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Strongest Naruto System ch 48

Chapter 48: Spanking

“Fuck, system, do you dare to be so shameless? The other party is just an 8-year-old girl. It is not right, spanking seems to have nothing.”

Naruto stopped firing the fireball jutsu. He angrily shouted. After calling it, he found that he is pitted.

It’s not a shameless thing to spank.

They are also played by parents, and it is also played by brothers and sisters.

Well, this is just a way for my brother to teach his sister.

In a moment, Naruto calmed his angry feelings.

He turn around and looking at Hanabi. His hands start printing again, but this print is different from the past.

Hanabi looked at the gesture of Naruto’s seal and dodge it without hesitation.

Naruto’s expression was condensed, and he squatted down and pointed his hand at the ground, waving heavily.

“Wood ingot wall jutsu.”

A sudden appearance, an oval-shaped wooden shield appeared in front of Naruto.

Hanabi attack is on the center of the wood shield.

The whole piece of wood did not even shake, and her full strength was resolved silently.

Hanabi got shocked, because this palm was too fierce, and her little hand was sore.

Resolving Naruto’s crisis, the piece of wood in front of his body shrinks and shrinks back into the ground.

Looking at Hanabi, Naruto grinned and said,

“Little sister should stop.”

Hanabi anger once again spiked and she once again start to attack.

Naruto did not hesitate, his hand-printed, patted the ground with his palm, and released the raft again? Wood ingot wall.

Little girl is a little girl.

Hanabi palm once again squatted on the thick wood, and with her weak strength, how could it break the A-level defense ninjutsu.

Because of the reaction force of the palm, her palm turn numb.

Hanabi frown, and trying to get rid of the feeling of numbness.

When Naruto lifted the ninjutsu, Naruto couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing the smile of Naruto, Hanabi is on fire, and she said with anger,

“You can’t laugh.”

After that, she try to attack again on his face.

Naruto is ready to use the defensive ninjutsu.

Seeing Naruto’s hand print, Hanabi immediately retracted the palm of her hand, and she didn’t want to hit a hard wood shield.

Of course, Naruto just made a look, seeing Hanabi take back her palm.

The way to change the seal immediately became the basic gesture of three basic prints. It took only 1 second to complete.

He whispered softly,

“Multiple shadow clone jutsu.”

In a flash, ten groups of smoke came out.

This time Naruto only divided 10 avatars.

The 10 avatar surrounds Hanabi.

Hanabi look at Naruto seriously, and now she is really afraid of this shadow clone jutsu.

The most important thing is that she has spent more than half of Chakra and has no energy to deal with.

Eleven Naruto looked at Hanabi, grinned and rushed straight up.

There was no extra movement, just grabbed her with both hands.

Hanabi raised her hands, and set the posture of the soft boxing, and the palms quickly waved.

Every one palm actually attack on Naruto.

A avatar can only support 3 palms.

Soon, the six avatars disappeared.

The rest of Naruto, with both hands printed, said the same thing in the same voice,

“Multiple shadow clone jutsu.”

5 Naruto, turned into more than 20.

The cold sweat on the forehead of Hanabi comes out, she stare at the more than 20 Naruto with a serious expression, and her palm attack did not dare to pause a little, she facing the Naruto who rushed up and waving her small hand.

Naruto’s chakra is really too much.

Hanabi must use more than 2 palms to scatter one shadow clone, and only one can be dealt at a time, which makes her tired enough.

In less than 5 minutes, Hanabi’s physical strength gradually disappeared.

At the same time as the palm of the hand went out, her figure got unstable and it was missed.

The palm of the hand missed the body of the Naruto, and hit the air next to it.

Of course, the avatar will not let such a good opportunity, directly reach out and grasp the small hand of Hanabi.

Hanabi can’t help but struggle hard.

It is a pity that her whole body is so weak now that she can’t make a little effort.

Hanabi look Naruto with her white pupil eyes and scream

“Let me go.”

Naruto grinned and said,

“Do not let go.”

At the same time, the real body directly lifted the avatar.

Except for the shadow clone who grabbed her and the real body Naruto, other turn into smoke.

He stood less than 10 meters away from her.

Naruto smiled and walked toward Hanabi.

Looking at Naruto’s smile, Hanabi anger fire hit a cold war.

She can’t help but ask: “What do you want to do?”

Perhaps because she is too nervous, and when she talk, she started to stutter.

Naruto smiled and said,

“Nothing, just help your father to teach you something.”

After that, he gave a look to his own avatar body.

Avatars were able to directly hold the two small hands of Hanabi, and turned her over directly onto his lap.

Her face is towards the ground, a lying posture.

Hanabi found this posture a little vulgar, her little face turn red, and she couldn’t help but struggle.

While struggling, she shouted,

“Naruto, if you dare to treat me like this, my father will not let you go.”

Naruto walked to the side of Hanabi, and looked at her and laughed.

“Reassured, I just want your father to come to me, or I will go to him.”

Then he raised his hand and patted the small butt of Hanabi.

A slamming sound of “Patt”. This crisp sound is extremely loud.

Hanabi was so shocked that she even forget to struggle.

It took 10 seconds to react, and the anger of Hanabi reached to the top, her face was very rosy, and she screamed,

“Naruto, you dare to hit my ass, you let me down, I must kill you.”

Naruto certainly wouldn’t let her down, and the slamming hand was pressed against her waist.

When Naruto raised his hand, he did not hesitate. The small butt once again beaten by Naruto.

The sound of “Patt” is louder than before.

Hanabi almost fainted, and the struggle was getting bigger and bigger.

Seeing that a avatar couldn’t hold it, Naruto immediately made another one.

The next two avatars hold Hanabi, and she can’t move when they hold on the thighs.

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