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Chapter 42: Task Completion and Re-draw!

“Hey, I guess that a few guys are going to be mad.”

On the big tree not far from the courtyard, Naruto’s hands are playing with Kunai, watching Dakalas and Uncle running into the direction of other guys. He has a hint of intriguing smile on his face.

That’s right, the two kunai just thrown by Naruto, who just caught up! However, Naruto’s heart is also secretly glad, if Dakalas is not a fool, they really caught Hinata and retreat.

“However, there is no such thing as letting me kill the five ninjas in the mission. It just makes me destroy their plans. Now the task should be completed.”

Looking at the people who gradually disappeared into the field of vision, Naruto thought.

“Ting… complete the special mission: Revenge for love, get rewards: any skill level +1, ordinary draw +1, mission point +100. Do you receive a reward now?”

Just as Naruto’s thoughts fell, system’s indifferent and mechanical voice rang again in his ear, but now Naruto has no time to collect the rewards, his feet are violently exerted, and body turns into a shadow, and immediately goes to the distance..

Just after Naruto had just left, a group of people come out from their houses.

However, this group of people were very calm. After seeing Kunai on the wooden door, they said very calmly. “It seems that someone has come. Now, immediately hunt down the group of thieves who sneak into Our clan!”

Well, if Naruto is here, I am afraid he will just vomit again. Uncle, people have come and passed, but you think they are thief?

Of course, Clan is so big but everything happened in front Hinata’s room, so Hinata naturally couldn’t continue to sleep peacefully. She opened her eyes in confusion and opened the wooden door. She looked at the guards standing outside her room, so she asked with a look of doubt… “Everyone, What happened?”

The voice of Hinata was already awkward, and with the reason of just waking up, the sound just came was really low.

However, the performance of Hinata in front these ninjas make them disdainfully look at her. After showing some contempt, someone answers: “Nothing, Miss. Please continue to rest, only a few thieves broke in. Hyuga clan guards have already caught up.”

Well, anyway, they are just normal Clan people, and the ‘curse’ on their heads will make them obey at all cost. So, no matter how much the young lady is weak, they does not dare to bully. After all, she is Patriarch’s biological daughter, and he is…just a normal guard of the clan, nothing more.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————

Regardless of what happened within Hyuga clan, Naruto who completed the mission, left, and went straight to his new home, then contacted the avatar, he closed his eyes in bed and thinking about it.

“It seems that I have looked down on this world…”

Since system was acquired, Naruto’s own attributes have risen in a straight line, until now he just act like a ordinary adults, and the upper limit of 760 Chakra has make him think that he now has the power of Elite Chunin or even low level Jounin.

But today, when he saw the horrible speed of Cloud Village ninja, although he didn’t have physical training, he can sense their powerful momentum that they are absolutely capable of killing him in just seconds.

Because of this, Naruto understands this time. Power needs powerful chakra, but doesn’t mean that you have a powerful chakra means you are powerful. It is like Naruto at this time. Although Chakra is more than the opponent, but he can’t use more than 10-20% in a fight.

In order to truly play out the power of Chakra itself, you must look at the level of your own attributes. Just like, you gave the baby a gun, but the baby can’t use it at his full potential. Chakra is just like a weapon, and he is just like a baby.

After this incident, Naruto also understood the importance of his own attributes, and he suddenly thought that “I should concentrate on physical training in the future, even if it is not to complete the daily tasks. Currently, my own attributes are comparable to adults, so when plot begins, I will definately have more power!”

After thinking about this, Naruto’s heart could not help but raise a glimmer of hope, then thought of the reward of this mission, and quickly sat up from the bed, and communicate with the system.”

“Right, this special task, in addition to getting 100 points, I got a chance to play a regular lottery.”

“Yes, will the host use this ordinary lucky draw chance?”


After getting the answer from the system, Naruto made a decision without hesitation. After seeing the strength of Cloud Village ninja, Naruto is now very clear about his weakness, so he must have some more hidden cards to stay alive in this world, and the only thing he can do is to do his best to improve his power.

Like the first lottery, Naruto’s voice just fell, and there was a big turntable suddenly appearing in Naruto’s line of sight. The turntable was covered with a lot of prizes. For the prizes on the turntable, Naruto didn’t think much, but after taking a deep breath, he continued to say: “Begin… Pause!”

‘Start’ and ‘Pause’, the interval between Naruto’s voice is very short. This time, Naruto already know that there is no way to use tricks to get better prize from this system.

“Uh… Congratulations Host, you get life props: Eye color changing prop.

After voice fell, Naruto patrified for almost 15 seconds. After hearing the prompt, a beautiful black gift box appeared in Naruto’s hand, while Naruto see the introduction of the prop…………

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