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Strongest Naruto System ch 41

Chapter 41: Fire style: fireball Jutsu!!

After shooting the shuriken, the sunglasses male face showed a smile, a look at how you hide the smile.

Naruto just glanced at the dozens of shurikens, his hands printed, and he yelled: “Fire style: fireball jutsu.”

A fireball was sprayed out in front of it.

The huge fireball wrapped all the shurikens, and all the shurikens were washed away in the blink of an eye.

And the flaming speed of the fire ball is not diminished.

Ebisu was surprised. He didn’t think that Naruto had such a ninjutsu, and he quickly jumped to the side.

Naruto took the advantage of this gap, and his hands were printed again. It was a simple three-print. When he finished, he said: “Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu.”

Suddenly, there are two avatars beside Naruto. Actually, he is now You can divide up to 10, but he doesn’t need that much for this ninja.

Naruto looked at Ebisu and smiled.

“I just didn’t have anyone to accompany me to practice ninjutsu. Even if you are a teacher, you are lucky to let me practice.”

After the three Naruto quickly rushed toward Ebisu.

Seeing that these three Naruto rushed, Ebisu immediately stood up and held his kunai in his hands to prevent Naruto from attacking suddenly.

Of course, Naruto is not coming to attack, but to experiment about his ninjutsu.

The three Naruto groups surrounded Ebisu to form a triangle.

They stood on a branch and looked at him.

Ebisu’s brow wrinkled, and he coldly looked around the three people, could not help but say

“Naruto, what the hell are you planning to do?”

The three Naruto smiled at the same time and the smile was very sinister.

“You will know soon.”

After the three Naruto hands quickly make hand knots.

Looking at the three Naruto using ninjutsu at the same time, Ebisu turn stunned. It is obvious that Naruto wants to use shadow clone body and launch the ninjutsu at the same time, how is this possible, this need Chakra at a horrible level.

For a moment, Ebisu thoughts start running, but now Naruto surrounded him, and if he issued three ninjutsu at the same time, how could he hide.

But he didn’t have a chance to run at all. Naruto’s way of hand printing was too skillful. It only took 5 seconds and it ended at the same time.

The three Naruto were in a triangle shouted: “Fire style: fireball jutsu.”

“Fire style: fireball jutsu.”

“Fire style: fireball jutsu.”

Three sounds, pointed to Ebisu.

Looking at three huge fireballs with a diameter of 1.5 meters, Ebisu also treamble with fear.

Now he can’t dodge but he can’t sit still like this. If he is attacked by three fireballs at the same time, he will absolutely die.

Ebisu immediately jumped.

This jump is of dozens of meters high, actually skipped the coverage of the fireball.

However, when the three fireballs collided together at the same time, a loud bang, the three fireballs offset each other, and a huge shock wave appeared due to the impact.

And the tree under Ebisu was blown up, and a small mushroom cloud was formed.

Ebisu also attacked by the shock wave, and the whole body squeezed with the pain. His body turn unstable, and he fell down. He fell directly to the ground.

His face was terrified, and he quickly turned his body. In order to avoid being landed on his head, he immediately stood sideways.

“Boom”, because the impact, the corner of the mouth all flowed a trace of blood.

Naruto looked at his look and smiled very gratifiedly. He didn’t think that his power was so big. Although this teacher has no strength more than a Genin, but he is still Genin.

Now Naruto suddenly understands his own strength. Generally, he can beat Genin without opening his Nine tail Chakra. If you can’t beat it, you can only fight while using nine-tail state.

Touching the avatar, Naruto leaped down and fell to the ground while smiling and walked toward Ebisu.

Looking at Naruto’s smile, Ebisu only felt that it was a devil’s smile, and he was shaking and trying to get up. Unfortunately, his body was affected by the explosion. Now it is too painful.

While climbing, he yelled at Naruto and shouted: “What do you want to do? I tell you, I am Genin, if you kill me, Hokage sama will not let you go.”

Naruto walked up to him and smiled: “Reassured, I won’t kill a dog. For a dog, I will only teach him.”

Then he lifted his foot and kick.

In fact, he had long wanted to do this. This guy always acted as cool hero, and he is very good at boasting.

Ebisu can’t hide, and his hands can’t lift because of the pain. This foot is fixed.

Naruto’s foot stepped on his face and almost stepped him into the ground.

Of course, he left a big footprint on his face, watching the footprints, and Naruto’s mood was smooth.

This is really suitable for him, a big footprint with the sunglasses, this is the end of the cool man.

Ebisu is afraid to make a little noise, he is really afraid that Naruto will become angry and burn him alive here.

At this time, Konohamaru standing not far away was screaming and shouting.

“Naruto big brother, you are really look handsome.”

Konohamaru ran a long time ago and he is very excited. Next to Naruto, he looked at him with a adoration.

He don’t even look at Ebisu lying on the ground in front of him.

Ebisu is very embarrassed and bowed his head. Now he really wants to find a place to sneak in. It is so shameful that he was even beaten by someone else in front of his student.

Naruto, no matter how bad he is, he squinted at Konohamaru and said with a sigh of exaggeration.

“This is not that I am handsome, it is one of the reason for my qualification.”

Konohamaru did not hesitate to point his head.

“Yeah, Naruto’s brother, is my qualifications are good.”

Naruto patted Konohamaru and continued to flicker and asked: “Do you want to be like me?”

Konohamaru excitedly said: “Yes.”

Naruto thought for a while and said with a serious expression: “Well, you worship me as a teacher, I teach you to become powerful.”

Konohamaru really a kneeling on the ground in front of Naruto knock his head: “Naruto master.”

Naruto laughed. He suddenly felt that this child is too funny. It was so interesting.

In fact, although his current ability is strong, it is far worse than the Hokage and any elite ninja.

Of course, Konohamaru does not know this, because his teacher is very strong in his eyes, his grandfather is very strong, but he does not know how strong.

Now that Naruto has eliminated one of his powerful teachers, he will take it for granted that Naruto is strong. In his heart, it is as strong as his grandfather.

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