Supreme Naruto ch 20

Chapter 20 New Task
  Loaded, Naruto chose a full set.
  Includes a vest that can hold heavy metal blocks, and a banded belt-loaded on the trouser that can be attached to the vest to fill the metal block.
  As for the heavy metal blocks engraved with roots.
  One size is two fingers wide, eight centimeters long and one centimeter thick.
  According to the boss, there is a special spell on the metal block.
  As the number of injecting chakras increases, the weight of the metal block increases.
  The initial weight is one kilogram, and the limit of injecting chakra can be increased to fifty kilograms.
  The vest can be loaded with six pieces front and back the vest, with a total of twelve pieces, totaling 12 kg to 600 kg.
  Each of the legs can be loaded with four pieces, a total of eight pieces, with a total weight of 8 kg to 400 kg.
  Both hands can be loaded with two pieces, with a total weight of 4 kg to 200 kg.
  The full body have 24 kg to 1200 kg.
  That is to say, when Naruto can adapt to the load of 50%, the gravity is raised to the highest, then it is the time when he can open the first door of the eight doors.
  The total weight can probably support the Naruto to open the first three doors.
  And of course this price is not cheap.
  A total of 48,000.
  Equipment loaded with metal blocks is three times more expensive than metal blocks, with 144,000.
  In the words of Ninja, the vest has a certain armor value.
  Total: 190,200, minus 10% discount for the next, accounting for 172,800.
  It is worth mentioning that the so-called 10% discount means that 10% of the money is made by Konoha.
  Be regarded as the welfare of the ninja, Genin gets 10% discount, Junin gets 30% discount in the end, Hokage gets 50% discount on the end.
  Boss: “The weight is added little by little. Don’t think about starting with the full load or you will be crushed to death by this weight.”
  Naruto: “Know, do you see me like a fool?”
  At this point, nearly 600,000 went out.
  Then, according to the limit of Genin, Naruto can buy twenty detonators in his name, plus the Hinata is around, and the two people jointly bought forty.
  A low-level detonator is 100 for two.
  Naruto bought a medium one, 500 for two.
  This time, 20,000 went out again.
  Fortunately, there is no shuriken or something. Every time the village performs a task, it is equipped. If it is spent, it will be no longer needed.
  Then I bought a storage scroll with a medium space of 10 cubic meters.
  Cost: 1000.
  Naruto: “Do you want one, Hinata?”
  The young girl shook her head. Although she didn’t know where the money of Naruto came, she would never spend his too much money.
  Hinata: “You already bought me a Chakra test strip? It’s very interesting.”
  Naruto turned a blank eye: “What kind of gift is that…”
  Finally, Naruto secretly asked the store manager to introduce the underwear he had introduced to him last time… It was not the soft armor that packed him up.
  Naruto asks her several times her size.
  Because of the shyness, the young girl did not say his own measurements.
  The manager is very professional.
  When her looks at Hinata’s boobs and figure.
  Boss: “You can rest assured on my eyes.”
  He looked at the upper body of Hinata and made a measurement by hand.
  rest assured? Naruto suddenly wants to beat this uncle.
  At this point, Naruto spent a total of 1,273,300.
  Remove 10% of the preferential payment.
  Well, he is also a small Hawker and the store manager has also sent a membership card to Naruto.
  Membership cards can’t be discounted, but you can appreciate the high quality of service.
  Uncle said, After two months, his shop will invite two logo girls to help manage the store.
  Huh? It seems to be awkward again.
  The two left the ninja store and then went to the clothing store. Naruto bought several sets of new clothes of different styles and also sent two pieces to Hinata.
  At the same time, he asked the clerk to tell me the size of Hinata.
  Keke, Naruto said that he did not have any thoughts, just to be able to facilitate the purchase of equipment to send it to Hinata in the future, with a sincere face.
  It’s interesting to go shopping later, like a bedding shop, don’t think that Naruto just bought a new quilt, a pillow sheet or something.
  Then there is the kitchen utensils.
  He have bought it for cooking. After I have these, I can cook it myself.
  When buying these things, the two people also gained a lot of different eyes.
  Because this kind of thing is usually bought by adults.
  But the two are happy, it feels like they really want to form a new home.
  Busy in the evening, a strange scene appeared on the snack street of Konoha.
  Naruto and Hinata, while eating three-color meatballs, were looking for various snacks, followed by a group of Naruto who carried a variety of things in his hands.
  The sun sets and the night falls, and the two also arrive at the time of separation.
  Hinata: “Don’t you want my help in clean up the house?”
  Naruto: “There are avatars, those I can do alone.”
  Hinata: “Then I…go?”
  Naruto: “Well, wait, I have a gift for you.”
  Naruto handed the packaged box to Hinata.
  The bpx was taken over and the weight was very light: “What is inside?”
  Naruto scratched his head: “Small gift, you will know when you go back and open it.”
  Hinata: “Is it very expensive?”
  Naruto: “No, no.”
  Hinata: “Then I will accept it, Naruto I will see you tomorrow.”
  Naruto: “See you tomorrow.”
  At the same time, when Uncle is preparing to close the door, open a gift box.
  He only subconsciously confirming what is inside.
  This gift box is what he wants to send to his daughter.
  But open it up.
  Uncle: “Hey? Isn’t that vest? Wait! Oops! I packed the wrong box!”
  “The box that I gave it to that boy was… the limited edition underwear that my daughter bought, the cute one, the hood and the trousers. The reason why I packed in was because the daughter planned to come here this month. So I wrote the ordering address on him, but the plan changed to next month, so the daughter asked him to mail his clothes to his wife.”
  How to do? Uncle wrapped the gift box in his hand at the fastest speed.
  Then he flew to the Naruto’s residence.
  It turns out that he does know who Naruto is and he knows where he lives.
  At the same time, the uncle’s speed is extremely fast and he is on the road with a blink of an eye. It can be seen that the uncle is not an ordinary person.
  Naruto’s heart was filled with happiness.
  As for sending Hinata to her home, then wait for him to clean up his house.
  It’s not too shameful.
  When he got home, he saw the uncle of the Ninja Store at his doorstep.
  Naruto: “Hey? Uncle, I really don’t think you deliver to my door?”
  Uncle: “You come back, is that gift you sent her?”
  Naruto: “Send it, what happened?”
  Uncle: “I…”
  “Nothing, I want to investigate, is she satisfied?”
  Naruto: “This is ah… I don’t know, I let her take it home and unpack it.”
  Still save!
  Uncle: “Oh, are you just separated?”
  Naruto: “Well… not long, five or six minutes.”
  Uncle: “Oh, then I will go first.”
  Naruto watched the uncle leave, this uncle is really enthusiastic.
  But he didn’t think much.
  This night is a sleepless night for Naruto’s avatar.
  The entire house, sixty square meters of house was cleaned.
  Then the various items are placed again.
  The garbage that is dumped is dumped, and the throw is thrown.
  The body of Naruto is in a comfortable hot bath.
  Then tried the new weight bearing equipment.
  From tomorrow on, he will be inseparable from these weight.
  Then he watched the avatars busy, and when the avatar was lifted, the house was completely renewed, and the tiredness accumulated at the same time was passed to the body.
  Naruto fell back in bed comfortably and tiredly.
  The uncle of the store manager… was struggling to finally sneak into the Hyuga clan and the two gift boxes were successfully exchanged.
  When he returned to the store, he found out that the box was opened.
  And the things inside have long since disappeared.
  The box fell to the ground.
  Despair on the face of Uncle: “What have I done this day…”
  And how do you explain to your daughter?
  Go find the little girl and bring the underwear back?
  What if the little girl is already wearing it?
  In the following month, Naruto was spent in various D-level assignments and on cultivation.
  For example, look for a lost precious cat, dog, help aristocratic couple who are away from home to look after the baby, track the target investigation, a variety of small tasks.
  Task is suitable for Naruto because of his own cultivation, such as weight-bearing.
  It is not suitable for Hinata because of the reason of the temper.
  However, Sasuke’s brow is getting wrinkled every day.
  Subsequently, after Kakashi submitted the task to Hokage and want accept more advanced tasks, a C-level task was arranged.
  Escort a man to the country of the waves, to build a bridge!
  This seems to be a C-level mission that has actually broken through the B-level almost A-level pothole mission!
  At the moment of hearing the news, Naruto was practicing walking on water on the edge of the lake and then “plopped!” and fell directly into the water.
  Although not the whole body fell into it.
  But the trousers are already soaked.
  Hinata: “Naruto Kun!”
  Naruto took a deep breath and couldn’t escape it?
  Naruto: “I’m fine… where is Sasuke?”
  Hinata: “Sasuke and Kakashi are together, Sensei makes me call you, ready to go today.”
  Naruto’s brow wrinkled.
  Naruto: “You should wear your soft armor?”
  Hinata: “Hmm.”
  Naruto: “I will collect my sword from the weapon store and then I meet at the gathering point.”
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