Supreme Naruto ch 17

Chapter 17 Hard Fight
  Kakashi enters the forest.
  Naruto stared at the tree, but then Kakashi disappeared from sight!
  The voice suddenly came from behind the ear: “I found you, the hateful little guy.”
  Kakashi’s hands are sealed, and he wants to leave an unforgettable memory to Naruto: “The ultimate attack Konaha! Millennium kill!”
  However, just after his hands were printed, the warning sign cam again.
  A loud bang!
  It is the sound of the detonator explosion.
  The Naruto in front of Kakashi is still a avatar, but also a self-destructive avatar.
  In times of crisis, Kakashi sneaked away from the explosion.
  But when he landed on the ground, his feet suddenly disappeared.
  He is afraid of breaking the ground and grabbed his ankles and took him down.
  That is two Naruto!
  Kakashi did not enter the trap, the trap triggered, and the surrounding steel wire tightened to tie Kakashi.
  The bitterness was not on the neck of Kakashi.
  Naruto: “Sensei, be careful.”
  The tied Kakashi turned into a piece of wood.
  The next moment, Naruto’s scene changes, the next look is found in the cable.
  Kakashi: “illusion!”
  But the next moment the Naruto slammed away.
  It turned out to be a avatar.
  Naruto’s voice came from all directions: “Sensei, you are so strong, I have tried everything out, but I can’t beat you.”
  Very strong?
  On the high tree, Kakashi looked at the big hole three meters in diameter on the ground for a long time.
  At such a big trap, you know that you are not just really tring to kill me.
  Because this hole was not caused by Ninjutsu, but was dug with a shovel.
  There are traces of making this trap around.
  He regretted that he had not come over yesterday.
  This trap is scheduled to be laid down yesterday.
  Kakashi: “I hate you more…and more”
  There is also so many avatars of Naruto, how many Chaka Naruto has and it has been ten minutes since it started but he can’t even find the real Naruto.
  Kakashi: “Is he have chakra more than I do? It is impossible…”
  At the same time, Naruto Sasuke and Hinata rejoined.
  Naruto: “I saw it? I used two detonators before and after, and triggered a trap that didn’t take him down. So don’t have any scruples when fighting him and the most ferocious you are, the more chances we have to pass.”
  Hinata: “The most ferocious means…”
  Naruto: “Hinata, wait a little while to fight with him, you are responsible for finding the right opportunity to stare at him, don’t let him unconsciously use the avatars to escape our sight, I continue to harass him, if there is a chance you can seal his acupuncture points and Sasuke attack him with fireball.”
  Naruto: “Agree?”
  Sasuke nodded.
  The two exchanged their eyes and looked at the Hinata: “Ok…”
  Naruto: “This can be related to whether or not you can be promoted to be Genin or not. Absolutely try your best Hinata.”
  Hinata seriously nodded: “Ok!”
  Three are separated again.
  At this time, Naruto’s avatars are talking about shit from all directions, affecting Kakashi’s judgment.
  A shuriken crossed.
  Naruto’s avatar “boom!” burst.
  For the first time, Kakashi felt that the ninjutsu of multiple shadow clones was a bit annoying.
  Um… Would I like to start with Hinata?
  Kakashi remembers that Hinata is joined their team because Naruto recommend it.
  That is to say, catching Hinata, Naruto will naturally come to rescue.
  Then end this boring game.
  The position of Hinata… B in the three positions of ABC!
  Without spending too much time, Kakashi found Hinata.
  In the case of a Hinata with Byakugan, illusion can’t work.
  So he plans to try the little body skills directly.
  Hinata: “Sen… Sensei?”
  Hinata is in a fighting position.
  Kakashi quickly approached and in blink of time he appeared behind Hinata.
  But just at the moment when the two are about to contact, Hinata is blown up!
  The sound of the detonator was shocking.
  More precisely, it is the Naruto who turned into Hinata and blew himself up.
  Two minutes ago.
  Just as Kakashi approached Hinata, she saw Kakashi approaching herself with her eyes.
  Therefore, there is an immediate tactic.
  The explosion, Kakashi quickly avoid it.
  Hinata: “Sensei! I am here!”
  Hinata rushed out.
  Hinata: “Multiple Shadow clone jutsu!”
  Hinata use multiple shadow clone jutsu?
  A group of Hinata appeared in front of his eyes and intercepted his way and then in the direction of the death squad, rushed over and surrounded Kakashi.
  Such a tactic is obviously Naruto style.
  Then the identity of these Hinata is not known, it is the effect of Naruto’s multiple shadow clone jutsu and transformations.
  Behind Kakashi: “Sensei, sorry.”
  Speaking of a palm hit on his body, Soft boxing 64 palm.
  Although Hinata is not able to use full 64 palm attack, it is not necessary to seal acupuncture points.
  Then another Hinata jumped up and fell on Kakashi’s body.
  The real Hinata was pulled by the Naruto’s disguised squatting to the distance.
  Kakashi fell and gathered around the net.
  On the other hand, there is a young girl holding one hand in front of her mouth: “Fire style: Fireball jutsu!”
  This person is undoubtedly Sasuke.
  The huge fireball shrouded on Kakashi in the net.
  Kakashi teacher will not die, right?
  Hinata opened her eyes and her heart was filled with worry. The sound of Kakashi in the flame “swishhh!” disappeared.
  It is the art of shadow avatar!
  Hinata: “Everyone be careful, that is an avatar!”
  The hearts of the three became alert.
  Someone worried about that they would kill the teacher.
  Now they have to worry about whether or not they will be beaten.
  “pat pat pat! pat!”
  The sound of two applause sounded from above.
  Hinata: “Naruto Kun?”
  Naruto: “That’s not me.”
  The next time the applause of Naruto came and he turned into Kakashi.
  The three people suddenly realized.
  Hinata finally knows why Kakashi can escape under her Byakugan.
  Kakasai shadows attacked Hinata but he turned into a Naruto.
  Failed… Is it going to be failed?
  Kakashi: “You three are qualified.”
  Naruto: “So to speak… we don’t have to fight anymore?”
  Kakashi: “No need.”
  Naruto: “Oh… the biggest trap ‘Z-Hell’ is useless yet…” Say Naruto dismissed the avatar.
  Kakashi listened and his mouth twitched.
  This is not to swear that he will not give up.
  Kakashi appeared behind Naruto and Naruto won the hand.
  Kakashi: “But because I still only prepared two lunches, I still have someone tied up to the column and watched us eat. That person is you.”
  Naruto: “You are taking a revenge, this is wrong!”
  Sasuke, who was next to Naruto’s beggar, took away two bells at the fastest speed.
  Then throw a bell to the Hinata, then smirk and watch the Naruto eat.
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