Supreme Naruto ch 19

Chapter 19 Buy equipment
  Is it okay for them to come to Ninja Store for a date?
  Naruto has no experience with this, and does not know where to go. There is no amusement park in Konoha, so he have to come here.
  Uncle: “That’s good, say a price, I will give you the material to choose from.”
  Naruto: “Well… what kind of material can you use in 500,000?”
  Uncle: “500,000… It is already a good sword. Except for the addition of live steel and the promotion of additional properties of Chakra’s circulation rate, try it.”
  Naruto: “What is Live Steel?”
  Uncle: “A kind of superior material for casting a sword, using a weapon of live steel. If the weapon is damaged, then in the process of killing the enemy, the weapon can be restored as it absorb the iron in the enemy’s blood.”
  Naruto thought, it is nice if sword can also absorb the enemy’s blood to restore as new?
  And… It seems he will meet that fog ninja.
  It will be a month but that sword is obviously not suitable for him.
  Naruto: “That… Uncle, I want to ask, once the steel is used to cast weapons… can it be refined?”
  Uncle: “Yes, most of the live steel on the market has experienced more than one forging. After all, live steel is too rare, and there are very few mine in the world.”
  Naruto heart is excited.
  He remembered the development of the original world. After that fog ninja died, the knife seemed to stand in front of his grave.
  It was later obtained by Kabuto.
  Standing on the grave and being taken away by others… It is a waste of the Sword.
  But it is not easy to grab a sword in front of Kakashi.
  Naruto shook his head.
  Take the unrealistic thought first out of his mind.
  Naruto: “What is the material that enhances the additional property of Chakra’s circulation rate? Is it related to the nature of Chakra?”
  Uncle nodded. “Those who can change the nature of chakra and use it, are to increase the speed of the special chakra in the weapon. You have wait some more.”
  Naruto shrugged his shoulders: “Yes, give me another Chakra test strip.”
  When I came here yesterday, because the Chakra test strip was a bit expensive, I could only buy five detonators, so he didn’t buy it.
  In order to deal with Kakashi, Naruto borrowed money from Sasuke to buy five detonators, and now he used three and two are left in his pocket.
  Uncle: “A chakra test strip, 500.”
  “I will give you 10% discount.”
  Naruto took one.
  Hinata: “What is Chakra test strip?”
  Naruto: “I am testing the properties of Chakra, hehe… have you used it before?”
  Hinata shook her head.
  Well, it must be that the Hyuga family have dedicated their lifelong in there Soft Boxing martial arts.
  Naruto: “Uncle give me one more.”
  Uncle: “The little girl is from Hyuga Clan? It is rarely used by people in the Hyuga clan.”
  Naruto: “Take it.”
  Uncle is not saying anything, handing it over.
  Hinata just wanted to refuse.
  Naruto: “Try it, this is nothing compared to the copying scroll you sent me.”
  Hinata: “Ok.”
  In fact, Hinata is also very curious.
  As for why Naruto wasted money to buy a chakra test strip.
  There are some factors that she don’t trust too much and there is more curious about this kind of test strip that can test Chakra.
  Next, Naruto continued to talk to the uncle about the material.
  Naruto: “How much does it cost to increase the circulation rate of additional attributes?”
  Uncle also did want Naruto to buy, so he said: “That depends on Chakra’s attributes, the price is different according to the attributes but generally used for sword weapons are wind attributes, Thunder attributes, and fire attributes. These three are the most common.”
  “The materials for wind properties are relatively large and the price is the most expensive, generally about 1 gram for 100,000.”
  Naruto: “One gram is about 100,000? How much does it cost to build a sword?”
  Uncle: “Fart, do you think that a sword uses all only on this material? Not only does it became useless but the sword does not add much power. Like live steel, that material is only used in a small amount.”
  Naruto: “Oh, oh, you almost scare me.”
  Uncle: “The second is the property of Thunder. The price is slightly cheaper. One gram is between 80,000 and 100,000. The price is changed according to different regions.”
  “The cheapest is fire properties, 1 gram for 50,000 to 70,000.”
  Naruto nodded again and again.
  He have made a decision in his heart and after I have cultivated into a chakra nature, I have to create such a sword.
  I’ve to use the Chakra test strip now and at the same time, he have an estimate in his heart.
  He thought that this Naruto directly used the Chakra test strip in his hand.
  Naruto: “Wait, let me see what naturn attribute I am.”
  Chakra injects in the test strip and the Chakra test strip is followed by scissors from the middle, which is the wind attribute!
  Uncle looked at the side: “The wind is good, it is suitable for swords, but it will be hard to get a piece of equipment in the future.”
  The wind attribute does not seem to lie to him.
  Combined with the nine tails, Chakra’s attributes come from the soul, so it is also possible to introduce his original soul without real attributes.
  Hinata injected Chakra into the test paper and then the Chakra test paper was ignited.
  Naruto commented: “This proves that Hinata chakra is fire properties.”
  Uncle said on the side: “Don’t bring the little girl into the ditch. As far as I know, Hyuga family can cultivate different attributes but no one does it. It should be related to their practice.”
  “Only those who do not open their eyes will choose to practice the chakra nature.”
  Huh? Listen to the uncle’s tone… He knows Hinata?
  Um… not surprising, after all, he is selling ninja items.
  This uncle have more or less understanding of each clan.
  It’s just… if he even knows both of them.
  Such an uncle did not give him a look.
  For a time, Naruto raised a good factor ranking for this uncle.
  In fact… Naruto doesn’t know, in fact, it didn’t take long for Uncle to move in. He is not a person of this village at all, funny…
  This is what Naruto later learned.
  Naruto: “Hey, Chakra property cultivation is so simple, try to practice seriously.”
  Uncle: “…”
  “If you don’t know about sword, if you believe me, will I choose material for your sword at reasonable price?”
  Uncle actually saw that the little devil did not understand anything at all.
  It’s better to follow his own mood.
  Naruto: “Yes, then give it to you.”
  Uncle: “Right, since you need to use a sword, do you have a fixed genre? If you have some words, it is better to say that the length and shape of the swords of different genres are different. Of course, if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter.”
  Naruto: “There is still such a thing, what kind of sword is good for Konaha sword art?”
  Uncle said a little: “It turned out to be this genre, and it is also a konaha sword art… I remember that the Whitefang in the village seems to be using this technique, you and him?”
  After all, it is a family of swordsmen and he really know a little about this.
  Naruto shook his head: “There is no connection at the moment. If you don’t know it later, you will find him to see if you can ask.”
  Uncle opened his mouth: “I have a little bit of question. Well, there is no special requirement for the sword.”
  Naruto thought of Sasuke’s sword of Kusanagi: “Then I want a… straight, very straight sword, the hilt can use both hands.”
  Uncle nodded. “Yes, it takes about a month to make it. You can pick it up after one month.”
  “Is there anything else I want?”
  Naruto’s eyes fell on the weights. What kind of weight he have to buy?
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