Supreme Naruto ch 16

Chapter 16: Suicide Bomb
  The next day, the agreed meeting place.
  Kakashi is late again.
  Kakashi: “Hey! Everyone Good Morning!”
  The smile on Naruto’s face is as bright as the sun: “Good Morning.”
  Sasuke blinked his eyes and said nothing.
  Hinata was afraid to look up and look at Kakashi’s eyes, so she was looking at her toes.
  Hinata weakly said: “Good Morning!”
  Kakashi took out an alarm clock: “This alarm clock was set at 12 o’clock. I have two bells here. You grab them before noon, it is your mission.”
  Kakashi: “People who can’t get the bell are not eligible for lunch within the specified time.”
  “And you will be tied to that… watching us eat lunch.”
  The three looked at Kakashi’s sight and there were three stakes.
  Then they thought of Naruto’s words yesterday: “The guy said that we should not let us have breakfast, don’t listen to him. I guess the penalty for failure would be that he would not let us have lunch.”
  It was guessed…
  Guess? Um… Naruto won’t say this routine he already knew.
  “Jingle Bell……”
  Kakashi shook his bell: “After grabbing a bell, you can pass, but there are only two bells in total and someone will be tied to the log.”
  “And he will be eliminated because the mission failed!”
  “In other words, at least one person has to return to school.”
  Will someone be eliminated? Isn’t Naruto saying that a group fight?
  Sasuke is slightly confused.
  At this point, Naruto said, have the greater credibility, but the other party is a teacher.
  Hinata also looked at Naruto with worried expression.
  Naruto smiles.
  Kakashi: “And… the purpose of letting you bring a good harness is to let you use it, because the determination to kill me is not to grab the bell.”
  Naruto: “Sensei, can we use detonator?”
  Kakashi: “You prepared the detonator? Interesting, it seems that you are already planning on killing me… I started to like you.”
  Naruto: “Can it? No, it doesn’t matter.”
  Kakashi: “…can.”
  Kakashi: “Well, I understand it? That’s good… now… the exercise begins!”
  Kakashi’s figure left.
  The three men looked at each other and left in three directions.
  Naruto climbed a tall tree and location has arrived.
  A location is a good place to hide in, for the three-person tactics.
  Naruto: “I don’t know if Sasuke listened to Kakashi, and will not follow the plan… Well, go to Hinata and see it. Hinata should be working according to the plan. Just find Hinata and Sasuke. The location can be found even if there is a change.”
  “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu!”
  Four Naruto, one left three to leave.
  One of them found the location of Hinata, which is at the B position.
  Naruto: “Determine the location of Sasuke.”
  Hinata nodded and opened her eyes.
  Hinata: “In the C position.”
  Naruto immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
  Naruto: “What about Kakashi?”
  Hinata: “Reading a book near the river.”
  Naruto: “Well, you should rest first, and tell me his position first, when he changes. During this time, you will confirm every ten minutes.”
  Then Naruto quietly came to Sasuke’s position.
  Naruto: “I am very glad that you still trust me.”
  Sasuke: “For the time being, if it is as he said, our relationship will not last long.”
  Naruto: “The premise is that you can grab the bell, isn’t it?”
  A, B, and C are the initial positions of three people.
  Around the three locations A, B, and C, each point has five letters, which are buried traps.
  Around A is: DEFGH.
  Around B is: IJKLM.
  The circumference of C is: NOPQR.
  In addition, there are seven random eggs in the forest: STUVWXY.
  And the biggest trap Z.
  The position of Z is in the middle of ABC.
  The above is the masterpiece that three people were busy yesterday when the sun went down.
  Naruto called it the twenty-six lore.
  Naruto: “Then I will go first, you can find the right time and don’t hesitate.”
  Naruto’s avatar is lifted.
  At the same time, on the edge of the river, eight Naruto suddenly burst out of the river.
  Holding the Kunai and attack Kakashi.
  Kakashi raised his head in surprise.
  He was a little surprised. He remembered that when Naruto fought in school yesterday, he only use five avatars.
  It seems that he is retaining his strength.
  But at the same time divided into eight avatars, the Chakra is divided into eight.
  The consumption of Chakra will also be huge.
  So… these avatars can’t last for five minutes… or a minute.
  A thought flashed from Kakashi’s mind.
  At this time Naruto has already rushed over.
  Kakashi’s line of sight fell back to the book in his hand.
  At the same time, according to the direction of the voice, he is constantly avoiding the attack.
  However, at this time, suddenly five Naruto appeared again behind him.
  One of them directly hugged Kakashi.
  The warning in the heart is sudden.
  Kakashi looked at a avatar of Naruto in the distance and the substitute was instantly made.
  “Boom!” A loud noise.
  The character that detonated the explosion.
  That is the human bomb that Naruto made with a split!
  At this stage, Naruto can only think of the only way to improve the power of the avatar to the ultimate.
  If Kakashi does not allow the use of self-detonation, then he can not make this move.
  Of course, after making this move, Naruto himself is not very good.
  The 50% of the pain that the avatar passed back after it blew his body.
  The first attack was successful on Kakashi.
  But the harvest is still there, Kakashi’s newly bought intimate paradise that has not been read… was blown up.
  Kakashi stood in the distance and looked at the smashed intimate paradise that was blown…
  Kakashi mouth twitches.
  Naruto’s voice came from the woods: “Sensei, I am sorry, I wanted to blow you up, I didn’t want to blow up your beloved book.”
  Kakashi: “…”
  Naruto: “Sensei, are you angry now?”
  “Want to blow me? Then come and grab me?”
  The muscles on Kakashi’s face has really full of anger.
  Kakashi: “The method is poor, but you have succeeded in angering me.”
  Said to go to the forest.
  As for how to punish you? Spanking? If it doesn’t exist, I will let you see the ultimate meaning of, the millennium kill!
  On a big tree, Naruto looked at Kakashi in the opposite direction and exhaled: “Call, the first stage is successful.”
  The sound of the nine tails came: “You used your avatar body as a human bomb. You are really insane.”
  Naruto replied: “This is not a last resort, but the Kurma Sensai, are you not saying that my body is stronger than others because your blessing is restored? Wouldn’t it be harmful for me if I try some more human bomb?”
  Nine tails: “There will be no damage, but on the contrary, if you decide to practice the eight door then the self-destructive avatar is also a good way to speed up the cultivation process.”
  And what about this?
  Naruto’s eyes lit up.
  Wait… What is this state of abuse?
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