Supreme Naruto ch 10

Chapter 10 graduated!
  Naruto removes ninjutsu and Clone disappears.
  Naruto: “Well… I have learned a lot after this treatment.”
  Sarutoni mouth twiched and sighed and sat back in front of Naruto.
  Sarutobi: “Let’s talk about it again…”
  Naruto: “Yes, what do you want to talk about it, 3rd Hokage?”
  Sarutobi looked very seriously at Naruto: “Are you not learning other than the multiple shadow clone jutsu?”
  Naruto: “No, I learned the technique of multiple shadow clone jutsu and then suddenly fainted.”
  Sarutobi stared at Naruto closely. He was afraid that Naruto would learn Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation.
  A child who has lost a loved one, learns the technique of reviving his parents. This is understandable but the practice of reincarnation is too evil. To sacrifice a living person, he is absolutely not allowed to spread.
  But after thinking about it, maybe Naruto doesn’t know that there is a technique to revive a dead person.
  This may be great and Minato will not be so ignorant.
  There are also Eight Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula…
  I should think more about this.
  Sarutobi took a deep breath and shifted the subject: “Since you have learned to practice of multiple shadow clone jutsu, you can graduate from Ninja School.”
  Naruto: “You want to… let me go?”
  Sarutobi: “Well… but there is a condition. Minato is your father. Don’t talk about it until you grow up. Believe me, Naruto, it may really bring you unnecessary disasters.”
  Naruto: “Yes, but I also have a condition, no…accurately, the request is more appropriate, I think… I want to be in Hinata’s team.”
  Sarutobi: “Reason.”
  Naruto: “She is the only one who doesn’t see me as a monster.”
  Sarutobi have been silent for a long time.
  Finally, he said: “Yes, then check in at the Ninja School tomorrow. I will take care about your business.”
  Naruto: “Thank you Hokage sama, I found that you are still very good.”
  From the name of the 3rd Hokage to directly Hokage same, it can be said that the 180-degree flip.
  Sarutobi shake his head: “You little devil…”
  “You can rest assured that the money left by your parents will be verified and transferred to you in the near future. It has been hard for you in these years, and you have experienced so many painful experiences. Hehe… Do you have any other requirements? If you don’t have one, you can go home.”
  Naruto: “There is no request, but there is one thing I care about. I don’t know if Grandpa explain it to me.”
  Sarutobi: “Speak.”
  Naruto: “Is what happened after I was in a coma, how is the Mizuki exposed?”
  Sarutobi: “Iruka is worried about you, just go to your home and want to visit you and find that you fainted on the ground, and there is a forbidden jutsu book around.”
  “Stealing a forbidden jutsu book is a big deal. The above records are all bans that cannot be passed down lightly.”
  “This matter, for the ninja, must be reported.”
  “But just as Iruka intended to hand you and the forbidden scroll to me, Mizuki suddenly knocked on the door.”
  “You have already fainted and Iluka feels that something is not quite right, so he turns into you and meet Mizuki.”
  “Then Mizuki is stuffed.”
  that’s it? That’s really good luck…
  Naruto: “But… Since the book has a forbidden record, why is it so easy to steal?”
  Sarutobi: “This…”
  Naruto: “Grandfather Hokage, did you doubt Mizuki from the beginning? Then you use me to lead him out?”
  Sarutobi: “Hey? Naruto, you will also think about the problem? I thought you didn’t find it…”
  Naruto: “Although I usually do something brainless to attracts attention. But I am not stupid.”
  “Okay, no problem.”
  Sarutobi: “Well, then go home, remember to report to Ninja School tomorrow.”
  After Naruto left, several ninjas in the interrogation room were severely ordered that what they saw today is not allowed to reveal a word to others.
  When the ninja in the interrogation room left, another person appeared in the interrogation room.
  White hair, mask, only one eye.
  It is Kakashi.
  Hokage: “He will be your student in the future.”
  Kakashi: “It feels like lot of work.”
  Sarutobi: “Well… but even if he is a child of 4th Hokage, if there is a change, so you have to do more carefully.”
  Kakashi: “Hey… can this errand be handed over to others? I suddenly think that ANBU is more suitable for me…”
  Sarutobi: “This thing can’t be done except you, in addition… there is also a child of the Uchiha clan.”
  “After all, in the village, you are the only one who can guide him in sharingan eyes.”
  Kakashi: “Hey…hey…”
  Kakashi looked like a dead fish.
  On the other hand, after Naruto walked out of the interrogation room, the stone hanging in his heart was finally put down.
  Stealing the forbidden scroll is a very big crime.
  The whole thing was not in his plan at all.
  It is miserable for all kinds of planning to do.
  But… the results are good.
  First, he got all the ninjutsu on the forbidden scroll.
  Second, he will receive the legacy of 4th Hokage.
  Third, Hinata will be in his class, with him.
  Fourth, after the two souls are combined, they bring him extremely powerful memory.
  To sum up a sentence, it worth it!
  Naruto tried to meditate in his heart and contacted the nine tails: “Nine-tailed sama, is it convenient to talk now?”
  Nine tails impatiently replied: “What else?”
  Naruto: “I want to talk to you about how to get along with you in the future.”
  Nine tails: “Get along? What do you mean?”
  Naruto: “Half of the body of the nine-tailed sama is sealed by the Minato sealed in the belly of death?”
  “I know how to save your other half of your body.”
  Nine tails: “Little devil, what are you talking about?”
  Naruto: “There is no joke.”
  Nine tails; “Interesting, what promise do you want me to make?”
  Naruto: “When I am alive, stay in my body with peace of mind, don’t try to control me.”
  Nine tails: “Do you want me to obey you?”
  Naruto: “Not obey, our relationship is equal, I just hope that we can get along with each other.”
  Nine tails: “Equality… interesting…”
  “So… in order to show equality, you tore the seal on the cage.”
  The screen in front of Naruto is in vain, and the consciousness is pulled into the nine-tailed seal space.
  Nine-tailed: “What? You are not saying equality? Why don’t you tear the unsightly seal?”
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