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Chapter 40: Cloud Village Action!

“Naruto Kun? He…he…” The question of Ino, caught Sakura unprepared for a while, and the pink face instantly reddened, and she said, “He… gentle, and… and kitchen Art is good, cultivation is also hard…”

Speaking, Sakura looked at Naruto’s eyes, revealing a more excited expression.

And see the appearance of Sakura, Ino’s heart is tight, said: “Sure enough, this girl must be…”

She seems to feel the abnormality of herself, the excitement of Sakura instantly recovered, full of puzzled and asked, “Ah? Ino, why do you ask?”

Hearing Sakura asked, Ino quickly shutter and said, “No …… No, Hahahahaha ……”

Although, small Sakura is not as mature as that of Ino, but as a small tail that followed Ino for a long time, she naturally sees the abnormality of Ino, but she is not too concerned, but continues to shift all attention to the hard work of Naruto.

“Sure, you must not let this girl succeed!”

Seeing Sakura all hang on Naruto, Ino finally determined in her heart.

However, it is from this day that the relationship between Ino and Sakura gradually moved closer to the original. Of course, as the initiator of all this, Naruto did not know.


Time passed quickly, night quietly coming. After Naruto sent the last diners in the ramen noodle, he bid farewell to Uncle.

Walking on the way home, he kept thinking in his head. “In the afternoon, all the guys who watched me seemed to have disappeared suddenly. It seems that 3rd Hokage has withdrawn them, but the guys from Cloud Village has been here for three days, why haven’t there been any movements yet?”

Thought of this, Naruto squinting his eyes, think again: “Now 3rd Hokage removed guards from me, this is entirely a opportunity to kill those Cloud village guys!”

Thought of this, Naruto’s pace was a little faster, and after a dark alley, he walked straight to his new home.

Night, very quiet. Most of the residents of Konoha Village have been asleep, only a few occasional black shadows flashed through the alleys of Konoha.

Of course, these black shadows are all guards of Konoha Village, responsible for inspecting the suspicious circumstances in the village, and nothing more.

However, the long-standing tranquility of Konoha Village has long let these guys relax their vigilance. The so-called inspections are just a passing scene for them. They have not noticed at all. In the dark moonlight, there are five pairs of bright eyes stared at them silently.

“Big brother, I don’t think there is anything great about Ninja in Konoha Village.”

A brave man with a black headscarf and most of his black skin is bare outside. Looking at the number of shadows from the top, he is full of disdain.

At his side, a guy like a refugee who came back from Africa, his skin was black and sturdy. His upper body was wearing a simple linen vest. The young man who was full of hardcover was absolutely nodding. He said, “Yeah, it’s really unclear why Raikage said that Konoha is a fearful opponent. Just to kidnap a little girl of Hyuga clan, to get a pair of eyes. As for such a simple mission, let our elite 13 be forced to move out.”

“Don’t care, In fact, it is very important mission. Although Konoha is not as strong as the past, the strength of the village is not to be underestimated!”

The voices of the two men just fell, among the five, a strong man with a long knife cut on his face, said with a serious face. When he spoke, the knife cut is like a cockroach, and his face is constantly squirming, and looks terrifying.

This brawny man is the captain of the five men, and the ‘big brother’ in their mouth. One of the 13 elite of Cloud Village – Yalman, the strength is Low level Jounin, once experienced 3rd Ninja world war. The knife mark on his face was left behind by the well-known ninja ‘Konoha White Fang’.

It is conceivable that he can live after meeting with the killing god ‘White Fang’, so his strength is tough, but even so, he is still awe of Konoha. These days in Konoha, the sly sword mark on his face would make him feel so painful. Without closing his eyes, he would think of the knife that was going to the extreme. It was a shocking knife technique.

This is also the case, even if he saw that the guards of Konoha Village were so relaxed, he still did not want to relax.

Seeing their own big brother is still cautious, and afraid of being discovered, the youngest member of the five, his eyes reveal a trace of disdain, some impatience urged “Big brother, don’t worry too much, if you can’t handle this much, just handed over this mission to me. You are responding to me outside. After we successfully caught the girl, we went to the Death Forest and you can join us there!”

“Well… then please, Dakaras, let’s act!” When he heard the young man, Yalman also dismissed the disdain. He directly promised with warning: “This young man is really an idiot. He don’t know the cruelity you will face if you get caught!”

Thinking of this, Yalman didn’t say much, and his body suddenly jumped into a black shadow and flew toward Hyuga Clan. When I saw the action of Yalman, the remaining four people did not say much, but after looking at it, they turned into residual images and chased them up.

However, just as the five of them had just left, an smog suddenly rose from the ground, and then only saw a very ordinary stone disappeared. On the contrary, the figure of a young kid who was less than 6 years old appeared here.

The owner of this figure is not someone else, it is Naruto who has already returned to Red home!

“I thought you would endure some more time. It seems that I am coming in time…”

Looking at the direction of the five people leaving, Naruto smiled. His laugh is very evil. He moved his legs and start chasing these 5 ninjas.

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