Supreme Naruto ch 15

Chapter 15 Opening Team Mode
  In the dark, Kakashi squatted at the chin and watched a few little guys leave: “The hobby and the dreams are fart? Hey, it seems a bit interesting, do you want to see it?”
  He thought about it: “Still forget it, let it be a surprise tomorrow.”
  Hands reach into the pockets and take out the intimate paradise: “It is more interesting to read books.”
  Kakashi picked up the book and watched as he walked.
  As for the five or six students who were fattened on the ground, he did not take a look.
  What is fighting, in this world where murder is a common, it is just an appetizer for a boring life.
  Konaha Village, a jungle near the Ninja School.
  Naruto: “At the moment, the ninjutsu that I am good at has just shown to you, it is the technique of multiple shadow clone jutsu.”
  Say that Naruto’s hand printed and ten avatars were separated.
  Then continue to introduce: “This technique can be used for investigation, collecting intelligence and participation in combat.”
  “On the basis of ensuring effective attack power, the maximum number of avatars is 800. If more, the combat power will be reduced and the attack power will be lost.”
  Eight hundred are conservative estimates, because the soul consumes half of the soul when he merges with the yang attribute, otherwise it will be much more.
  When I think of the sudden loss of half of the soul, Naruto has a liver pain for a while.
  Hinata: “Eight hundred! So much? These avatars are physical avatars?”
  Naruto: “Well… you can open your Byakugan. If I distribute Chakra in every avatar, you can’t even see any differance with your eyes.”
  Hinata used her eyes: “The body and the avatar didn’t even see the difference! The avatar… also has the meridians?”
  Naruto: “Well…this is a shot that can be taken by this ninjutsu. In addition, it is also good at morphing and avatars. In total, these three ninjutsus will be added…”
  “I know that I am still weak on this point alone, so I will be ashamed and then work hard to be strong.”
  Naruto has not said a word, if the surgery is also a ninja, then he can add two more.
  The transformation of sexy jutsu, as well as the multiple shadows and the transformation of sexy harem jutsu.
  Huh? and many more! The combination of multiple shadow clones and transformations…
  The multiple shadows are physical entities, so became a sexy girl… is it really possible to become a woman directly?
  After all, it is composed of Chakra, and there is a real touch… Body structure…
  Naruto’s skill tree has a tendency to smash.
  There is a taboo word in the mind Blowjobs (shame to understand it…).
  Can’t think about it anymore.
  Naruto shook his head and smashed all the pictures in his mind.
  Hinata: “Naruto is very powerful…”
  Naruto waved his hand: “Next, you will introduce yourself, Hinata.”
  Hinata: “My Byakugan eyes can see 360 degrees with no dead angle. I can observe the enemy at around 1 km. I can also see the enemy in a certain degree. The Chakra flow of the human body, in conjunction with the unique physical martial arts attack of Hyuga clan, I can seal the enemy’s acupuncture points and interrupt the enemy’s ninjutsu.”
  “Well… at the moment… there 32 and 64 palms are the attack of Hyuga clan, but I am not yet proficient in them.”
  Naruto’s eyes fell to Sasuke, meaning nothing more than you.
  Sasuke’s hesitate is a little hesitant and all his strengths are trayd out of this kind of thing…
  However, I thought that yesterday and Naruto had already made the ability almost the same, and did not hide it: “The body and the harness control are better at it. I can open Sharingan, but only one hook jade can play some auxiliary functions but the phase, It’s much weaker than the Byakugan and the illusion power is just getting started… It’s a bit of mental interference, but it’s a little bit tough.
  The most powerful ninjutsu is fire style: fireball jutsu. ”
  Hinata: “Sasuke is also very powerful!”
  Sasuke: “Generally, it can’t match your eyes.”
  Naruto: “Hold, you are both strong and I am the weakest, so don’t irritate me. Then we will try out on each other and feel each other’s abilities. Well… lottery or arbitrarily chosen?”
  Sasuke: “I want to challenge the unique skills of Hyuga clan.”
  Naruto looked at the Hinata.
  Hinata: “No… no problem, just that I am very weak and I should let you down.”
  Naruto: “Hinata, I am cheering for you, you are not weak at all.”
  Hinata held his fist: “Well, ok!”
  Sasuke and Hinata played against each other, and the two men were unarmed.
  Hinata is not bad with Byakugan eyes to avoid his attack, just… a little too much concentrate on defence.
  No, it can’t be said to be a bit, but never take the initiative to attack.
  Naruto looked in his eyes and began to ponder.
  With the lineage of Hyuga clan and the inheritance of the clan, Hinata is impossible to be weak. The only problem is the personality.
  I have to find a way to make Hinata be more confident, although the weak Hinata is very cute, which makes him more protective desire.
  But here is not a peaceful era and everyone’s career has no civilian option. So it is necessary to become stronger.
  If there is an accident in the future, He will regret for his whole life.
  After a few minutes of fighting, Sasuke stopped.
  Naruto asked Sasuke; “How are you feeling?”
  Sasuke’s evaluation is naturally that he never knows how to pity: “wasting a good pair of eyes.”
  Hinata bit her lip and lowered her head.
  Naruto: “Cut it out, Hinata is kind girl, can’t bear to hurt you or you have already been like a dead dog.”
  Sasuke: “Oh?”
  Naruto: “It’s better to try again. Hinata it’s my turn, you will cheer for me.”
  The young girl looked up: “Naruto kun…”
  Naruto: “Look at it, fight must have momentum!”
  “Multiple shadow clones jutsu!”
  Naruto is present in whole mountains and the number is definitely not less than four hundred.
  That momentum! Great!
  Sasuke: “Stupid naruto!”
  Sasuke then wrestled with a large group of Naruto.
  Naruto’s avatars were blasted one after another, but the momentum did not diminish. It was like a flash flood, and the squadron launched an offensive attack to Sasuke.
  This scene is even a painful sight for Hinata to watch.
  When the battle between Sasuke and Naruto ended, there was no doubt that the two men were both swollen and sullen and lying on the ground.
  Hinata ran forward: “Naruto Kun, Sasuke, you are fine…right?”
  Naruto: “Nothing, nothing, but the posture of the fight is ugly. I will learn some handsome and powerful moves in the future.”
  Hinata: “You don’t need me to take you both to the hospital…”
  Naruto: “I don’t need it, you can ask Sasuke.”
  Sasuke: “No!”
  Naruto: “Let me lie for a while and then we start to formulate tomorrow’s tactics.”
  “Well, my thoughts are… Byakugan of Hinata has a large visual range, but she don’t know how to attack at the moment, so she responsible for the investigation and locking the position of Kakashi. She can’t be much use other than that any more. I can take time to harass, necessary. Time to create some opportunities with human tactics.”
  “Sasuke’s attack power is the strongest, and we can choose to work with harassment and be responsible for the final blow.”
  Naruto: “Is it fine?”
  Sasuke: “I have no problem with the last blow, but if Kakashi really has the power that you introduced to me yesterday, before I launch the attack, if Hinata can seal the opponent’s acupuncture points. My attack will be more effective.”
  Naruto turned to look at Hinata: “What does Hinata thinks?”
  Hinata: “I… I will try.”
  Naruto: “Well… this tactic has a prototype… but it would be better if you could make a trap in it, would you arrange a trap?”
  Hinata: “No…”
  Sasuke: “It will be a little.”
  Naruto: “What are you waiting for? Go, Kakashi gives us a place on the piece of paper? Let’s go and set up the traps first.”
  Hinata: “…”
  Sasuke: “ok.”
  Kakashi, who was concentrating on watching the intimate paradise at home, suddenly sneezed.
  Kakashi: “Well? Um…”
  Then continue to read the book with full attention.
  Naruto: “Right, that guy said that we should not let us have breakfast, don’t listen to him, I guess the punishment for failure will not let us have lunch.”
  Sasuke: “…”
  Hinata: “…”
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