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Strongest Naruto System ch 47

Chapter 47: Hyuga Hanabi

Naruto chose the direction of the woods and ran straight ahead, he is jumping at a very fast speed.

In order to avoid that Hanabi may not able to catch up, he just use 50% of the strength.

Hanabi doesn’t have the strength of a Chunin, how can she catch up with Naruto.

She followed Naruto.

Naruto also blame her perseverance, even if it is far away, she closely followed, and her eyes are locked in Naruto.

She come to the forest at the same time.

Naruto looked back at Hanabi.

He grinned and jump forward. He standing on a branch, watching Hanabi.

Hanabi is just a few hundred meters away from him, he only see her a small girl. She running towards him.

Naruto’s hands clasped on his chest and sat down directly, as if to appreciate what he looked like.

Looking at the soothing feel of Naruto, Hanabi anger started to get even bigger.

She speeded up her pace and rushed over quickly.

In less than three minutes, she came to Naruto and watched Naruto, who is still sitting on the branch with a lazy look.

Hanabi raising her palm of the hand to target the Naruto face to slap.

Naruto smiled softly, without any extra movements, and he fell directly back.

Since the current Naruto is on a branch more than 30 meters high, this drop is directly falling down from the tree.

Although he escaped from Hanabi, his body was falling very fast, so it was obvious that he would hit the ground.

Hanabi shook his head and looked at Naruto. The little face has a very surprised expression. She didn’t understand why Naruto wanted to get hurt by falling like this.

Naruto looked up at Hanabi, he smiled lightly, and both hands were pinched, and he said.

“Multiple Shadow clone jutsu.”

His body even directly divided out nearly 20 avatars.

Hanabi has never seen someone who can create so many avatars, there are 20 avatars, this is a terrible thing.

A dozen of Naruto’s avatars were on the ground and directly caught Naruto.

There was no injury at all.

Naruto looked up at Hanabi and smiled and said,

“Little sister, are you not going to hit me? Let’s find, which one is the real body.”

Hanabi uses her Byakugan and found all Naruto’s body and avatar, Both Chakra and the veins are obviously different from ordinary splits. These are actually entities.

This once again shocked Hanabi.

At the same time of shock, Hanabi did not hesitate, and rushed directly to Naruto.

For her, more avatars can only evoke her desire to fight intensely.

Looking at Hanabi’s attack, Naruto did not panic.

Instead, he stood still and looked at her with a smile.

After Hanabi landed, she aim at the front Naruto with three palms.

After the three palms, the fake Naruto turned into white smoke.

Other Naruto has full of ridiculous smiles and watching Hanabi.

Speaking in unison,

“Little sister, you got it wrong, I am here.”

Hanabi once again flashed toward a Naruto, and now she can only try one by one. It’s hard to see which one is true with Byakugan.

Naruto still stood still, as if waiting for Hanabi.

And there is even a yawn.

One in 20 chances, how could it be so simple, and who is Naruto, who claims to be a ‘black king’. If he wants to fool a little girl, it is a piece of cake.

Hanabi attack all, one by one. It is a pity that all are fake.

Six Naruto disappeared, and there are 14 left this time.

The physical strength of Hanabi has consumed almost half, and at this time she seems a little tired and wheezing.

14 Naruto’s face looked at Hanabi and said”

“Little girl, surrendered as I said.”

Hanabi grind her teeth and said

“I will not surrender.”

It’s a pity.

It is also a false alarmist, Hanabi lifted her palm.

2 palm attack, her hand are very smooth. There is no pause at all.

It is a pity that this time is still a fake split.

And Naruto is just a symbolic hiding.

Hanabi face turn reddish, and after smashing more than 30 palms, she finally couldn’t help it. After all, the child’s physical strength is still limited. She hold her hands on her knees and breathe in from mouth.

Seeing that there are only three Naruto, Hanabi grind her teeth and lifted her palm to attack again.

The three Naruto were still motionless and did not have any struggles.

Hanabi rushed to them in her anger, she only think that Naruto was teasing her. She uses 5 palms in succession.

Suddenly she found out that it was still fake, and only the last Naruto was left.

Her face was a bit ugly, she killed every fakes split, and the last one was true. This is hard to accept.

Naruto looked at Hanabi, revealing a faint smile and said,

“You are really a cute little girl, even guessing are wrong.”

Hanabi screamed and said: “I said, I am not a little girl.”

She shouted at the same time, she raise her hand alignment to this last Naruto.

The sound of “Bang” sounded, and this Naruto turned into a white smoke.

Hanabi turn dumbfounded, and with stunned look, she stood there, watching the group of white smoke.

After a while, she come out of the shock.

How is this possible, the last one is also an avatar then where is the real one?

Hanabi was so shocked that she didn’t think she had been playing for a long time, but all of them were fake, which made her feel like crying.

Just as she wanted to cry.

Behind her came the Naruto’s lazy voice.

“Hey, little sister, haven’t you had enough to continue to play.”

Hanabi with surprise, quickly turned around and saw that Naruto is standing under the big tree.

Hanabi asked,

“Is you always here?”

Naruto said with a smile.

“What do you think? I said you are really a cute little girl, silly. You are only looking at front and do not look behind, if I just used a jutsu, maybe you would have died.”

Hanabi can’t speak, she didn’t think that she was being played like this today, and she didn’t figure out the situation for a long time.

The main reason is that she is too tempered like a child, the strength of Byakugan eyes is simply not played out. She can see 360 degree, and she still didn’t bother to use it see the Naruto behind her.

She is really stupid enough.

But being told by others, still makes her a bit angry.

At this time, Hanabi is very angry. She raised her hand and aim at Naruto, rush towards him.

Naruto grinned, his hands were pinched, and he was preparing to launch a fireball.

Suddenly the pitted system prompts up.

“Hey, special missions is triggered. Spank on Hanabi’s small buttocks within 1 hour. The mission rewards will be ten times.”

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