Supreme Naruto ch 18

Chapter 18: Heritage
  Kakashi said that the Naruto was tied to the middle of the three stakes.
  The tie was very strong, and then he sent a lunch to the two of them.
  Kakashi: “The morning’s survival exercise is finished and you two are not allowed to give Naruto something to eat, otherwise you will be disqualified from promotion.”
  Said Kakashi left.
  Naruto, who was tied: “Sasuke, I think the egg on your meal is good. I like to eat omelettes. It looks like a omelet.”
  Sasuke: “…”
  Sasuke silently picked up the omelet and took a bite. The seven-cooked omelet was smooth and refreshing.
  Hinata: “Naruto Kun… or… you can eat with me…”
  Hinata shyly picked up the omelet on the lunch and gave it to Naruto.
  In the dark, Kakashi did not go far but he looked at it.
  Kakashi: “Hey? It’s so courageous to ignore my warning.”
  When Kakashi was about to rush out and say something, he only listened to Naruto and said, “Oh… wait.”
  The sound of the shackles that were tied to the stakes disappeared.
  This is actually a avatar!
  Kakashi’s mouth twitched.
  Then he saw Naruto in the woods and ran to the side of Hinata and opened his mouth, like a stupid bird waiting to be fed, “ah…”
  This scene is also amazed in the eyes of the Hinata and Sasuke.
  Who would have thought that at the end of the announcement of the game, Naruto would still have a Avatar to pretend to be real Naruto.
  But it wasn’t right. At that time, I saw that Naruto used the seal to remove all the avatars together.
  Is it… Naruto uses the avatar to display multiple shadow clone jutsu again?
  In this way, when the avatars of the avatars are removed, all the avatars are removed, and only the detached is not released.
  When omelet enter his mouth, Naruto praised: “It’s delicious, and the fried egg from the hands of Hinata is more delicious.”
  Kakashi: “…”
  He is hesitating whether he wants to go out…
  Look at this opportunity, Naruto’s body is tied to the stake…
  The idea is like a flash flood outbreak.
  Then Kakashi disappeared in place.
  In a blink he is close everyone.
  “tin tin…” A bell swayed in Naruto’s hand.
  Naruto: “I have a bell now, You don’t want to tie me to the stake again.”
  Bell? Where is the bell?
  Sasuke touches the pocket…
  Sasuke: “…”
  Kakashi: “You…”
  At this time, three people should pass the exam, but Kakashi suddenly felt a little unwilling.
  Would you like to have an another afternoon game?
  Well… forget it, I have to buy another intimate paradise in afternoon.
  Kakashi: “After you have finished eating, go to the Hokage’s office to fill in the Ninja Registry in the afternoon.”
  Kakashi said that he took out a Headband from his backpack and threw it to Naruto: “This is yours.”
  Kakashi: “But I have the words first i.e you must not use human detonation is the future.”
  Naruto: “I don’t want to use it unless I have to. It hurts a lot. I am not stupid.”
  Kakashi: “…”
  Even the words of being handsome are all smashed back.
  Ninja registration, need to take pictures, fill out the form.
  After the form is completed, Naruto meets the Hokage.
  Sarutobi: “Congratulations on your official becoming a ninja, your performance Kakashi told me, very good.”
  Naruto: “Ah, haha, just playing a little smart, nothing.”
  “That… I am in a hurry to get my money…”
  Sarutobi: “…”
  The meaning of the words is to remind the Hokage to delivered the promised money quickly.
  Sarutobi’s face were black and a bank card was pulled out of the clothes.
  Yes, it is indeed a bank card. Konaha still has a bank.
  Sarutobi: “Your parents have a total of eight million and that is in this card.”
  Eight million?
  He don’t think it’s a lot because a few S-level missions are much more than that.
  Moreover, he is talking about the 4th Hokage family property!
  Ninja ranks from high to low, divided into: Hokage level, upper Junin, medium Junin and Junin, Genin 5 levels.
  Hokage level, generally does not participate in the task but he is an important part of the village’s high-level.
  Responsible for delegating tasks to the following ninjas.
  At the same time, according to the difficulty level of the task, the task is divided into six levels, from S level to D level.
  Upper Junin: Accepts S-level and A-level tasks, high risk represents high income, and is generally more than two million tasks.
  Medium or lower Junin: It can accept the tasks of Grade B and Grade C, and the income is still on the upper side, generally 150,000 to 2 million.
  Genin: Accept C-level and D-level tasks, five hundred to one thousand  for a tasks income.
  In addition, from the end to the end, there are different levels of allowances every month… 4th Hokage couples only left eight million property?
  Who said this joke?
  Anyway, Naruto does not believe, but the arm does not twist the thigh, since people give it some, just accept it.
  It’s better than nothing. Eight million are a huge sum for Naruto.
  Sarutobi saw the dissatisfaction in Naruto’s eyes.
  Explain: “4th Hokage did not leave much money, and most of them were still under the control of your mother.”
  Naruto: “Well, I know.”
  Sarutobi: “Hey… As for other relics, I am still sorting out, I will send people to your home when I have finished it.”
  Naruto nodded and left the Naruto office.
  Both Hinata and Sasuke are waiting outside.
  Naruto put on a smile: “Go, Kakashi’s lunch is too bad, I invite you to have a big meal.”
  Sasuke: “I can’t, I have to go back to practice. I will have a snack today.”
  Speaking and waving.
  Naruto: “Oh, Ok then we will meet tomorrow, see you.”
  It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the world with these two people.
  Really want to eat?
  To be honest, Naruto is not very hungry.
  Naruto: “Hinata, do you have anything you like?”
  Hinata thought for a moment: “cooking?”
  Naruto: “Oh… except that?”
  Hinata: “Is it better to spent some time with me?”
  Obviously Hinata is not stupid.
  Naruto shook his head: “Which is the way to return, or I take advantage of it.”
  Hinata covers her mouth and smiles.
  Naruto: “Hinata… How much is your size?”
  Hinata face turned red.
  Naruto quickly added: “I want to send you a dress.”
  Hinata: “Oh… that…”
  The two went to the bank first, then walked to the pocket store.
  “Jingle Bell!”
  At the moment the door was opened, the brass bell on the door rang.
  Naruto: “Uncle! I am coming again!”
  Uncle’s face is not happy.
  Originally thought that the sword could be cast yesterday, his stove was hot and he waited for one day.
  However, seeing the headband on Naruto’s head, he is still bright: “Have you have money today?”
  Naruto: “Yes.”
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