Supreme Naruto ch 14

Chapter 14: Kakashi
  continue waiting……
  Wait… wait…
  Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata sat together and continued to wait.
  Naruto knows that Kakashi will be late…but…
  What happened after a few hours late?
  It’s not too late to be late for ten minutes.
  Finally, just when the three people were a little impatient, the door finally pushed open.
  Gray-white silver hair, the guard covers one eye, with a mask.
  The person coming is the flag Kakashi.
  Sasuke raised his head and stared at the man seriously.
  Is this person?
  Thinking of Naruto’s introduction yesterday, Sasuke looked carefully at the hidden eyes.
  Is there an eye like me there?
  When Sasuke began to pay attention to Kakashi, Naruto also looked carefully.
  In a sense, this is the first time Naruto has seen Kakashi.
  Kakashi: “Oh… sorry, sorry, it looks like I am little late.”
  Kakashi’s gaze drifted across the three.
  Naruto Uzumaki, Uchiha Sasuke and Hinata.
  My class seems to be somewhat unusual…
  After Kakashi came, they left the classroom and found an open space.
  Kakashi: “Let’s get to know each other first, let me introduce myself…”
  Hinata: “Excuse me… what do you want us to introduce?”
  Kakashi: “Hey… like… what are your hobbies, what dreams you have, etc. Who will come first?”
  When the Hinata picks up, when Kakashi wants to introduce the first introduction of Hinata, Sasuke proposes: “First teacher should introduce himself.”
  With what Naruto told him yesterday, he was full of curiosity about this person.
  Kakashi: “Oh? Me? My name is Kakashi, like and hateful things are secret, saying that dream… It seems that there is nothing, as for interest… quite a lot.”
  Sasuke: “…”
  Naruto is quietly admiring Sasuke’s gaze.
  Want to know Kakashi?
  You should better to ask me, of course, you have to pay.
  Kakashi: “It’s time for you, start from the right.”
  On the right is Hinata.
  Hinata: “My name is Hinata. I want to be a powerful person. I like…” she wants to say Naruto but so many people are here, she is too shy to open here mouth.
  “I like cooking, hateful things…”
  She thought of Gentle Fist Art, but how can she say those words as a Hyuga clan member?
  “No… the dream……, interest… cooking”
  Kakashi: “…”
  Um… looks like myself. She didn’t say anything except the name… Did I bring a bad impression?
  The second Naruto.
  Naruto: “My name is the Uzumaki Naruto, I like to practice.”
  “What annoying is trouble.”
  “The dream is to getting stronger.”
  “Interest is cultivation.”
  The third Sasuke: “Name Uchiha Sasuke, no hobbies, no hate, no dreams, no interest.”
  Naruto: “Fuurrr!”
  Naruto smiled and sprayed, please forgive him.
  Because Sasuke answered the question is not the same as in the original world.
  It was because of the influence of Kakashi but Kakashi did not say that his information gave birth to revenge.
  It should be.
  Kakashi: “…very good! I started to hate you…”
  Although the responsibility may be on him that he brought a bad immpression But… these students actually learn to play cool with him… can’t forgive them.
  Kakashi: “I introduce myself to you and you will start the task tomorrow and we will perform the four tasks.”
  Sasuke was puzzled because Naruto said there would be an assessment yesterday.
  Then asked: “What kind of mission?”
   Kakashi: “Wild Survival Exercises.”
   Kakashi’s eyes gradually became serious: “Your opponent is me, and this is not a general survival exercise.”
  When he heard this, Sasuke understood it. It was exactly the same as that that Naruto said yesterday. It seems that the intelligence that this guy said is still somewhat credible.
  Kakashi: “Tomorrow’s survival acting is not a normal survival exercise. Of the 27 candidates who graduated this time, only nine will pass the exam. That is to say, this test is extremely difficult and elimination rate is above 66%!”
  Kakashi: “Naruto, have you got your money?”
  Kakashi said this, because Hokage promised him to return his father heritage.
  Naruto: “Yes, I will go to Hokage sama.”
  Kakashi: “You don’t have to go to the Hokage sama. Hokage sama already given me, your money.”
  Saying, Kakashi take it out of his pocket.
  Um… The first thing It came out of was a love paradise book then other one is a card.
  Kakashi took it in his hand and shook his hand: “If you want to get this money, you have to come up with your full strength tomorrow.”
  Kakashi: “Don’t wear your rigs tomorrow and it’s best not to have breakfast, otherwise you will spit it out.”
  Then took out three pieces of paper and handed it to three people.
  Kakashi: “I have written the specifics above, please don’t be late, Ok, that’s it for today.”
  What should I do next?
  Hokage have not given me the money directly?
  Forget it, don’t stimulate the nerves of the 3rd Hokage.
  Sometimes it is not good to take the initiative.
  Naruto: “Would you like… Let’s have meals together?”
  Sasuke: “No need…”
  Sasuke got up and planned to leave.
  Naruto: “Don’t you want to know about tomorrow’s wilderness performances?”
  “Kakashi said that 3 opponents Vs him. I think the potential meaning is to let us join forces.”
  Sasuke stopped his steps: “Join?”
  Naruto: “You can’t even beat me, you don’t think you can beat kakashi sensei.”
  Sasuke’s eyelid jumped: “I can’t beat you?”
  Naruto: “Oh… don’t be excited, just a way of saying.”
  Sasuke: “…”
  Hinata: “Is Naruto kun and Sasuke kun wants to fight?”
  Naruto: “Just training, not fighting.”
  Um… Yesterday when Naruto saw Sasuke, he was very eager to say hello, but was ruthlessly ignored.
  Then, he pick things up like fighting and exchange intelligence.
  Naruto: “We will find a place to introduce ourselves again. As for the likes and dreams, don’t talk about it, talk about what you are good at and then simply discuss it to make a few planning to better corporate among us to beat Kakashi sensei.”
  “Otherwise, if we failed the assessment tomorrow and was sent back to school, I think it would be a shameful thing?”
  Sasuke nodded slightly with a little contemplation.
  If you are unqualified, you will have to go back to the Ninja School to repeat those kind of thing. He is absolutely not allowed to happen.
  His goal is not as simple as others.
  However, when a few people planned to leave, a few stupid students came together.
  “Naruto, you are hiding here, we thought you were running away.”
  Sasuke saw them: “Looking for you?”
  Naruto blinks, who are these people?
  The fat man with the thickest body among the students shouted: “In the morning, do you use your eyes to stare at us?”
  morning? Ah… I remembered it.
  He is the guy who is cursing him.
  Uh… I didn’t expect them to come up…
  It is really… their courage is commendable.
  Naruto does not want to say any nonsense, directly use a multi-shadow clone jutsu and split into five avatars, and solve the battle at a very fast speed.
  Naruto introduced to Hinata and Sasuke: “This is the ninjutsu that I am currently good at.”
  Sasuke’s mouth twitched, remembering some memories that he couldn’t bear back yesterday.
  Naruto, who is everywhere in the mountains…
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