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Chapter 41: Naruto also acts!

It must be said that the power of the three-body technique evaluated as S-class in the system has completely surpassed Naruto’s cognition of the three-body technique.

Although when Naruto first time practiced using the three-body technique, the effect even shocked himself. The single-handed technique was not the virtual body but the shadow-clone technique. Before, Naruto used this jutsu to let the avatar return to his new home, and he himself used jutsu to hide it, and waited until dark to find Cloud Village ninjas.

Besides, the ability to transform is even more shocking to Naruto. Although Naruto does not know where his strength is at this time, the distance from the Ninja of Cloud Village is less than one meter, but at such a close distance, ninjas of Cloud village can’t detect him.

“It’s not a S-level skill. It’s just the most basic three-body technique that can achieve such a level. Then, when rest of the Ninjutsu will be upgraded to the S level…”

Along the way, Naruto starts to think. However, looking at the ninjas of Cloud Village, which had disappeared in front of them, he couldn’t help but feel tight.

“Fast speed! With my current speed, I can’t catch up!”

You know, Naruto’s agility has reached 9 now, and the Chakra property with wind attribute makes him good at speed. When he uses Wind attribute Chakra, Naruto’s speed is not less than that of 14, but at this speed, Naruto can’t keep up with the five Cloud Village ninjas.

After seeing the condition, Naruto thought: “I’m afraid I can’t beat these 5 ninjas, it’s better if I retreat.”

When he thought here, Naruto plan to retreat, however, when he just stopped and prepared to turn and left, the ear suddenly heard the system’s prompt.

Trigger special mission: the salvation of love!

Mission Description: Five Cloud Village ninjas are preparing to kidnap Hinata Hyuga, which is simply unbearable! You will protect Hinata and destroy the plan of Cloud Village!

Mission reward: Any skill level +1, ordinary draw +1, task point + 100

Task penalty: random deduction of three skills, task point -100, seven levels of pain punishment


Hearing the system’s prompt, Naruto almost spray his old blood. He said: “Do you want me to be killed? You also know their strength, how can I save Hinata from them?”

However, the task has already appeared. If it is not completed, Naruto really can’t handle the punishment. He could only grind his teeth with hatred. After a few moments, he continued to run towards Hyuga clan.

Tonight, it is destined not to be calm, and the long-lasting prosperity has relaxed the vigilance of Konoha Village guards to the extreme. Hyuga clan, the five black shadows have passed through the roof, without any concealment, it is so blatant, but no-one found out.

“Dacaras, you will handle here, we will meet you in the Death Forest.”

On the top of the building, the five black shadows that kept moving suddenly stopped, and then the sound of Yalman came out.

When he heard the words of Yalman, Dakalas flashed with a trace of disdain in his eyes. He was very dissatisfied and said, “I know, you wait there. This kind of mission is really too simple.”

Dakalas got up slightly, and after the body flicked twice in the same place, he suddenly disappeared from the same place. When it appeared again, Dakalas was still in the shadows.”

“Cut, just come in like this, there is no defensive discovery along the way…” Dakalas thought, then he licked his mouth and figure moved it again, turning it into a shadow. In the courtyard, he painted a ‘Z’ type walking style, then stopped in front of a wooden house and turned to pick the eyebrows in the direction of Yalman and others.

Although the light at night is very dark, for the ninja, this darkness is nothing at all. Even if it is so far apart, Yalman can still see the action of Dakalas with a faint moonlight. He silently thought: “This idiot, he still has time to taunt, why not just hurried tied the target and retreat.”

Of course, he can’t instruct temporarily to Dakalas, so he can only look back at Dakalas in a bad way, but from the blue veins on his forehead, it can be known that Dakalas’s move made Yalman so angry.

Of course, Dakalas will also saw Yalman’s face clearly, his heart was of very pleasant, and thought: “Ha ha, Yalman instrument, really a coward. This task is just too simple.”

Thought here, when Dakalas turned and prepared to enter the house and catch Hinata, suddenly two cold awns flew from the side.


The sound of the air was very slight, but Dakalas still heard it clearly. There was no hesitation at the moment. He took back the hand that was ready to open the wooden door and quickly rolled back and left the place.

And just as Dakalas rolled backwards, the two kunai, rubbing his robes nailed to the wall.


The sound was very crisp. On this quiet night, it looked extraordinarily harsh. When he heard these two sounds, Dakalas was shocked. He thought: “Fuck! It was exposed!”

His thoughts have not yet fallen, near house lights suddenly lit up, and then a white shadow suddenly jumped over the roof and stopped in front of Dakalas.

“Who are you, what is the purpose of coming here in night!”

White Shadow paused, wearing a white pajamas, barefoot black long straight…

Uncle asked with a grim face, from this uncle, exudes a powerful momentum, and this momentum, Dakalas’s pupil slammed sharply, he secret thought: “This person is … so strong!”

Although Dakalas was scared by the strength of this uncle, but his figure didn’t have any pause, his feet violently exerted force, and the body turned into a residual image and flew in the direction of Yalman.

“Hey! Little thief, stop!” Looking at the figure of Dakalas running, Uncle also turned into a white shadow.

And not far from, Yalman saw Dakalas being discovered, and also dragged the tracker over, and his heart could not help but be angry. He said, “This idiot bastard! This is terrible!”

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