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Strongest Naruto System ch 42

Chapter 42: 81 test to go beyond Hokage!!

Looking at the appearance of Konohamaru, Naruto meditated for a while and said.

“I don’t have anything to teach you now. I will tell you when I think of it.”

Konohamaru respectfully said: “Yes, Naruto master.”

Naruto smiled. This person is the grandson of Hokage. If there is any black pot in the future, he can let him back.

This is indeed a powerful shield.

After watching for a few second, Naruto said with a smile: “You actually call me a master then you should listen to the master, right?”

Konohamaru did not suspect and he nodded.

Naruto grinned and glanced at Ebisu next to him and said,

“Well, you step on him and remember his face.”

Konohamaru asked with confusion: “Why?”

Naruto Calmly said,

“No why, this is an order.”

Konohamaru got stunned a bit, and took a dozen seconds to react. He looked at Ebisu and said: “No, he is my teacher, I can’t step on him.”

Naruto spread his hands and said: “Well, you go ahead and you can learn things that this teacher teaches you.”

Konohamaru surprised, and quickly said: “Naruto master, I’ll step on him.”

He is very afraid of Naruto now, if Naruto leaves, who taught him the skill of surpassing Hokage. For his own wish, Konohamaru decided to do this.”

Going over to Ebisu.

Ebisu was lying on the ground, and the whole body couldn’t move because of the pain. When he heard the words of the two people, he was very scared. He said to Konohamaru in a panic: “What do you want to do Konohamaru? Don’t listen to this guy, I am your teacher, Ahhhhh, you.”

Unfortunately, his words are still unfinished, Konohamaru stepped on his face.”

Because this foot is too sudden, Ebisu simply couldn’t think of it, and his face was once again affected by the foot, and the sunglasses were broken.

Naruto looked at the two footprints on his face and couldn’t help but smile. While laughing, he squatted down and looked at Ebisu.

Naruto smiled and said: “Ebisu, you have to remember that if anyone ask, who did it? you have to say that it was done by Konohamaru, the evidence is in your face, you understand me?”

Ebisu immediately roar in anger.

“No way, I tell you Naruto, even if you are strong, you can’t change the fact that you are a fox.”

Naruto watch him without changing his expression and said: “What is it? I will tell you one thing. If you don’t do what I said, I will definitely catch you and destroy you.”

Hearing that sentence of killing, Ebisu couldn’t help but tremble. He didn’t even suspect that Naruto didn’t have that strength.

The ninjutsu just used by Naruto in front of him was not what he could provoke.

No one is not afraid of death.

Ebisu compromised, nodded awkwardly and said tremblingly.

“Do not kill me, I promise you.”

Ebisu compromise, Naruto smiled. He walked to Konohamaru side and patted his shoulder and said with serious face.

“Konohamaru, do you know why I want him to say that you beat him?”

Konohamaru is of course unclear. He hasn’t figured out the situation yet. He shook his head and smiled.

“In fact, this is to test your ability. When everyone thought that you beat your teacher. They will try to test you, you will have lots of pressure to pass the test. When you practice hard and pass the first exam then I can officially teach you ninjutsu.”

Konohamaru listened carefully and smiled happily: “Naruto master, I understand, I will try my best.”

This guy is too smart. Naruto is really touched. When he is moved, he still puts a serious expression and says.

“Yes, this is a s-level trial. If you succeed, you can really go beyond Hokage in future, if you are unsuccessful, you can only be like him.”

Naruto pointed to Ebisu.

Looking at the direction of the finger, Ebisu is ashamed with anger. However, he dare not say a few words of objection, because Naruto is indeed stronger than him.

Konohamaru took a look at Ebisu, it was a fierce sway, his hands grabbed the arm of Naruto and said: “Naruto master, I want to go beyond my grandfather, I do not want to be like this guy.”

Naruto smile: “Well, as long as you complete all my trials, you can go beyond Hokage.”

Konohamaru certainly won’t doubt Naruto. He doesn’t know that Naruto is just joking with him. His face is extremely excited: “Naruto Master, I will definitely finish it.”

Naruto smiled and did not expect it. This child is so deceived.

81 trials to go beyond Hokage.

But this guy believes, and there is still no doubt.

Naruto is really touched now, touched the head of Konohamaru: “Okay, little boy, you have to work hard on the road.”

Konohamaru nodded heavily. His eyes flashed with firm thoughts.

Looking at the look of Konohamaru, Naruto is really a bit embarrassed, of course, it is a little bit.

Because of that little bit of jealousy, Naruto casually chat a few words with Konohamaru and immediately left him and ran in the direction of the school.

It’s almost noon now, and the time agreed by Kakashi is coming.

Naruto should hurry up and rush to see if Sasuke is late as well.

No, he is a good boy.

In less than ten minutes, Naruto came to the top of the building of the Naruto School.

As soon as he arrived at the spacious roof, he immediately found 3 figures.

Obviously only he did not come alone.

Naruto touched his head and smiled and walked over and said: “Hey, everyone is really early, Are you not waiting for me alone.”

Seeing Naruto, their eyes are very serious.

Sasuke, it is obvious that his whole body injury is good, the bandage has been withdrawn, especially the look of the eyes is more calm than before.

As soon as he came over, Sasuke stared at him with his eyes.

Another one is Sakura, Sakura simply can’t look at Naruto, especially his lazy attitude, licking his mouth, turning his head and not looking at him, only staring at Sasuke.

It is a pity that Sasuke did not look back at her.

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