Supreme Naruto ch 2

Chapter 2: Examination Day!!

Back to the Ninja School, the class continues.

In order to prevent Naruto from running again, Iruka let Naruto stand in the classroom, next to the door.

Iruka: “Let’s continue, who else has the knowledge that he don’t understand?”

Naruto stood at the door and looked down.

Hinata’s small head is hidden behind the book.

He won’t be hated by the Hinata…

If so, it would be great waste.

Iruka: “Naruto! Do you have any problems that you don’t understand?”

Asked himself?

Have! lots of problem! Because I can’t do anything!

Wait, tomorrow is the Ninja graduation exam… Should I not repeat it for a year?

Can he still catch up with this group of classmates?

When Naruto was anxious, the scene in front of him suddenly blurred, followed by severe pain.

Then he don’t know anything.

Everyone saw that Naruto raised his head and just wanted to speak. Then he suddenly put hand on his head and then he fainted.

Iruka quickly stepped forward: “Naruto! Naruto!”

Hinata worried about him: “Naruto kun…”

Iruka picked up Naruto and turned back and said: “Continue to study, I will take Naruto to the hospital.”

Then he took the Naruto and ran out.

What happened to me?

Is it going back to the original world? Still woke up?

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the Iruka teacher who was standing near his bed.

Iruka: “Naruto! You woke up, what happened?”

Naruto raised his hand and rubbed his head.

At the same time, he was relieved that he did not return to the original world.

Compared with the original world, his heart is more biased towards this world.

Because he is a little disappointed with the world over there.

Naruto: “The head hurts a little…”

Between the words, the nosebleeds slipped out.

Naruto raised his hand and touched his nose and looked at his hand.

Bright red blood, full of hands.

Iruka: “What about medical ninjas? Come here! There is a situation here!”

Then there was another picture came in front of Naruto, as if the slides started to play a series of pictures.

Naruto squinted and screamed: “Ah…”

That is the memory of the original Naruto.

The pain lasted for a dozen seconds and then finally stopped.

The medical ninja has rushed to see the situation of Naruto.

It was a young woman with a normal appearance, a normal body, and the kind that she couldn’t recognize in the crowd.

The female medical ninja looked at the situation of Naruto: “The head was damaged. Did he hurt his head before he came?”

Iruka shook his head: “I don’t know, Naruto was in class before…”

Was it that Naruto fell when he escaped from school?

But it’s just falling, it shouldn’t be so exaggerated…

And Naruto’s head has no signs of injury.

The female medical ninja repeatedly checked it again, when Naruto’s nose had stopped bleeding.

Female medical ninja: “I recommend him to stay in the hospital for a while…”

Iruka was about to take it down, Naruto suddenly fainted, and then suddenly a lot of blood came from his nose, really scared him.

But Naruto said: “I’m fine, just nosebleed, Iruka sensei, let’s go back to school.”

Naruto firmly said: “Tomorrow is the Ninja exam, and I will wait for the Ninja exam to check it out, otherwise I will run away if you leave me here.”

Iruka hesitated.

Naruto: “Sensei, tomorrow’s exam is very important to me. You don’t want me to repeat the Ninja School again for a year?”

Iruka: “Okay, But after the test, be sure to come back and check it again! ”

Naruto: “Thank you, Iruka Sensei.”

Iruka: “But today you have to live in my house!”

Going to the home of Iruka’s teacher?

Is Iruka worried about himself?

A warm current passed from the heart, he found that he really liked this world here: “That trouble Iruka Sensei.”

Iruka gave a slight glimpse and he found that Naruto today is a little different.

When he left the hospital, it was not early.

Iruka took him to the Ramen shop.

After all, Iruka is alone and there is nothing at home to eat.

Is this Ramen?

After the scented ramen on the big bowl came, the two started.


But what Naruto likes more is the attitude of people of the noodle restaurant.

Very kind and he did not receive the same vision in other places.

No wonder the original Naruto would like this place…

It is really very comfortable here.

Naruto: “Thank you for your hospitality!”

Put down the chopsticks and Naruto politely put the dishes.

Iruka’s slight focus, today’s Naruto has indeed become a bit different, as if growing up a lot.

“Welcome to visit next time!”

Iruka: “Hey… Naruto, you are going to take the exam tomorrow. You didn’t listen well during class. Wouldn’t it be better for me to talk to you at night?”

Naruto smiled and said: “That is trouble for you Iruka Sensei.”

The home of Iruka…

Well, there is… a little messy.

Iruka: “That… Naruto, you wait outside, I will clean up, then he hear a ping pong, and even the sound of pots and pans falling on the ground. ”

Just listening to the sound knows how busy Iruka is inside.

Naruto listened and his face filled with smile.

But then again, tomorrow’s exam is indeed a problem.

Naruto: “I don’t know what I am going to do now, can I be successful in this body…”

Since the experience of a headache, Naruto’s memory has been copied to him.

But with these alone, he can barely pass the written test…


Naruto meditated in his heart: “Nine tails, you are in my body, should you be able to hear me?”

no respond……

Teacher Iruka packed up and walked out: “What did you say, Naruto?”

“That… I suddenly want to take the exams by relying on my best skills…”

Iruka gave a slight glimpse, because the exam did indeed take the test.

Iruka: “So you practiced Shadow clone jutsu and transformation jutsu?”

Naruto: “I will try it…”

Then follow the memory and start to print on your hand.

Naruto: “Shadow clone jutsu!”


Two Q-shaped Naruto, who had shrunk ten times, appeared in front of Naruto.


Iruka: “…”

Naruto scratched his head: “It seems… that is not yet trained…”

But the key is that Naruto knows that if he don’t lift the effects of the nine tails in his body, it doesn’t matter how many times he practice it…

Unless… he learn multiple shadow clone jutsu…

Um… According to the development of the original world, Naruto’s test was unsuccessful and Mizuki make him to steal the forbidden scroll.

Then Naruto learned the multiple shadow clone jutsu from the forbidden scroll.

It also revealed Mizuku’s conspiracy and defeated Mizuki. And he was re-tested by the Iruka teacher and passed the graduation test.

How to do?

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    And some of lines don’t quite match.
    for example:
    He won’t be hated by the Hinata…

    If so, it would be great waste.
    — The English needed to be straightened and mistakes mended. well, good luck.

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