Supreme Naruto ch 11

Chapter 11: Kurma
  Untie the seal of the nine tails, let alone whether he can do it now. If he does, then Kurma will certainly not hesitate to swallow him.
  After a long silence, Naruto smiled and said: “Well, I admit that there is no equality between us at the moment.”
  “Then we will retreat to the next best, equivalent trading, how?”
  Nine tails: “Cut! How to trade? I lend you strength, can you help me find the other half?”
  Naruto: “As far as I know, if I am killed, you can’t live, so as long as I face a crisis of life and death, you will not stand by.”
  “So I will use my strength to change it to you as my teacher, point me to practice, and then I will help you find the other half.”
  Nine tails smashed, the corners of his mouth cracked, and the white teeth were leaked out: “Interesting, do you want to worship me as a teacher?”
  Naruto: “Yes.”
  Nine-tailed: “Do you know what you are talking about? I killed your parents, would you like to worship me as a teacher?”
  Naruto: “Nine-tailed sama, you seem to have forgotten, I am not a real Naruto. I am also an outsider. I occupy the body of Naruto. In a sense, the original Naruto is dead or I have killed him. So there is nothing like revenge in between us.”
  Nine tails: “What about my resentment against Konoha? I can’t wait to kill everyone in Konoha.”
  Naruto: “This has nothing to do with me. In the eyes of the villagers of Konaha, I am a fox. Do you see the person who just walked in front of me looking at his gaze? That resentful look, I don’t think there is any reason to stand on the side of those who hate me.”
  Nine tails: “Then I let you destroy Konaha, are you willing to do it?”
  Naruto: “If my skills are taught by you, then your will is my will. I have no reason to refuse, but I have a condition.”
  Nine-tailed: “Interesting, talk about it.”
  Naruto: “A very simple condition, I agree with the people I support, I can’t kill, although the nine-tailed sama want to avenge Sarutobi and I will not be ashamed if this kind of person who is so ungrateful, died?”
  “So in the current situation, the two men Iruka and Hinata can’t be killed.”
  “Do you agree with what I said about the nine-tailed sama.”
  Nine-tailed: “Well… you said something a bit more sense, the ungrateful guy is really very disgusting.”
  “But if the entire Konoha people, you want to support, can’t I kill anyone?”
  Naruto: “Do you think that kind of thing is possible? Can Konaha people support me?”
  Thinking about it for nine times, it is really impossible.
  In the past few years, the people around him are watching him like a disgusting worm Naruto.
  Naruto: “So nine-tailed sama, are you willing to accept me as a disciple?”
  Nine-tailed: “Since you have said this point, why not?”
  Naruto: “Can I know your name?”
  Nine tails: “Kurma.”
  Naruto: “I will call you the Kurma Sensai after that.”
  Nine-tailed: “I didn’t expect that I actually received an apprentice, but you seem to have not told me your name.”
  Naruto: “My name is Naruto.”
  The nine-tailed expression froze.
  Which bastard did say that you are not Naruto?
  Nine tails: “Little devil… Are you playing me?”
  Nine tails were angry, even if he was sealed, Naruto could feel the violent Chakra.
  Naruto: “You have misunderstood me, Kurma Sensai, although I am not a real Naruto, but my soul came to this body, which means that I was already dead in my world, so I am Naruto, of course Naruto. Just a name.”
  It sounds very reasonable…
  Naruto: “If the Kurma Sensai does not like the name Naruto, then you can call me at anything, Xiaoming, kid, as long as Kurma Sensai like it. ”
  Nine tails: “…”
  Naruto: “Kurma Sensai, since you have accepted me as a disciple, how can I improve my strength now?”
  This is the state of mentoring?
  The mouth of the nine tails could not help but twitch.
  I always feel a sense of incompatibility.
  But after thinking about it, it didn’t realize what was wrong.
  Nine-tailed: “Human cultivation is essentially the cultivation of Chakra. Chakra is a combination of spiritual strength and the power extracted from the cells in the body. Then the most basic cultivation direction is divided into improving mental strength and exercising physical strength.”
  “Spiritual power comes from the soul and your soul is far higher than normal after swallowing Naruto.”
  “In terms of physical fitness, because of the inheritance of the Uzumaki clan bloodline, it also has a strong potential.”
  “In other words, your current chakra is far more than ordinary people then what you should do is to turn this chakra into power.”
  Naruto: “So what do I need to do now is to learn powerful ninjutsu?”
  Nine-tailed: “You can say that you didn’t write down the ninjutsu on that scroll? The eight Gate is good for you.”
  Eight-door? Isn’t the final gate means death?
  Naruto: “I have not misunderstood the Kurma Sensai, you want me to learn eight door? If I remember correctly, the eight door is a life-burning ninjutsu…”
  Nine-tailed: “The first four doors of the eight-door are in a safe range and only the fifth door will cause permanent damage to the body.”
  Naruto consciousness moves into the memory of the forbidden scroll.
  The practice of the eight-door armor is simple, and it can be summarized in four words. “Refining the body” and “opening the door.”
  As long as the physical strength meets the requirements, you can use the Chakra impact on the specific acupuncture points to open the door.
  The requirements for physical strength are also very simple.
  The first door of the eight-door is open when you are capable of carrying 500 kg weight.
  The second door of the eight-door is able to open when you are capable of carrying 750 kg of weight.
  The third door of the eight-door is able to open when you can carry weight of 1,000 kg.
  The fourth door of the eight-door is able to open when you can carry 1,500 kg weight.
  In addition to this, there is a meridian map that records the position of the eight doors.
  Note: As long as the conditions are met, you can open the door without harming your body.
  In addition, if the body does not meet the corresponding requirements, you can also use the will to open the door, but it will cause corresponding damage to the body.
  Simple? Looking at simplicity.
  But the first door will have to carry 500 kg weight… is that man can achieve?
  There is also a third door…1000 kilograms, That is a ton! good or not!
  It is no wonder that Rock Li carries a very horrible weight on his body every day. This technique is simply not a human cultivation!
  Naruto: “Kurma Sensai, do you think… How long does it take me to open the first door?”
  Nine-tailed: “The first door… It won’t be long. My chakra can improve your recovery. If you practice it seriously, you can open it in a month?”
  Increase the power to 500 kg in a month…
  What kind of horror cultivation would that be?
  Naruto just shudders when he imagines it.
  Naruto: “Can’t I learn other ninjutsu? For example… Thunder god ninjutsu? I remember that the Flying Thunder god also needs to have a huge amount of Chakra, which I just met.”
  Nine-tailed: “The amount of Chakra is only one aspect. The most important thing about the Flying Thunder god jutsu is the talent that needs to change the nature of the Chakra. It can be used to convert chakra into a Chakra mark.”
  “Little devil, put your hand on my chakra, I look at your Chakra nature.”
  The nine-tailed chakra overflowed from the cage.
  It’s bubbling, like a chaotic magma, just a small part of it, it makes people feel tremble.
  Naruto bit his teeth and pressed his hand on Chakra.
  That feeling is like putting your hand into the oil pan.
  Very painful!
  Nine-tailed: “Weird… Your soul is different from ordinary people and there is only a change in the nature of the wind.”
  “Wait! Your soul can swallow me!”
  “Your soul has changed, except that the wind attribute has blended my yang attributes! What freak are you?”
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