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Chapter 43: Camouflage lens

“Pupil-changing lens: life props, the main function is to camouflage pupil, the pupil can make changes with the owner’s mind. And fully comfortable to wear as much as you want……”

With regard to the introduction of the ever-changing eyes, Naruto’s eyes could not help but brighten, although the function of the ever-changing eyes are indeed very tasteless for the rest of the people, but for Naruto, this Life props is like artifact.

You must know that when Naruto last draw, he got Sharingan eye, although it said that after get Sharingan, he was indeed crazy, but Sharingan is ultimately the blood of Uchiha Clan, if discovered, the consequences will be very serious.

Now, there is such a good artifact that can change eyes color. After that, Naruto can completely open Sharingan in front of anyone. With a changeable pupil, Naruto does not have to worry about being exposed. Therefore, Naruto opened the gift box, opened two round transparent stickers like a film, and did not hesitate to stick on his eyes.

The film just stuck on the pupil, and Naruto’s eyes flashed a white stream of light, and it returned to normal again in less than a moment, becoming the same blue pupil as before.

“This is a big profit!” Thinking of this, Naruto’s heart is even more excited. Under such excitement, Naruto has closed his eyes slightly, and in less than a moment, there is a light red glow around the body…

Yesterday’s night, the movement in Hyuga Clan was too big, and it also alarmed 3rd Hokage and elders of Konoha Village. Every Jounin are called to ask questions. So when Naruto came home, Red was not at home. This made Naruto’s heart shout ‘Lucky’.

However, everyone in Cloud Village went to Hyuga family at night, and the movement was too big. In the end, the five cloud village ninjas were died in the hands of Hinata’s father.

Cloud village ninjas who died were members of the elite thirteen Jounin. Lei Ying was naturally unhappy. He immediately accused Hyuga clan patriarchy that they were invited by him, and filled by him.

All of this has not changed in any way because of Naruto’s intervention. Like the original, under the weak retreat of 3rd Hokage and the intimidation of the elders of Konoha Village, 2nd Master of Hyuga clan has to commit suicide at home.

This kind of result, Lei Ying is naturally very happy. After all, Hyuga clan patriarchy body is able to hand over to his village, so they have not suffered any damage. Among them, Konoha village has lost such a strong person, and Raikage has already laughed.

From the beginning to the end, Naruto was like an outsider, listening to the residents of Konoha Village, and even Shikamaru and others gathered to talk about the matter.

However, he has always been careful to find that after 2nd Master suicide, Hinata became more fearful in the class. Obviously this time, even if Hinata was not caught, but after she learned from the family’s predecessors, she was also scared.

Although he found the strangeness of Hinata, Naruto did not intend to come forward to comfort at this time. After all, if the performance was too concerned about the matter and caused the attention of 3rd Hokage, then it would be worth the loss.

Time flies, and the time of one week has passed. In these seven days, because of the relationship with Red cohabitation, the good feeling between Naruto and Red has broken through quickly. Although it has not reached 80 or above, it has already reached 79, the 100 mission points for special mission rewards have already arrived.

And during these seven days, the relationship between Naruto and Sakura and Ino was also a rush.

But when Naruto thought of two Loli and their age, he sighed sadly. “It’s a pity that it take more than a decade for them to reach proper age…”

Of course, in addition to three special missions like the sword hanging over the head of Naruto, Naruto also received 140 points on daily tasks. Mission point.

After a week of change, Naruto’s own attributes have changed dramatically!

Name: Naruto

Identity: Jinchuriki

Bloodline: Uzumaki

Level: 2

Strength: 15 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Physical Strength : 19 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Agility: 13 (Ordinary Adult: 10)

Spirit: 39 (ordinary adults: 10)

Chakra: 2050/2050

Experience: 350/1000

Bloodline: Sharingan-1 Tomoe (39/100)

Weapons: No

Combat skills: Chakra extraction (primary: 52/1000) , three body surgery (S grade: MAX), instantaneous surgery (B grade: 1 / 10000).

Illusion: Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death (C grade: 0/1000), Fox heart (C: 0 /1000)

Life Skills: Cooking (Advanced: 25340/100000)

Mission Point: 660

Lottery: Ordinary Draw (1) / Special Draw (1) / Lucky Draw (none)

Comprehensive evaluation: Reluctantly looks like a personal class, come on!

Looking at his own attribute template, Naruto slightly raised his mouth, although there is no upgrade, but now the various attributes have improved by 3-5 points, especially the physical strength, even more amazingly increased by 6 points.

When Naruto saw 660 mission points, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride.

The system upgrade to the secondary level requires 5000 mission points, but from Naruto’s system acquisition, it has already received 660 points. It is believed that within half a year, he can activate the secondary authority of the system and get better assistance from the system. It is.

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