Supreme Naruto ch 1

Chapter 1: I am Naruto

Konoha Ninja Village, Ninja School.

Iruka: “Tomorrow is the graduation exam. Do you have any questions?”

The following students began to open the textbooks, looking for problems they would not have and planned to face the exam.

At this time, only one person was in a daze.

Whirlpool Naruto.

“I am dreaming? Is it like a scene of Naruto?”

Naruto whispered a whisper.

Then look around.

“That is… Iruka… Hinata… Sasuke… Sakura… and…”

Naruto is still whispering, and Iruka on the podium suddenly roar: “Naruto! Naruto!”

You are calling me?

“What?” Naruto stood up uncertainly.

Iruka raised his eyebrows: “Naruto, tomorrow is the graduation exam, what do you have?”

Tomorrow is the graduation exam?

Naruto gave a stupid question and asked: “What?”

Teacher Iruka couldn’t control any more and shouted: “You have not passed the exam twice. Do you want to repeat one year?”

The classroom suddenly stopped discussing and then the ridiculous laughter sounded.

Naruto looked around.

Everyone is laughing at him, even in a dream.


While Naruto was preparing to get angry, he suddenly saw that one of the people was not laughing at himself. The man was looking at him and his face was full of shyness.


When the two looked at each other, her younger face turned red and then she immediately bowed her head.


Naruto walked down from his seat, ignoring Iruka’s howl and in front of everyone, he went straight to Hinata.

Naruto: “Hey…baby girl…”

“Uhhh?” Hinata raised her head in confusion: “Naruto kun?”

Naruto: “I, I like you the most.”

I like you the most… I like you the most… I like you the most!

Hinata eyes were wide and staring at Naruto. And her face was full of unbelievable shock.

At this moment, Hinata only felt that her head became blank.

At the same time, the entire classroom suddenly became quiet.

Naruto actually confessed to the Hinata in front of entire class.

However, this is not over yet.

The timid Naruto actually lifted the chin of Hinata with his hand and kissed her!

Iruka finally came back himself from shock and shouted: “Stop!”

Other students have been collectively petrified.

This daring thing shocked everyone’s young mind.

Naruto himself, kissing the soft lips, his head is also blank.

Is this the feeling of kissing?

It turned out to be so wonderful…

Dreams can be so real, I really hope that this dream can continue.

When the Hinata returns to herself and subconscious push Naruto away.

She haven’t spoken for a long time.

The face is red like a peach.

More cute.

Naruto repeats: “I love you Hinata!”

Iruka finally rushed over and pulled up Naruto’s ear and shouted: “Don’t do this in my class!”

Naruto: “Ahhhh! Pain! Pain!”

This dream is too real, even the pain is real?

Iruka: “Get out! Come to my office after class!”

Iruka pick Naruto with his ear and throw Naruto out of the door.

Finally, let Naruto fall like dog on the road.

Iruka: “Let reflect, when you stand outside!”


Then the door of was slammed shut.

Standing outside? You said and I have to listen? Can you still bully me in my dreams?

Then he made a face to the door and ran out cheerfully.

Naruto: “Is this the Ninja School?”

So small…

Naruto: “It does have a charm.”

Said, Naruto’s visit was over.

But the more you go, the more you feel wrong.

If this is a dream… Why are the scenes in front of me really like reality…

After escaping from the Ninja School, standing on the street where pedestrians are scarce, Naruto is stunned.

Many people have cast a disgusted look after seeing him.

People who met him on the street even walked around like they see a ghost.

Everyone’s expression, each building is unconventional.

There is also the aroma from each restaurant.

And the belly that screamed after smelling the scent…

Is this really a dream??!

On the street, Naruto’s expression was flustered.

He quickly looked around and wanted to find out what was different and could see that it is a dream.


Some are only strangers, and the beauty of the different cultures brought about by the unique architectural atmosphere…

Naruto raised his hand and bit his finger.


He touched his face again.

Real, it is too real!

Naruto looked up and looked at the clear blue sky.

Naruto: “I really came to the Naruto world!”

This…… this… Naruto has not come out from the shock for a long time.

He swallowed and smiled: “This is really incredible!”

If this is true… should there be a chakra in my body?

Naruto closed his eyes and he felt that there was indeed an energy in his body that he had never seen before.

But if he really came to this world, what happened to him who lived in the original world?

Is he suddenly died?

Naruto: “Forget it… Anyway, in that world, I am only an orphan. Where is it different? As for the original name, it doesn’t matter. From today, I am a whirlpool Naruto!”

For an orphan, the ground on which he stands is home.

This point, after he came out of the orphanage, he got used to it.

“Naruto! Stop!”

The sound of Iruka sounded from behind.

When Naruto suddenly turned back, he suddenly woke up. If this is the real world, then he just…

He kissed Hinata!

Say something like He like Hinata!

Also escaped from the school!

Well, other thing is not important, the important thing is that he kissed Hinata!

For an orphan, he never had a girlfriend since he has always had an inferiority complex. It can be said that this is his first confession.

And in the first confession, take the girl’s first kiss!

Really fucking hell, If I know it is a reality, I have to enjoy a bit more!

The moment when Naruto’s brain crashed.

Iruka caught up with Naruto.

Iruka: “Naruto! I will let you stand in the hallway and reflect! You dare to run out! Say! What are you doing!”

What to say?

Naruto: “I… I… I got it wrong, I heard what you said is to let me go home and wait…”

This is really a bad excuse.

Iruka snorted: “Go, go back with me, wait for me to beat your ass!”

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  1. exqalph03

    Is it really needed to be Whirlpool?? Can’t it be Uzumaki Naruto? I’m getting creeps.
    The other mistakes are somewhat negligible, easy to fix.

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    Name and surname do not translate in any language


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