked up his eyebrows and snarled.

I have to say that the current Sakura is quite cute, her voice is very shy. After being slightly stunned by cute Sakura, the little face of Naruto is like a bloodshot, and it becomes very red and buys a head in anger because she only care about eating the food in front of him.

[Ting… Haruno Sakura has a good feeling for the host +5.]

The sudden system sound made the smile on Naruto’s face deeper. Although it is said that Naruto is not interested in the development of Sakura, if it can be done, it is still good. After completing the task, it is still good. He can get a chance to draw a lottery, and also get an extra 100 points, so why not?

Besides, the past life as an otaku, has long been resentful to the legendary single… No, I must get a girlfriend in this life. Now that there is a chance, what reason does he have not to accept?

Well, Naruto has to admit his bad thoughts in his heart, but after today’s events, he is afraid that it will take a long time for the three generations to know about Naruto’s cooking.

“Well, seems to have wanted a quick way to get rid of food to the property.”

Thinking all this, Naruto’s heart frightened.


In short, when Sakura discovered the figure of Naruto in Ramen noodle restaurant, Ino, a companion with Naruto, almost knew the news.

“Hey, Naruto, listen to Sasuke, the guy said, your cooking is great, is it true?”

The next day, Ino just entered the classroom and found Naruto who was lying on the table at this time. His eyes were filled with the luster of green oil, and she asked Naruto, the temperament in his tone was unremarkable.

For this, Naruto has a modest humility, but he touched his head and said: “This should be okay.”

“Should be okay? No, even Sakura said, your cooking is very good.”

“God made up the knife.” Naruto’s voice just heared, and Shikamaru said with a lazy face, with his eyes filled with banter.

Just after Naruto’s words were finished, Ino couldn’t wait to agree.

“Yes, last night, when I went to Sakura’s home to accompany her, she still praised your cooking skills.”

“Well, In fact, it’s not as good as saying here, let’s let Naruto ask us to have a good meal of his hand at noon, so we could know.”

Well, the IQ of Shikamaru has reached 200. All of a sudden, he made a very good opinion. Of course, this ‘sticky’ is only for Choji and others.

When he heard Shikamaru’s proposal, Naruto couldn’t help but glance at him with a sly look. He thought of “This damn Shikamaru, what wrong have I done with you? How can you this with me?”

Thinking of it, Naruto’s heart is determined When he have lunch at noon, he must be guilty of this sin, and he also fortunate in his heart. “Fortunately, I asked the system last night how to remove the food attribute. Otherwise, I will read it.”

Therefore, Naruto not only made a nap.

In fact, Naruto is also very speechless, and he feel that he is an idiot on this issue. When he asked the system yesterday, the system did not think about the past, and it was thrown out of the word ‘self-exploration’, but it was unprecedented. The reminder answered the doubts in his heart.

However, the answer made Naruto almost vomite out blood. The answer turned out to be that as long as you are cooking food, you don’t have to do your best. The food you make will not have the addition of other attributes besides the delicious bonus.

Well, the problem that he was worried about is solved. Now Naruto is completely confident and can continue to work at Teuchi’s restaurant and improve his cooking skills.

What Naruto doesn’t know is that at this time in the principal’s room of the Ninja School, the eyes of Third Hokage are only staring at the crystal ball placed in front of him, and the picture in the crystal ball is official Naruto, Saruka, Ino.

“The illusion is still… Anyway, if you go to see it at noon, you will understand it naturally.”

After listening to the report, Third Hokage frowned for a moment and said to him.

“Well, well, I understand this thing. Then I will hand it over to me…”

When it comes to this, the Third Hokage seem to think of something in general, and his expression turned serious.
“Please keep this matter confidential, and don’t tell anyone, even your parents or even your brother!”

“Understood, then, I will leave first.” He said, he had a Ninja seal, the figure changed into a thick smoke, and disappeared into place.

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