Supreme Naruto ch 12

Chapter 12 Obtaining Yang Nature!!
  Can my own soul devour the nine-tailed soul?
  When Naruto heard the words of the nine tails, he could not help but be shocked.
  But what shocked him even more was that Kurma didn’t take back his chakra, but let himself swallow it.
  And constantly looking at him with interest.
  Nine tails will not be crazy, right?
  With the constant influx of nine-tailed Chakra, Naruto’s body was extremely painful, as if there was a fire on his body.
  Fortunately, this state is coming fast and going fast.
  When Naruto suspected that he was going to die, it was finally over.
  Naruto: “What happened just now?”
  Nine-tailed: “You have swallowed up some of my soul power, and then gained the yang attribute, but at the same time your soul power consumes half when merging new attributes.”
  Got a Yang attribute? Soul power consumption is half?
  The former sounds like a happy event but the soul power consumes half of it… Doesn’t that mental strength weaken?
  Then… your memory will not return to its original shape?
  Naruto was shocked and tried to remember the ninjutsu on the forbidden scroll.
  Consciousness successfully entered the memory of the Hokage’s study room.
  Looking through the forbidden scrolls, ninjutsu are there.
  However, there are also differences. Naruto found that the surrounding scenes were somewhat faint.
  Some places that were clear in the past have begun to become blurred.
  Maybe if the soul power consumes more, will it collapse here?
  Have to hurry and take the ninjutsu on the forbidden scroll back.
  The existence of memory is different from the really remembered memory.
  The real memory is remembered in the cerebral cortex, as long as you think about it and this memory is more like a spiritual space.
  Exist in the soul.
  Want to get the information inside, you have to read to know.
  This is a guess of Naruto’s special memory.
  Consciousness withdrew from the memory of the Hokage’s study room and returned to the space of the seal.
  Naruto has some puzzles about the newly acquired Yang attributes.
  He asked nine tails: “Get the Yang Nature chakra? Are you talking about the nature of Chakra?”
  Nine tails: “Yeah.”
  “Is the change in the nature of Chakra not passed through the blood?”
  Nine tails: “Who said it?”
  “Isn’t Kekkai genkai is the inheritance based on bloodline?”
   Nine-tailed: “Your understanding is a little one-sided. I ask you, I… is there any blood?”
  Naruto stunned, and then suddenly realized that the nine tails did not have any blood.
  Naruto: “So, the change in Chakra nature is determined by the soul?”
  Nine tails: “Yes, the soul can also be said to be a spiritual imprint.”
  “Of course, for human beings, there is no problem with the bloodlines, because the blood contains the soul.”
  This way…
  “I have a change in the nature of Chakra, can I learn medical ninjutsu?”
  Nine-tailed: “Of course, but I don’t know how to do it. If you want to learn, you can only have to find your own way.”
  “In addition, you have to continue to cultivate, just like you have the talent of chakra nature change, but you still can’t complete the change of wind property Chakra nature.”
  Naruto nodded.
  The wind attribute… should be the change in the nature of Chakra obtained after the soul of the Naruto.
  But why does it increase the soul power of Naruto when it is combined, but the soul of the nine-tailed yang attribute is reduced?
  Nine-tailed: “Do you have anything to understand? You can ask me, as your teacher, I can answer your questions.”
  Nine tails actually comes in the identity of the teacher.
  This is a good thing! Great good thing!
  In fact, worshipping the nine tails is just a trial of Naruto.
  He did not expect that Kurma would agree.
  Nine-tailed are so active, Naruto is also welcome, and directly asks the questions in his heart.
  Nine-tailed: “Is the wind attribute because of the engulfing of Naruto… It is possible…”
  “Maybe because of a soul that is swallowed and one is a soul force.”
  This is also an explanation…
  Nine-tailed: “At this stage, you can only make this guess. If you encounter a similar situation later, you can confirm it further.”
  “Any question?”
  Naruto: “Nothing.”
  The nine-tailed mouth cracked open and leaked white teeth. Naruto saw a smile from the face of the fox.
  Nine-tailed: “Naruto, do you want to learn flying thunder god jutsu?”
  Naruto nodded a bit: “But I have no yin attribute…”
  Fucking hell! Nine tails is waiting for him say this! The other half of nine tail has Yin Chakra!
  Mentioned the Yin attribute Chakra, Naruto instantly understood.
  Nine-tailed: “There is just a good chance now. The half of my body that was sealed in the Minato’s dead body is having Yin attribute.”
  “If you can lift the ghoul ban, then you can get the Yin Chakra talent from the other half of me.”
  “You can learn to flying thunder god Jutsu when you get that.”
  The temptation fruit.
  Naruto also admits that this is a good way, but… It is obvious that the strength of this body can not withstand a complete nine tails fox.
  Naruto: “Kurma Sensai, I can tell you how to get rid of that technique, but how do you plan to deal with another one after you are rescued?”
  Nine-tailed: “Of course it is a fusion, then I will become stronger and at the same time give you more help.”
  Naruto: “Don’t say if my body can withstand the complete Sensai, If you want to integrate, I must first open this seal on me?”
  Nine tails: “Are you afraid that I will take possession of your body?”
  Naruto: “This is only one aspect. On the other hand, you have not considered it. I can’t open this seal now.”
  Nine-tailed: “If you want, you can open it. Didn’t you get the Four Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula?”
  Naruto: “But…”
  This incident Naruto did not want to say, but since the words said to this point, then say it.
  I hope that Kurma will not be angry.
  Naruto: “But the seal on my body…is not the Four Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula…”
  Not a four Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula?
  Nine-tailed: “Impossible, the structure of this space is arranged by the four Trigram Divination Seal.”
  Naruto opened his clothes and showed the seal on his stomach.
  Naruto: “It’s really not a Eight Trigram Divination Seal but a gossip seal made up of two four-image seals.”
  A seal made up of two four-image seals?
  Nine tails look to Naruto’s abdomen. The seals have similarities but this is more complicated.
  It is obvious that Naruto does not lie.
  It becomes disappointing…
  Nine tails… angry!
  There was no such thing as a good talk. The hair on the body blew up, chakra like magma, which began to boil.
  At this moment, Naruto seems to understand why is so good him before.
  Because it saw the hope of breaking free from the cage.
  Because it is in a good mood.
  Now, Moment of hope collapsed.
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