Supreme Naruto ch 13

Chapter 13: Class
  Want to learn eight door?
  After the nine violent anger, Naruto’s consciousness retreated from the sealed space of the nine tails.
  Go to the Ninja Store and look at the price of the weight bearing.
  Ordinary ten pounds of iron sandbags, used to get started should be good. The price is not expensive, two hundred for two pairs.
  A little better is a heavy metal block, a piece of ten pounds, how much weight can be adjusted by changing the quantity.
  Better, it is also Naruto’s sight of a small weight terror, those special metal blocks that write roots.
  According to the store manager, this kind of rooted metal block can change the weight by injecting Chakra into it.
  But the price… is a thousand.
  In the current situation, Naruto can’t afford a piece of it, and can only pin their hopes on the future heritage.
  After reading the weight-bearing harness, Naruto found the copying scroll that Hinata gave him.
  Price: 50,000!
  There is a saying that the most difficult is to accept the grace of a beauty.
  Hinata is the young lady of the sect, but Naruto believes that even the big lady of the sect cannot arbitrarily spend money.
  This money is likely to be a little bit down from the youngest to the big.
  When the store manager saw Naruto staring at the scroll, he asked: “Is this scroll?”
  Naruto returned to himself: “No, who the fool will buy this scroll?.”
  The manager was stunned by this sentence: “…”
  Naruto: “Uncle, what do think is good gift for a girl?”
  Manager: “What kind of girl to look at, if it is ordinary, send some flowers, if the girl is a ninja, send this one.”
  Said Uncle took a close-fitting vest from the shelf.
  Naruto’s face is black: “Underwear?”
  Sending girls underwear will definitely be killed?
  The store manager waved his hand: “This is not ordinary underwear. It is an extremely precious soft armor. The defense is extremely amazing. It is ten times more powerful than the standard equipment issued by Konoha.”
  It sounds pretty good……
  Naruto: “How much?”
  Manager: “The price is fair as long as 9,99,999.”
  Adding one is equal to one million.
  The manager smiles…
  Naruto: “Well… wait until I have money…”
  It is obviously worthless to spent 1 million, but it is worth for Naruto.
  Of course, can you wait and see how much the legacy he has.
  Then Naruto saw the Ninja Sabre again.
  Looking at the weight-bearing rigs is because Naruto moves the mind to practice the eight door and the ninja sabre naturally because he does not want to waste the wood leaf sword in the forbidden scroll.
  However, the price of the ninja sabre is extremely high compared to other ninja items.
  The standard Ninja Sabre is of 500,000.
  Something better, marked with what special materials to use or used by a certain master, the price immediately turned over and directly jumped over one million to tens of millions.
  Naruto’s line of sight fell on a sword placed at the highest point, priced at 50 million.
  At this time, there was no one in the Ninja Store. The manager’s free time recommended to Naruto: “If you want a sword, listen to me and don’t buy it.”
  “Look here.” Uncle’s fingers turned to one side.
  There is a private order written there.
  Manager: “As long as the material money and a little manual fee of 500,000, I will guarantee that you can have a perfect sword.”
  Naruto: “Order? Isn’t it more expensive than to order?”
  After waiting for the manager to answer, Naruto knew the reason because there was a note on the list: “The manager personally built it.”
  It seems that this store manager is a famous swordsmith.
  Naruto: “Well… I will ask you to build one after I have the money.”
  The manager suddenly excited: “What you said is true?”
  This sounds…is not too reliable…
  So I added: “As long as you can build it, I will pay.”
  The implication is that if you build too much garbage, I don’t want it.
  The manager smiled: “Sword quality will definately be the best.”
  After watching the Ninja Sabre, Naruto left.
  After Naruto left, the uncle in the store went to the most expensive sword: “Outou Sang, finally someone found me to build a sword, this time I will be able to create a sword that makes customers satisfied!”
  If Naruto sees this scene, he will not even think about it. Would rather buy a standard sabre…
  Out of the Ninja Store, Naruto met a man… like him, with no father and no mother.
  Naruto went to Sasuke…
  The second day, Ninja School.
  When Naruto entered the Ninja School, it naturally attracted a wave of attention.
  “Look, that’s the guy.”
  “I heard that he has been repeating Ninja classes for two years and this year is the third year.”
  “Hey, if I were him, I would take the initiative to drop out of school. It’s really a shame.”
  “Hey? That guy seems to have an injury on his face?”
  “There is something strange about this and most of it is being beaten by someone.”
  All kinds of argument started and there is no point to avoid them.
  Naruto even if he is prepared to not intend to have a general knowledge of these people, but he can’t help but raise a bit of irritability.
  Naruto had not slept almost overnight because he is practicing whole night, the lack of sleep made his mood even worse.
  He glanced at the guys who had nothing to lick their tongues.
  Who are these?
  Naruto did not have an impression and did not see an acquaintance.
  It should be a group of passersby…
  Just a little bit of hope to teach these people’s is gone.
  Go straight to the classroom.
  The argument behind him is still going on.
  “Is that guy just looking at us?”
  “Forget it, go to class, and teach him a lesson when school is over.”
  Teach me… I really look forward to it.
  But when it comes to the injury on the face…
  Into the classroom, Naruto looked at a circle, and soon found a person who came early like himself.
  Naruto: “Hey.”
  Naruto went to Sasuke’s side said and Sasuke stunned his eyes and said indifferently: “Hey”
  When are these two people’s relationships so good?
  And… Isn’t Naruto not passing the graduation exam? What is he doing here?
  This question was finally asked when Haruno Sakura entered the classroom.
  Haruno Sakura: “Naruto? How you come here?”
  Naruto smiled and greeted: “Because I passed the graduation exam.”
  For Haruno Sakura, there is still a trace of feeling in Naruto’s heart.
  Haruno Sakura likes Sasuke, which is something that almost the entire Ninja School knows.
  This time, according to the development of the original world, Haruno Sakura and Sasuke are in the same class.
  Haruno Sakura: “You also passed the exam?”
  Naruto’s kindly replies: “Yes, it is a supplementary test and then I passed.”
  “Naruto kun!”
  Hinata came in.
  Naruto asked Hinata to sit down.
  Oh… guilty…
  So, Haruno Sakura will be with Sasuke?
  Feeling different feeling…
  It was not long before Iruka came in.
  He congratulated Naruto on passing the graduation exam.
  Then there is the grouping of the names.
  Iruka: “The following classmates who I have named will be in the same group together.”
  “Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke.”
  Really, just like Naruto guessed, Hinata and Haruno Sakura exchanged.
  Hinata: “Naruto kun…”
  Happiness came too suddenly, and the heart of Hinata was full of incredulity.
  Sasuke saw Naruto and Naruto told him about the placement yesterday.
  It is now confirmed.
  So…he said that it would be true that someone with sharingan eye would become their leader?
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